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If you want to live in New York but finding an affordable place for you is not easy, we suggest you look up in Bronx, NY. Neighborhoods in NY, like Brooklyn and Manhattan, have a higher living cost, and sometimes it’s too expensive for most of the citizens in New York, so this is a good reason why your best choice is the Bronx. The fact that you will have low living costs will allow you to spend more on important things for you. We want to make sure that one of the smartest moves you can make if you are moving to Bronx, NY, is to install a security system. New York is such a large city, and security must come first. As New Yorkers say, you better be safe than sorry.

Home Security Systems


Having quality time at your home is crucial for everyone who has to stay for a long time outside, working hard for a better life. A well-structured home security system will give you peace of mind, and surely you will pass your all without thinking for the worst during the time you are in or out of your home. Home security systems are a must, especially because you live in such a large neighborhood with a broad diversity of cultures.

Security Cameras System Installation


Security iCam will provide you with a variety of security cameras. Having all these options will make your choice much more manageable when choosing your security camera system. Different options mean different prices, so it is affordable for every kind of budget. It doesn’t matter if you own a business or an apartment; our team of specialists will give you the best solution for your business or home. The first thing you should be sure about is the budget that you are spending. Based on your bug, you will choose the brands that are more suitable for you.



Burglars are a big problem for everyone who owns a home or business. Living your life with the fear of being robbed at any moment will stop you from living life at 100%. The Bronx is the type of neighborhood where you need to think twice about this type of problem. The fact that there live people from different cultures means that you will find people in need, and sometimes they will find the easiest way to the solution. Installing security cameras in your home/business will make everyone who is thinking about stealing your house to think twice.



A big problem for business nowadays is employee stealing. Sometimes giving trust to the people who are the ones that you believe the most is going to end in money loss. What we suggest to all the business owners is to install high-quality cameras in crucial points. Our team of professionals in Security iCam is going to make the best plan for your business. This way, you will check time by time if things are going as they are supposed to. Also, putting some pressure on your employees has shown an increment in overall quality.


Intercom Systems

Intercom systems will allow you to control everything through a single screen. These systems give lots of facilities and make managing much more accessible. You may own a business or a residence; it doesn’t matter. Controlling your area will be easy, and we are sure that you will have things under control 24/7. Through an app on your phone, you will be able to install our application and control everything. Intercom will come in handy if you want to check your staff quality or if you want to be sure that your family members are staying in peace.

Home Alarm Systems


Installing a security camera system is a big step toward safety, but sometimes, it is not enough depending on where you live. Some combinations will make you feel much safer when you will be in or out of your property. You should install lots of things, like burglar alarms, intrusion detection, fire alarms, glass break detection, water leak detectors, etc. 


Having a burglar alarm is going to give you a significant advantage. This type of alarm is going to help your whole system to become active in a dangerous moment. A burglar alarm is a complex system that will be active in the first moment that something will move during the moments of the day that it is not supposed to. If the burglar system is going to turn on, you will get a notification.

Being a prey of a burglar will make you feel paranoid during the rest of your life if you don’t take the needed steps to bring back the safe feeling. Intrusion detection is a huge step in this problem. Our experience has shown that most of our clients have felt much safer after installing intrusion detection.

One of the biggest problems, even worse than a burglar, is the danger of having a fire on your property. Having a fire won’t only cost you money, but you will also put your life in danger. Our team will install a fire alarm in places where it is most needed, and we are sure that this will remove every chance of having a fire without you being notified.

Home Automation


Home automation is an excellent solution if you want to have a productive time in your home and remove every chance of being robbed, having a fire, or anything wrong that may come in your head.

Control Panel

One thing that will come in handy and save you lots of time throughout the day if you are a busy person is the control panel. The Control panel is going to bring everything in the palm of your hand and indeed feel comfortable. 

Video Doorbell

It is the most popular accessories and the most used one during your daily customer routine. If you have a guest at your door, all you need to do is open the application or go to your control panel screen, and you can see who it is.

Smart Thermostat

This feature will make you feel much more comfortable during warm or cold days. A smart thermostat will give you a nice feeling when you go back home after a long day at work. All you need to do is to set a timer when you need the thermostat on and off.

Smart Lights

Turning lights on and off through the app is going to give you a big help. Even during the days when you won’t be home, you can fake it by turning lights on and off, so outsiders will still think that there is still someone inside.

Garage Door Opener

After a long day at work, having to get out and open your garage door is going to give you anxiety. The garage door opener will be your best friend and, for sure, one of the things that you will find most helpful throughout the day.

Smart Door Locks

Everyone has had the feeling of forgetting the door unlocked. A smart door lock will get you away from this feeling, and you will indeed feel comfortable going out and checking after. If you have not locked your door yet, then all you can do is through the app. Also, it comes in handy if you want to open the door for a guest if you are not home.

Smart Plugs

Sometimes even a hot coffee will make your day if you find it ready after going back home. By plugging your coffee machine in a smart plug, you will be able to have your coffee ready whenever you are going back home. Smart plugs are the best way to turn on and off your appliances whenever you need them.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

If there is something vital, and the only way you can be sure to call yourself safe inside your property in the Bronx is installing indoor and outdoor security cameras. Our company SecurityiCam is the best and fastest-growing area that will give you everything you are looking for.

Motion Sensors

Combinations between security systems are the best thing you should think about. The motion sensor is the one that is going to be a perfect match with lots of other security systems. You can connect it with cameras, smart lights, a door garage, and lots of different sensors that are going to make your life much more comfortable and safer.

Door & Window Sensors

With these sensors, you will be sure that no one will enter through your doors and windows. It’s common for burglars to enter your residence through the door, but it won’t be possible anymore. In the first moment that they will see a door or window sensor, they will step back.

Glass Break Sensor

As you already know, most burglars choose windows as the easiest way to enter your house. We encourage you to install glass break sensors. This way, you will be sure to get notified if something will go wrong.

Water leak detector

A water leak is going to cause you lots of trouble. Except that it will cost you lots of money to repair all the damage and take you lots of time to dry everything, you can also put your life in danger. Combining water leak with electricity will make things life-threatening.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is responsible for hundreds of deaths in the USA. A carbon monoxide detector will bring an end to this problem. Being notified in the first moment that something won’t be as expected will give you a considerable advantage to fix everything or call for help.

Smoke Detector

Smoke will lead to lots of problems, but fire is the worst scenario. A smoke detector installed correctly will give you a big help, and you will save lives. All you need to do is trust the installation, so you will be sure that you have found the right spots.


Only High-Quality Brands


Security iCam is not proud only with experienced professional staff, but we also bring the best and high-quality brands in the market. Doing our job in perfection is never enough, so collaboration with brands such as: 

  1. Digital Watchdog 
  2. Hikvision 
  3. Panasonic 
  4. Axis, SecureGuard 
  5. Dahua 
  6. Hanwha Techwin America (Samsung)

They have made us comfortable and gave us a feeling of responsibility when we offer our clients. Also, the fact that we have various choices has made us flexible when we present you with the bill. In the end, no matter which brand you will prefer the most, we are sure that you are going to have a good quality product and confidence you will be satisfied with.

Identity Theft Protection


Nowadays, the biggest threat is within the system, and there is a war for information. Security systems are a target for cyber hackers, and if you don’t have a well-prepared team to survey your system for sure, you will be at significant risk. Our team of professionals will be sure to keep your peace of mind. None of your personal information, such as bank accounts, social account numbers, social networks, security cameras, or different alarm systems, will be at risk. We operate for a long time in NY Brox, and not a single client has ever had this kind of issue.


Business Security Systems


If you are a businessman/businesswoman, then for sure, your business is a big deal, and you don’t want anything to be wrong. Installing security systems in your business will give you lots of change in the way you organize your business and make yourself, employees, and customers feel much safer. With a security camera system, you will stop staff theft, customer theft, burglars, fire, and lots of other problems that will create lots of business difficulties. Security iCam is the leading company in this field, and we have lots of new companies every day in the Bronx NY that are trusting us with their security.

Commercial Security Cameras


Commercial security cameras come with lots of benefits for our clients in the first moment that you are signing a contract with our company. One of the first things that may go into every client’s mind is to stay in their server room. We have a solution for every problem, and indeed we have the best solution to this problem. Saving every single recording in the cloud will save you all the mismatch room space and keep the data safer. In case you want local storage, we are proud to say that you will have a safe place where you can save all the recording data from your cameras. Depending on your business needs, you can make your choice. If you need a suggestion from our support team, you should ask for help, and we will be happily waiting to give you the required service.

Business & Commercial Intercom


Business & Commercial intercom is going to make the management of your business much more comfortable. Controlling all your security cameras and sensors through a single screen will make you feel like a real god of your property. If in a moment, you are going to feel like you need to zoom in to check something behind the scenes or move your cameras to get another angle, then all you need to do is to have an internet connection and access to your intercom system screen.

Benefits of installing Business & Commercial Intercom in Bronx New York City


Business intercom is going to give you the possibility to manage your staff better. While checking if everything is going as you wish in your business, you can advise and be sure that they are doing everything as they are supposed to. Also, at a particular moment, you can decide to make a change in formation and give advice if it’s needed.

By knowing who your client is and what they want, you can make better decisions in the future by giving your clients what they are looking for. Business intercom will allow you to see everything live from a different angle. This way, you will be sure that you are looking at your client’s choices without your staff’s interference.


Access Control


Access control is one of the best things you should think about if you want to manage your business better. You will get lots of benefits from access control, but for sure, the best is staff management and preventing employee theft. Our company, Security iCam, is one of the leading companies in this field, and we come with the best solutions and brands. Creating a good plan for your business is not easy, and only a team of professionals will make the right decisions for your business. What we suggest you should do is to make sure about the targets access to different areas and everything else is going to be ready from our staff

Access control is going to be accessed through a small card that every employee will own. By giving this card, you are giving an ID to your employee with which he/she is going to be recognized by the system. Also, your employees won’t have to keep lots of keys that make them feel uncomfortable.

With the key card that your employees will have in their pockets, they will have access to different areas of your business. This way, you will restrict other employees from entering specific areas of your business where you may keep valuable goods or even money.

You may need a specific employee to enter an area of your business periodically on different days and at additional hours. All you need to do is to schedule the access, and everything is going to be automated.

Don’t be afraid that maybe one of your employees may forget to lock a particular area of your business. All the doors will get locked automatically the first moment that your employee is going to close it.

By getting a detailed movement of each employee, you will understand if someone is accessing a restricted area or cheating while working. All the information will be available in the app, so you won’t find it hard to check and make a decision.

Home Theater Installation


Security iCam is getting every day more and more requests to install a home theatre in Bronx, NY. A comfortable place where you can enjoy a beautiful movie with friends and family is becoming popular, and there are lots of reasons behind this decision. One of the most common answers, when we ask our clients why they are looking for this service, is the fact that you feel much more comfortable inside your home and you don’t have to spend all the time to move to the nearest theatre or wait in line for the food or the ticket. Security iCam comes with the most professional staff for home theatre installation and, indeed, the best brands. If you want to know the difference in quality between different home theatre installations, you should check our facility’s sound and the others. Finding the right spots where you should install the speakers is something that only a professional can do.

Additional Services by Security iCam in Bronx, NY


Mounting a tv is not as easy as you may have thought, and sometimes it becomes so complicated that you will create a mismatch that not even a professional will be able to fix without leaving a clue behind. Finding the right path and the suitable cable is not such an easy job. Our experienced team will make the right decision, so you can have your tv installed in the right spot and with the perfect angle. Installing tv is only one of the services; we also are ready to install and mount different applications like sensors. All these services come with a low and considerable price, easy to afford all around the Bronx, NY.

Projector & Projection Screen


If you are about to install a projector and a projector screen, then you should know that it is a job that only a professional can do in the right way. We have seen many cases when the damage by not installing your properly has cost much more than the cost of installation. Security iCam staff will find the right spot where you should mount your projector and the right angle for your projection screen. Only by finding the perfect angle will you get the maximum resolution and don’t lose the light brightness.

Audio Systems & Surround Sound


Just like in-home theatre installing audio systems or surround sound is one of the hardest things you can install. Sometimes the only way you can install these systems properly is by hiring sound engineers. Hearing echo sounds will make you feel irritated, and for sure, you won’t understand anything of what you are hearing. Security iCam will be your best solution, in this case, knowing that we have the best engineers and best brands in the market. Installing audio systems for your house to enjoy the beautiful sounds of your favorite music or in your business where you can organize your staff or give information to your clients will become perfect only with Security iCam if you are a resident in Bronx, NY.

Network Wiring & Data Cabling Services


If you want to create a network wiring and data cabling service, you have to be sure that the only way is by creating a well-structured plan before starting the job in terrain. After you have done this job as a professional, you will need to think about the right cables that you should move throughout the building. If you are installing a line that is not the proper one, you are ruining the whole plan. A decision made by a professional will make you sure that you are installing your network wiring, and you won’t need to change it for lots of years after.

Security Cameras Repair Technician


Problems with the appliances after the installation are going to be present. Most of the time, issues will come because of accidents caused by users like family members, animals, staff, customers, or time. With Security iCam, you will find out that a whole team of security cameras repair technicians and other appliances will be there 24/7 to give you the needed support. Finding the best way to provide you with what you are looking for but at low costs also is our mission.



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