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Lately, Brooklyn has become one of the most expensive areas in New York. If there is a costly life, there are also rich people and with them also come burglars and thieves. It is a well-known fact that Brooklyn is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York but being safe is never enough. Security iCam Is one of the leading companies in this area and the fastest-growing one. We come with a wide variety of security cameras, alarm systems, intercom systems, access controls, smart appliances, and many more. The corporation, the best brand in the market, has given us the pride To say that we are the best security system company in Brooklyn, NY.


Home Security Systems


The fact that you live in such a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean that you have to put your guards down. The fact that you live in an area where lots of rich people live means that it is also a focus for people trying to make easy money by stealing others. Giving you peace of mind the first moment you leave your house or during the time that you are staying there is our main focus. Installing a home security system is never enough. We suggested most of our clients are security cameras and a combination with the motion sensor, smoke detector, smart door lock, and many others. By installing security cameras, you will be sure that you are recording everything that will happen inside your house. Even the robbers and the thieves will think twice before making a plan to steal your home if they see the presence of security cameras. By installing a motion detector, you will connect your system in the first moment it’s something going to move, not the right time. A more sensor is also necessary and a lifesaver. A fire not being noticed at the right moment will cost you lots of money in the best scenario, and your life and your family live in the worst one.

And last but not least, if you don’t want to stay in doubt if he locked the door or not, then you should install the smart door lock. You can access all these systems and appliances through a single application on your cell phone. All you need to do is to open the app, and you’ll be able to see the security cameras live, check if the door is closed, OR get a notification if your smoke detector It’s going to get triggered.

Security Cameras System Installation


Giving our clients various DVR Security cameras is our main focus, but we’re never losing the quality. Depending on your budget, our team of professionals is going to give you the best options. By installing security cameras, you are going to lower the risk of being robbed. In the first moment that a robber will see a security camera’s presence, he/she is going to change his/her mind. Also, by installing security cameras on your property, you will give yourself more quality time while staying in there or doing other things. Installing security cameras must be well planned by professionals. A well-planned installation is the only way for you to be sure that you are doing it in the right way. Indoors or outdoor camera installations both ways you will have the best staff in Brooklyn, NY, at your service. Experience has made our team the most confident one and, for sure, the ones with the best results. You will get lots of benefits by installing security cameras, but here are some of the main ones.

Owning a property means that you should also protect it. While being in there or during the time that you will be outside doing your business, it doesn’t matter. It would be best if you had the feeling of leaving in peace every time you would close the door. Security cameras will give you this feeling in the first moment that you are going to install it. The presence of security cameras will make everyone who thinks of doing something terrible to you or your property to step back. In the worst scenario, you will have evidence to show to the police, and so the author is going to get cached.


By installing security cameras in your business, you will have a better idea of how things work in your company. Through the app, on your phone, you can check what is happening live in your business. After you have detailed information about everything that has happened, you will make it much easier for yourself to make decisions regarding improvement in organization and customer service.


By choosing Security iCam, you have also selected some of the most experienced professionals in this field. If you want things to work correctly, you need to make a well-detailed plan for your property. Our staff is well trained for this, and experience has given us the confidence to make the right decision in a short time.


Intercom Systems


Being able to control everything through a single screen is where the magic happens. All our clients are satisfied with this fact, especially in the first moment when they see how easy it is. Intercom systems will allow you to control your cameras if you want to zoom in or out, or even if you’re going to change your camera angle. Intercom systems are an excellent way to manage your staff if you have this system installed in your business. At a particular moment during the busy hours, you can go into action by giving orders through the mic.

Home Alarm Systems

Family is why most of us move forward, and making a safe environment for them is a must. Even though Brooklyn, NY, is not the neighborhood that will make you feel like things will go wrong, you still need full attention. Home alarm systems will become handy for lots of things you may need during your daily routine. One of the main things you can do is check time by time if everything is going ok with your loved ones like children or the elderly. Also, if you have a pet in your house, you can be aware 24/7 of everything. What can make you feel even more secure is installing supportive systems to security cameras like intrusion detection, fire alarms, smart door lock, water leak detection, and many more.

By installing intrusion detection, you will be sure that if something moves in areas where it is restricted and during hours when you are not home, then get a notification. This is one of the best ways to prevent everything that may harm you or your property.

What is worse than a robbery is a fire in your property. Fire is a high risk for the life of everyone who will be inside the house. If you install a fire alarm, you will be notified, and the whole system will be turned on in the first moment that the sensor will feel that there is smoke.

If you are the type of person, who is always in a rush, then for sure, forgetting a tap opened maybe something ordinary. Even though it’s not the worst problem, a water leak is going to give you lots of trouble. Security iCam comes with the best brands for water leak systems that will provide you with a notification in the first moment something will go wrong.

Home Automation 

Home automation is a trend nowadays, and there are lots of reasons behind this. One of the main reasons people are automating their homes is the help you will get during your daily routine and the commodity you will feel. 

Control Panel

A control panel is a must if you want a variety of security systems in your home. One of the reasons you should have a control panel is that things will become much easier if you’re going to control or adjust the system. Which a control panel, you will be able to control everything through a single screen

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is now one of the options that are a must for every client. Your entrance door is your way in the house, so everyone coming and going will go through that door. With a doorbell camera, you will be able to see everyone who comes and go, and it becomes even more valuable if you connect it with a smart door lock. Welcoming your guests without you being present will be the easiest thing.

Smart Thermostat

Controlling the temperature inside your property and keeping it constant is one thing that will make everyone feel comfortable. A smart thermostat will allow you to schedule the hours of the day when you want the temperature of the environment high or low. With a smart thermostat, you will wake up at the perfect temperature and come back home at the same temperature too.

Smart Lights

Smart lights will also give you a big help throughout the day. Forgetting the lights on is never going to be a problem anymore. Smart lights will be available to adjust through the screen of your application or the control panel. You can also choose to activate the motion detection, so whenever someone walks in a particular area, the light will turn on.

Garage Door Opener

For a driver opening the garage door is a nightmare. With a garage door opener, you won’t need to get out of the car and do all the job by hand. All you need to do is to open the app or press a button on the remote control. This way, you are saving your time, energy, and sometimes you won’t need to get out of your car’s safety.

Smart Door Locks

Being in a rush nowadays is common, and we are all running to go somewhere. Locking your door becomes stressful if you have a busy life. With a smart door lock, you will check throughout the application if it is closed or not. Also, you can lock or unlock your door just by using the app anytime you want.

Smart Plugs

Our homes are becoming smarter every day through the different appliances, and sometimes we need them to be on or off at additional hours. With smart plugs, you will be able to turn on or off a specific appliance whenever you want, so everything will be ready when you go back home or take care of when you are away.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras are our masterpiece. We have some of the best brands in the market and the best staff to care for every detail what we will make different from the other companies in the plan. By installing the cameras in the right places, you won’t have blind spots on your property.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is one of the most valuable sensors when it comes to robbery. A motion sensor will activate a whole system in the first moment that is going to be triggered. Finding the most vulnerable places will ensure that no one will move without being noticed.

Door & Window Sensors

There are two ways a burglar can enter your property, and it is the door or window. By installing door and window sensors, you will monitor everything that moves in these critical points. We are sure that there won’t be a single burglar who will try to steal your property by checking these sensors’ presence.

Glass Break Sensor

Windows are the most accessible and most preferred entrances for burglars. By installing glass break sensors, you will get a notification and start an alarm the first moment that one of your windows will break.

Water leak detector

A water leak will cost you a lot of money and trouble taking care to mod up the water. Maybe you think it is a small problem, but there are hundreds and thousands of houses and businesses dealing with this kind of situation and most of the time, you will spend the whole day taking care of everything. In the worst scenario, you will break your appliances or risk your life if water will make contact with electricity.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is one of the biggest problems if you use appliances that release carbon monoxide in the air. A carbon monoxide detector will solve this problem once and for all. Now you can sleep relaxed without thinking that something terrible may happen to you during the night hours.

Smoke Detector

The scariest scenario inside your house or business is also the risk of fire. If a fire starts and you won’t be notified, you are putting your life at risk. With a smoke detector, you won’t have this problem anymore. A whole system is going to be activated in the first moment that a smoke detector is going to get triggered. Now the worst scenario is you losing a few pieces of furniture.


Only High-Quality Brands

Only passion is not enough if you want to have a high-quality product in the end. Security iCam to make the whole picture perfect is working exclusively with some of the market’s best brands. Another big difference between the other companies and us is that we dont bring good quality but also reasonable prices. Depending on your budget, you can choose between some of the leading brands in the market. 

  1. Digital Watchdog
  2. Hikvision
  3. Panasonic
  4. Axis
  5. SecureGuard
  6. Dahua
  7. Hanwha Techwin America (SAMSUNG)

All these companies, except for the right cameras, sensors, and security systems, also come with a well-structured user-friendly application. Their platform came in Android, Ios, Windows, and macOS. Making us and their customers feel comfortable is our main focus.

Identity Theft Protection


Lots of clients are concerned about their safety online. The whole system can be accessed through the internet, and with this will come lots of other risks of identity theft. Security iCam will stay attentive 24/7 to make sure that nothing is going wrong. The leak of information is fear-based in lots of other cases, but our security IT staff will be there for the worst scenario. Confidential information like credit cards, social account numbers, etc. won’t be at risk with our company.


Business Security Systems

Security iCam comes with significant experience with businesses too. Every day we have new companies looking for our services, and this trust comes from the quality work that we have done. If you own a business, then you know that security is not the only thing you are concerned about in your industry. Also, you have to take care of your staff and customer service. By installing different security systems, you will be able to keep the burglar and thieves away and improve your staff organization and customer support.

Commercial Security Cameras


Installing security cameras in your business is something familiar. Every business must have security cameras, but just installing security cameras doesn’t mean you are safe. If you want to be safe, you need to make an excellent plan to place your cameras first. Only a well-prepared and experienced staff will make the right decision when it comes to finding the most vulnerable places for your business. By hiring professionals, you will see the difference will be huge, and for sure, you will feel much safer at the end of the day. One of the critical places where you should install cameras in your business is entrances and exits. Knowing the angle and the altitude so you will be sure that the camera will capture a full view of every customer’s face is a job that must be done only by a professional.

Business & Commercial Intercom


Business and commercial intercom is one of those things that is a must. If you want to see a difference in your business, then the only way to do it is by installing an intercom. This way, you are going to be able to manage everything much more manageable. Everything is going to be editable through a single screen. If something goes wrong, all you need to do is give the right orders through the mic. Also, adjusting the scheduled times and checking if everyone is in position is something you will easily do daily. All these features will be possible with a single screen, and it is the intercom for businesses and commercial.


Benefits of installing Business & Commercial Intercom in Brooklyn New York City


By installing a business intercom, you will be able to manage your business better. By checking what is happening in your business, you will also see if something will go wrong. When you spot something that you don’t like, all you need to do is fix things on your own.

Access Control


Access control will help you in many dimensions if you own a business. If you own a business and you will need to control lots of employees who have access to many areas, then for sure, access control is a must for your business.


With access control, you will decide who is going where. There will be rooms in your business where you will leave valuable products, and you don’t want everyone to have access to that area. All you need to do is give access to which you want to, and now you will be sure that no one else will enter.


Access control will be accessed and controlled through a card. A single card similar to your bank card is all you need to keep with you. Each employee will get recognized only by sliding or set close the appliance to his menu.


If you do something that you do periodically in a specific area and don’t want your employees to have access to that area or the opposite, all you need to do is schedule the access time in that area.

Home Theater Installation

Home theatre is an attraction for lots of people who live in Brooklyn, NY. the fact that you don’t have to get out of your hose to have a night out enjoying the movie you were waiting for will give you good vibes. You can also invite people to your place, so there is no need to wait in line for a ticket or eat food that you don’t like. But installing a home theater is not something that you can do on your own. If you want to watch the movie in full quality, then for sure, you should install the home theatre professionally. Our team in Security iCam will give you a well-prepared plan about how you should install the speakers and the screen. This way, you will have a home theater that will provide you with the same vibe as a cinema.

Additional Services by Security iCam in Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes you think of saving money, but you don’t know that you are going in the opposite direction this way. Mounting a tv in the wall may look like an easy job, but it’s the opposite in reality. When you are about to mount a tv on the wall, you have to consider the angle, the couch, the distance, and many other things. If you won’t do it correctly, you will have to change everything and fix everything you did wrong. Our team has enough experience to give you suggestions for the perfect position. Everything will be settled based on your needs, and the final result will be a tv mounted in an ideal place. Our professionals’ staff can quickly do all kinds of appliances that need to be mounted in the wall like security systems, cameras, alarms, etc..

Projector & Projection Screen

Not installing a projector and projector screen as it is supposed to will result in losing quality, and sometimes you won’t be able to use either of them. If you are looking to install a project and its screen, all you need to do is give us a call. A well prepared and experienced staff will settle everything, and you will have the results you were looking for. The perfect angle and distance will give you excellent results.

Audio Systems & Surround Sound

Installing audio systems is the hardest thing you can do if you are not a professional. If you want to have a good sound quality, then for sure, you should know exactly how the sound travels. Our staff is well qualified, and all our clients can quickly approve of this. We will give you a high-quality sound even if you are installing audio systems indoor or outdoors. The speakers’ angles will make the difference, and you are going to hear a clear sound.

Network Wiring & Data Cabling Services


A well-planned wiring network is a must if you install security cameras and other appliances that need to be connected in a single system. There is only one way to make a well-structured wiring network, and it is the professional way. Security iCam has some of the most experienced employees in this field. We will come with a well-detailed plan for your property, and the results are going to be stunning. You won’t see a single cable around your place. Also, deciding on what cable you should choose to save money and be sure that you won’t change it for an extended time is a job done by us. If you want to have a good data cabling service, then the only company you should call in Brooklyn, NY, is Security iCam.

Security Cameras Repair Technician


After everything is done, all your appliances will need maintenance. Our team of customer support will be ready 24/7 to give you the help that you need. Reinstalling devices, fixing cables, or maintaining the system are some of the problems you may face with your security system. A well-prepared and experienced team dedicated to Brooklyn, NY, will be ready whenever you need them, so there won’t be a single moment when you won’t feel secure.



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