Security Company in New Jersey


If you are a New Jersey resident, then for sure you have a strong feeling of security. At the same time, you have to know that it is one of the most densely populated states in the US. Only this fact is enough for you to take your steps and update the security level in your residence or business. Security iCam is one of the leading companies in this state, and we are growing up so fast. With one of the most experienced teams in this field and cooperation with the best brands, we make a difference in the market. If you are a resident of New Jersey and want to update your property’s security level, then Security iCam is your best option. 

Home Security Systems

Making our loved ones feel safe is one of the main reasons we all work hard and move forward. Installing a security system at your home is one of the best ways to have that safe feeling. Security iCam is here to give you the possibility of creating a well-structured plan for your home security system and therefore improve your home security level. Our team of professionals will provide you with enough reasons why you shouldn’t feel insecure anymore. A combination of security cameras with other appliances like a motion detector, glass sensor, fire alarms etc., is going to make everyone think twice before trying to enter your home.

Security Cameras System Installation 

Installing a security camera system in your residence or business is one of the most important things you should do. The first thing that every thief will check before making the plan is if there are security cameras or no. Installing cameras in a visible place is going to make every thief think twice. But if the worst scenario happens and the thief is going to make his move, you have to be sure that the authorities will have enough evidence to catch them. In this case, a significant difference will be made by installing cameras in places where it is hard to notice and where you may see details of the thief’s face or body signs. Our success rate with these scenarios has proven that our team’s decision-making is making the difference.


Just by installing security cameras, you will give a significant boost to your overall security level. The first thing that every thief is going to check is if you have security cameras. Even if something goes further, you will have enough evidence so the authorities will find and catch the authors.

A well-structured plan of your security camera system will make a big difference in your overall security level. Making a combination of visible and hidden cameras is going to make a big difference. A hidden camera is going to catch the thief out of guards. Also, the place where you are installing the cameras will make a difference by recording angles where you can have a more detailed view of every person.

Security iCam is going to give you the possibility to choose between some of the leading brands. A combination of a good plan and a high-resolution camera will make the security level pop to the top. The variety of security camera brands will make the whole process affordable for everyone.

Intercom Systems


Walking around to find the appliances that turn on or off your devices is a waste of time. The best solution to this problem is to have all the adjustments on one screen, and that’s what an intercom system is. Through intercom systems, you will be able to command all your other systems. All you need to do is to go to the screen and choose the options that you are looking for. It is the best solution for both homes and businesses. If you want to check if everything is going well in your business, you will need to go to the screen. In case something is not going as it is supposed to, then all you need to do is communicate with your staff or change it yourself. You will also be able to move the camera angle for a better view if you want to see something specific.

Home Alarm Systems 


Installing alarm systems in your home is the only way you can avoid disasters. For sure, the first thing you should do is to install a security camera system, but it is not enough. Many things may happen in your home that you should be notified of in real-time. Problems like fire, intrusion, burglars will have a significant cost in your emotional and economic life. If you are going to be notified in the first moment that one of these systems will be triggered, then for sure, you can get the needed steps to solve the problem.


Fire is the worst nightmare for most of our clients. Many things can happen in your home, but none is comparable with a fire. The fear and terror that you experience won’t get out of your mind for a long time. If you live with this fear, then the best thing you should do is install a home fire alarm. By installing this system, you will be able to get a notification and start an alarm sound in the first second that the sensor will be triggered.

Another big fear that you may live every day is the fear of burglars. This is a big problem in big states like New Jersey. If you live in New Jersey, then a burglar alarm is a must for you for sure. The fact that so many people live in such a small area increases the chance of being robbed. A burglar alarm system will make everyone who is thinking to enter your home to step back. You will be notified, but a distracting noise will start, so whoever is entering won’t continue his/her plan.

Home Automation 


Home automation is becoming something familiar for most of the residents of New Jersey. If you want to improve your life quality, then the best thing you should do is choose the best systems, sensors and detectors to help yourself in your daily routine. Spending time on things that are not important to you is a problem, and you should avoid it.

Control Panel

If you want to make your daily routine more manageable, then a control panel is the best solution. You should do lots of things during the time that you will be home, and if you can control everything through a single screen, you are going to save time and increase efficiency.

Video Doorbell

The first place where everyone who will enter or exit your home is your door. By installing a video, the doorbell will increase your home’s security and make it easier for you to welcome your guests. If you combine a video doorbell with a smart lock, you will open the door to everyone even if you are not at home.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a must if you are vulnerable to temperature change. By installing a smart thermostat, your home will be at a perfect temperature whenever you need it. If you want your home to feel cold when you come back from work, you can schedule the timer, and everything will be ready for you.

Smart Lights

Forgetting to turn the lights off is something that makes us nervous every day in our life. Except that it increases your stress level, you are also spending more on electricity bills. The best solution, in this case, is smart lights. The lights will turn on and off automatically when you come and go, but also you will be able to turn them through the app or control panel.

Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a must for everyone who owns a car and a garage. After a long day at work, manually opening your garage door is the last thing you want to do. By installing this feature, you will be able to open and close your garage door through a remote or the control panel in your home.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks will remove the feeling of forgetting the doors open every day in your life. Most New Jersey people have a busy life, and it is common to forget your door open when you are in a rush. Smart door locks will give you the option to control them even if you are on your way to do your business.

Smart Plugs

Having the coffee ready when you go back home or waking up in the morning is a must in everyone’s routine. Smart plugs are the best solution to this problem. By connecting your coffee machine to this plug, you will be sure that it will be turned on at the exact time you need it.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

If you want to feel safe while staying at your home, installing indoor and outdoor cameras is the only way. Finding the right places where you should install your cameras will give you a clear view of everything that is happening inside your home and around.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is a sensor that will be a perfect match with lots of other systems, detectors and sensors. By activating a motion sensor, you will be sure that everything that moves in places and times where it is not supposed to happen will be monitored, and you will be notified.

Door & Window Sensors

The only way for a thief to enter your home is through doors and windows. By installing a door and window sensor, you are sure that everything that enters or exits your home will be monitored. Also, during specified times of the day when you may be asleep or outside, you will be notified that something is wrong.

Glass Break Sensor

Breaking a window glass is one of the easiest ways for a burglar to enter your home. A glass sensor will make it impossible for a burglar to enter without you being notified and starting an alarm.

Water leak detector

A water leak is a problem that you may not consider as something to take into consideration. We suggest that if you don’t want to lose time and money fixing the issues, install a water leak detector at crucial points in your home. In the worst scenario, you will avoid contact with electricity, and a disaster can happen.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a big problem for many Americans, and it’s the type of situation that is a cause of death. If you are using appliances that may emit carbon monoxide, then you should install a detector at all costs. You will be notified in the first moment that the sensor will sense high levels of carbon monoxide.

Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is a lifesaver, and everyone must have one at home. Installing a smoke detector near fire vulnerable places is going to make you feel safer. An alarm will start when smoke triggers this detector, and a whole system starts working.

Only High-Quality Brands


Our company is based on quality, which is why we are cooperating only with some of the best brands in the market. The detailed custom plan that we make for every client needs to be supported by some of the best brands. The variety gives an option to every client depending on their budget.


Identity Theft Protection


A big problem that we face every day is the number of times that hackers try to steal your information or interfere with your systems. Even if you are trying to stop thieves who enter through your window, they won’t stop coming from your ethernet cable. The risk of stealing your identity information, credit cards, social number and other vulnerable information is present. Security iCam has a dedicated staff 24/7 that will monitor your whole system. There won’t be a chance for hackers to pass our security and get what they are looking for. We also provide security systems dedicated to these problems that will be an additional feature in your overall security system.


Business Security Systems

If you are a business owner, then for sure, it is one of the essential things in your life to have a secure environment. One of the most crucial security systems you should add to your business is security cameras. Through security cameras, you will monitor your staff’s productivity 24/7 and make them and your customer feel safer. There are lots of problems that a business will face when it comes to security. Starting with burglars, vandalism and another big problem is employee theft. You can avoid all these hostile actions just by installing a security camera. Even if the worst is going to happen, you will have enough evidence to catch the authors. Owning a New Jersey business is not easy, so adding extra systems and alarms is always a good idea. A combination of security cameras, burglar alarm systems, glass sensors, the fire alarm is going to make your business the safest place in New Jersey.


By installing a security camera and combining it with a burglar alarm system, you are going to make everyone who is planning to steal from your shop to step back. If someone tries to enter your business while it’s closed, then the alarm will start to make everyone inside confused, and at the same time, the whole scene will be recorded by a well-structured security camera system.

With a fire alarm, you are not putting at risk your employees’ lives and the trust of your clients and saving lots of money. If you will have a fire in your business, the damage is going to be big. Except that you will have to spend money rebuilding the whole place you will also need to spend lots of time and in business time means money. A fire alarm is going to stop the fire but also notify the authorities for more professional help.

One of the biggest problems that businesses are facing is employee theft. It is the hardest to catch because your employees know the blind spots of your business. The best way to prevent this is by installing hidden cameras. This way, you will be sure that if someone tries to be smart and make a move, you will know and make the right decision.


Commercial Security Cameras


Security iCam comes with the best solution in installing commercial security cameras. You will find a big variety of security camera brands, a fact that will give you the possibility to pick based on your budget. A high-tech security camera will make things much easier for you in your daily routine. Recording in high resolution means that you will capture everything in detail, a fact that will make the difference. But a high-resolution recording means that you will need lots of storage. We provide you with no limit cloud storage, or you can choose to have local storage. Making a well-structured plan for your commercial is crucial. Only a professional team can make the best decisions based on your property planimetry. Installing cameras in every entrance, parking lot, checkout counter, storeroom, offices, and store floor cameras is not easy. Everything becomes more comfortable when everything can be controlled through a single application on your smartphone. You will be able to see what is happening in your business in real-time, and also, you can look at multiple cameras.

Business & Commercial Intercom


Security iCam is going to make the plan and install all the security systems that you will need. Our clients will have to monitor everything, and if you don’t do it in the right way, it is not an easy job. What we suggest to every client is to install an intercom. By installing this system, you will be able to control everything through a single screen. If you need to check through the cameras, but you don’t have the right angle, then all you need to do is change it through the intercom screen. You will also adjust everything you need from the other systems or give an announcement through the mic to your employees or your clients.

Benefits of installing Business & Commercial Intercom in New Jersey

By installing a business and commercial intercom, you will be able to manage and control the whole system. All you need to do is to adjust the options on your screen, and things will be done automatically

Two-way communication with audio and video will give you the possibility to communicate with your employees and customers. If you are about to speak an announcement, all you need to do is to talk through the microphone, and everyone will know.

Access Control


Access control is a must for every business in New Jersey. There are lots of things you should do during your daily routine, and if you have many employees, it will be hard to manage all the areas and be sure that everyone is in the right spot at the right time. By installing access control, you will be sure that none of your employees will enter specified areas of your business where you may have valuable products or documents.


By installing an access control system, your employees will access areas by swiping a card through a keycard reader. A single card that can fit your pocket will be personalized for every employee, and the way that the system will know the keycard holder.

Most of the businesses have a periodic daily and weekly schedule. By knowing this, you will be able to schedule the access time in your business’s specific areas.

If you want a detailed report about where your employees are moving most of the time, you will be sure that they are not wasting time staying in places where they are not supposed to. Also, if someone will go wrong, you will know who was at the time in the area where everything happened.

What’s the most fantastic part of access control is that everything can be controlled through a single application. You can adjust the time you have scheduled, give access to a specific employee or check all the reports that you need about what is happening inside your business.

Home Theater Installation


Installing a home theater is a common thing in most of the homes in New Jersey. Of course, going to the cinema is fun, but if you are not in a good mood then for sure, a home theatre will be a perfect choice. Our team of professionals will make sure that your home theater will give you the feeling of being in a theater. The only way to do this is by installing everything in the right way. Installing speakers is one of the most important and most challenging things. If you are not calculating the proper angle, then for sure, you are going to have a terrible sound effect. Call Security iCam, and you are going to have a top-quality screen resolution and sound effect.

Additional Services by Security iCam in New Jersey


Security iCam is a leading company, and one of the reasons is that we have a big variety of services that we provide to our clients. Tv wall mounting and other appliance wall mounting is something that must be done by a professional.

Mounting your tv to the wall is something that needs to be done professionally. You can do lots of things wrong if you try to do it on your own, and most of the time, you will make mistakes that it’s hard to recover. A professional will place everything in the right place and right angle, so the video is going to be just perfect.

If you have all types of appliances that you want to install at your home, then for sure you should call a professional. Alarm systems are the cases where you have to reach difficult places. Installing everything in the right place is crucial in quality.

Projector & Projection Screen


Installing a projector and a projection screen is not as easy as it seems. If you want to have a high resolution, then for sure, you should be sure that both are installed and fixed at the right angle. The Security iCam team is one of the most experienced teams in this field, and we are sure that a quality job is going to make the difference. Deciding which is the perfect height of the projector and the distance between the projector and projection screen will make the difference. And if you have already installed it, it will be hard to change the location and fix the old ones.

Audio Systems & Surround Sound


We have all experienced at least one time a bad audio quality in a shop, mall, airport or other locations. Installing audio systems is one of the hardest things. Only a team of experienced professionals will make a difference. We are sure that if you want a high-quality audio system, then for sure, Security iCam is the only choice. Also, installing outdoor audio systems needs to be done professionally, especially if you are noisy and want a big audience to listen to your announcement.

Network Wiring & Data Cabling Services


Creating a well-structured plan for your network wiring is a must if you don’t want to have a mess in the future. All the appliances, security systems, security cameras, and alarms will have a cable that will connect with the system. Our company will make a well-structured plan in the beginning so every single cable will be organized in a way that will make it easier for everyone to understand. Another problem that comes with network wiring is the type of cable you are using. Technology is changing so fast, and you have to be sure that you are choosing the type of cable that will give you the needed quality and speed even in ten or more years.

Security Cameras Repair Technician


And one of the most important things, of course, is repairing. You may face lots of problems like vandalism, human mistakes, and time factors that will break or make your appliances unfunctional. We back you up with a team of technicians who will be ready at every moment. Security camera systems, security alarms, detectors, sensors and all the appliances that we provide to our clients will be monitored and repaired in record time. In the end, you will have the same product that you bought on the first day.



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