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Hospitals/Medical Security

The importance of surveillance cameras in New York hospitals or medical facilities is undeniable. Those facilities have high foot traffic throughout the day and night from patients, visitors, and employees. In New York only there are around 200 medical facilities and the number is growing every day. Security iCam is here to add layers over layers to your Hospital security to prevent any possible vandalism, theft, ensure patients are being taken good care off and many more. 

Security iCam has over ten years of experience and is here to make everyone feel safe and protected at any time of the day. We have professional and trained security consultants that would help you in developing the best surveillance system according to your facility needs. We will provide solutions based on every possible security breach point. 

Advanced layers of security

When it comes to hospital security systems, surveillance cameras are not enough. With all that expensive stock and foot traffic at any time of the day, it’s crucial to install different types of systems. Here are some of those:

  • Expand your new or existing hospital security system with wireless locks
  • Connect more doors to your hospital’s central access control system
  • Install locks fast without cabling, bringing more control and area management
  • Standard batteries will reduce your maintenance cost
  • Smart-cards should be used to prevent unauthorized staff from entering sensitive areas. 

One of the challenges in healthcare security services is that medical facilities tend to be challenging to lock down; there need to be various points of entry for patients and providers, and more extensive healthcare facilities can be difficult inside. It’s not uncommon for hospitals to have multiple towers. And, as noted above, there tends to be a lot of activity in hospitals: all of which makes securing them a difficult task. You must hire a professional installing team that has experience in Hospital/Medical Security.

Are Your Patients, Staff & Visitors Safe?

Needless to say that patients are the main priority in hospitals, clinics or any other medical building, but what about the thousand other people who enter and exit the building daily? Separate room entries should be used to gain access control with your indoor and outdoor cameras that can give you a high definition view of the hospital at all times. 

Medical clinics and hospital surveillance cameras will help in identifying unauthorized individuals. Additionally, alarm and access control systems will also be set in place to help restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas like document, medical device, and medication storage areas.


Needless to say that patients are the most critical person in Hospitals. Without patients, there wouldn’t be any hospital or urgent centers, so it’s crucial that they feel safe and all their needs are being met. With a top-class security system, you can easily monitor patient activities and make sure they are getting the best medical attention at all times.

Customer Service

Daily activities within the hospital or medical clinic premises can leave a lot of room for accidents which in turn can result in liability. Protecting yourself against liability can be easily achieved by installing a customized security system including surveillance cameras, access control, alarms, and intercoms. This way, you will have video documentation of every incident happening inside your facility perimeter. Assessing potentially harmful situations is the first step in determining your security system needs. An experienced and knowledgeable security systems company can help you identify potential security problems and suggest practical solutions.

Loss & Damage

With so many patients, staff or visitors going through your hospital or medical facility it’s needless to say that the risk of theft, shrinkage, and vandalism will always be there. You can keep your patients, staff, and storage safe by installing a high-end medical clinic/hospital security camera system. Your surveillance cameras will record 24/7 inside and outside of your building perimeter. 

What Makes Security iCam a Reliable Healthcare Facility Security Company

There are a lot of reasons why Security iCam is the best security company in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island; however, some of the most important are:

  • Experience and proven track record related to hospitals or medical facilities security.
  • Ability to offer risk monitoring and management services.
  • We are offering the best types of cameras at competitive prices.
  • Our security planners will get to know what your facility needs the most and provide you with a custom security plan.

Learn More About Healthcare Security Services Security iCam

Healthcare organizations must contact a dedicated security company that can handle every kind of situation with the highest level of professionalism and experience. 

Security iCam is a leading security company that’s been on track for the past ten years offering only the best services to Healthcare facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. 

We will be the company that will make your patients and staff feel safe while reducing shrinkage and preventing vandalism. 

For more information regarding Hospital or Medical Facility security systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Security System Solutions For Your Business

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If you own or run a gym or fitness centre that has a continuous flow of members, then you most likely need an excellently designed security system in place. Due to the high influx of members every day, those cameras can be your best protection against vandalism, property loss, fights or false insurance claims.

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