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Homeless Shelter Security Camera System

With a massive increase in the number of crimes, it’s crucial for a place where hundreds of people stay to be under surveillance. New York only has over 100 homeless shelters, where a lot of people feel unsafe. As a leading security camera installation company Security iCam wants everyone to feel safe, including homeless people who are struggling to have a shelter of their own. Our surveillance system will give these homeless people and families peace of mind knowing that every conflict is video documented. 

According to coalitionforthehomeless, the amount of people sleeping in homeless shelters is 91% higher if we compare it to one decade ago. About 33% of those people are children, which makes surveillance cameras a top priority. Both men and women often damage shelters, and every individual must hold responsibility. A Homeless Shelter Security Camera System will help deter crime or violence, especially since many people left their homes because of domestic violence.

If you are the manager or the owner of one of those homeless shelters, installing a security system should be your top priority. It’s proven that a security system in homeless shelters is an exceptional help for easier management. 

If you are looking to install one, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice or free quotes. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. 

Things you need to know before installing a Homeless Shelter Security Camera System.

Before doing a Homeless Shelter Security Camera installation, you must do a bit of research beforehand. This will give you an overall idea of what your facility needs the most. Here are some points we think that’s going to help you decide.

  • First, we recommend you to do some research about the types of cameras. This will help you identify the best kind of surveillance cameras for your facility.
  • Have a clear idea of the locations you think are the best to install surveillance cameras. Keep in mind that the type of environment affects a lot in the location you want to set your cameras. You need to install cameras that will provide excellent visibility—a smart choice as well as the cameras which work well in different environments.
  • Make sure your homeless center has sufficient power supply. You need to make sure if your building has room for any potential power source problems.
  • One of the most critical factors that affect the type of cameras is lighting. You need to make sure that the location you are placing your cameras has enough light to capture clear footage. Monitoring different areas at night is crucial to prevent any fights or vandalism from happening.
  • You need to install weatherproof cameras on your outdoor perimeter. 

If you still think that the information you gathered is not enough, then you can always contact us for expert advice. Security iCam is a company with more than ten years of experience in surveillance installation systems. Our experts will make your installation process much simpler. 

Types of cameras used for Homeless Shelter Security Camera Systems

The types of cameras we usually install in Homeless Shelters highly depends on the facility itself. 

Homeless shelters are enormous; therefore, multiple different cameras are used depending on various factors. 

  • IP Cameras are very usual when it comes to surveillance. However, unlike analog CCTV cameras, they only require a local area network and have no local recording device.
  • CCTV Cameras are the best when it comes to safeguarding. All elements like camera, display monitors, or recording devices are connected to a direct line.
  • Motion sensors should be used whenever you want to lock some areas of your Homeless Shelter out. For example, you wouldn’t wish any person to enter your office or staff rooms. 

Those cameras will give you a live view at any time of the day or night at the highest quality possible. In every case of incidents, you can report to law authorities your video documentation, and they will clear out the rest. You will have peace of mind knowing your Homeless shelter is under surveillance, making it easier to manage. 

Where should security cameras be placed to maximize surveillance?

Since homeless shelters are enormous, your cameras must cover 100% of your inner or outer perimeter. Our experienced installing team will make sure you have digital access on every corner of your facility except areas that should remain private. Here are some of the locations where security cameras are a must : 

  • All your entrance or exit points should be under surveillance at all times.
  • Alongside your outer facility parameter.
  • Every public indoor area where foot traffic is high.

The main factor that contributes to the location of our security cameras is lighting and the design of that specific area. However, fear not because our homeless Shelter Security Camera installation will craft a system according to your facility needs. You can rest easy knowing that our specialists will give you digital access on every inch of your building.


To top it off, the existence of the Homeless Shelter Security Camera System will receive lots of appreciation from all the people spending the night at your shelter. At the end of the day, everyone is human, including the less fortunate citizens in New York, New Jersey, or Long Island. Everyone deserves to feel protected, and your surveillance system will help create a safer environment for everyone. 

Security iCam is here to help you make everyone feel safe and, at the same time giving you video documentation of any violence, vandalism, or any other type of physical harm. As a leading security camera installation company, we will help every homeless shelter based in New York, New Jersey, or Long Island. 

Feel free to contact us for more information and free quotes. We will be by your side preventing crime and making everyone sleep with peace of mind.

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