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Queens is a borough of New York City, and the fact that it is the second-largest means that you will find a diversity of cultures. It is well known as a safe borough, but the fact that there live so many people from different cultures requires you to be ready for the worst. Securing your house, business, building, or private property is crucial, and you must take it seriously.


Finding the right company will make a difference, and Security iCam is one of the fastest-growing companies in NY. We have a solution for any risk that you may face, combined with the best products, security cameras, system alarms, access control, and everything else that will increase your property’s security level. A big difference between most of the other companies and us is also our well-prepared staff. Each individual in our team is a professionalist in his/her duty, and they will be ready to give answers and solutions to every problem you may have.

Home Security Systems


Home and residential security systems are a must if you want to live a happy, safe life. Queens, NY, is the second-largest borough in New York, and it is not easy for the state to surveil such a large place. Each resident must have a private security system nowadays that technology makes things so easy to manage and maintain. Security iCam comes with the best solutions for home and residential security systems. Our company will create a personalized security system for your residence so you will have a peaceful deep night’s sleep.

Security Cameras System Installation 


You may live in a flat, suburban apartment, or a villa; it doesn’t matter, Security iCam will create a security plan for your residence. What is up to our clients in choosing the DVR and security cameras (CCTV cameras) that will best fit their budget? There are two types of DVR, pc based or standalone, and depending on the size of your building, you can choose between 4 channels, 8channels, 16 channels, and 32 channels. Security cameras come in a variety of models.


Also, depending on your residence type, we come with different cables that should fit your needs. Picking the right cable is a choice based on where you live, flat, suburban apartment, or villa.


In the first moment that you will install security cameras, you will make the difference by feeling safer when you stay in and out of your residence. Residential buildings are easy targets for robbers and thieves. The presence of security cameras is going to make everyone with a malicious intent to think twice. Even if you are at work or on vacation, you will be able to check time by time if everything is in its place through a phone application. Proper installation is the key point in security cameras systems. 


Installing security cameras in your residence is not enough. If you want things to be perfect, you should find the right spots to place your cameras. Our team of experienced professionals has made a difference by creating custom security system plans. The crime rate in the buildings where we have installed security cameras is the lowest than our competition. Finding the blind spots will make it impossible for the thieves to enter your home and easier for the authorities to solve the case and identify the suspect.


If you are still not sure if you should install security cameras in your residence, then there are a few indicators that will make it easier for you to make a decision. The first thing you should check is the crime rate in your area. Simple research around your neighbor or visiting the police department website will create an idea about your area’s crime rate. You can also make a quick check to see if you can find ways that a burglar can use to enter your residence. When you decide to install a security camera system in your place, you should contact us, and our team of experts will give you a detailed plan customized for your home.


Intercom Systems


By installing intercom systems, you will restrict access to the residence. Our company, Security iCam, is one of the fastest-growing companies in this field, and we have the best feedback from our clients about intercom systems. By installing an intercom system, you will identify a visitor while you are still inside. When a sensor is triggered, or the doorbell rings, a video, and audio will transmit in a monitor inside your home or on your smartphone screen.

Home Alarm Systems


Security iCam is a leading company in building custom security systems, including burglar alarm, intrusion detection, fire alarm, and flood detection. By installing alarm systems customized based on your needs, you will add some extra needed overall security. We offer some of the best brands to our clients, which are well integrated with complex systems. Alarm systems will automatically alarm you, the NYC police department, and at the same time, trigger strobes and sirens. A well-planned security system will include intrusion detection, fire alarm, flood sensor, burglar alarm, glass-break sensor, smoke detector, heat detector. Finding the right spots where you should install each sensor and detector will make a big difference. Only a well trained, experienced team will make the right decision. Combining these alarms and detectors with a well-organized security camera system is going to make your home a safe place where nothing will happen without you being notified.

Home Automation


Either if you spend much time staying at home or not, home automation will dramatically change your quality time while you are at home and lower the stress level while outdoors.

Control Panel

Controlling everything through a monitor’s screen will make things much easier for you to manage and maintain. Through a well-structured control panel, we make every appliance accessible to our clients. 

Video Doorbell

There is a 35% chance for a burglar to use your front door as an entrance. The doorbell camera will record everything in the first moment that a motion sensor is triggered. The best part is the fact that you can monitor everything through our phone application.

Smart Thermostat

No matter if you are outside the house, you are in bed, and too lazy to get up, all you need to do to change your home’s temperature is to use our application. Scheduling the times of the day when you want your home to go warm or cold will help you find your home in the perfect temperature when you come back from work, wake up in the morning, or on different occasions.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are a must for every house. Lighting your home whenever a motion sensor is triggered or scheduling the times of the day when you want the lights to be turned on or off will make a big difference in your daily routine’s quality. Also, burglars will get confused if they find out that they are taking unnecessary attention.

Garage Door Opener

If you own a car, then for sure, you know the level of stress that you will get if your parking slot is not ready for you to park your vehicle. A garage door opener is a big help and a safer way for you to go in and out of your garage.

Smart Door Locks

Forget about the times when you had to check twice or be in doubt throughout the day if you locked your doors or not. With smart door locks, you will be able to control everything through our phone application. Also, there is no need for you to rush home to open the doors for your guests. All you need to do is open your panel control from your smartphone and open the doors remotely.

Smart Plugs

Coming home without the coffee machine turned on, or forgetting the iron plugged will be just memories. Smart plugs will save your day and become handy whenever you need different appliances to turn on or off and wait for your next command.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

The most important thing in the first moment you will decide to install a security system is to think well before deciding on your indoor and outdoor security cameras. Security cameras will make the difference at the moment that something is going to go wrong in or outside your home. A motion sensor, a fire alarm, smart door locks, glass break sensor, and smoke detectors will not be handy if there is no security camera to record everything that is happening around. Making the right decision about indoor and outdoor security cameras is a job that needs to be done only by professionals. Security iCam comes with the best team in this field.

Motion Sensors

Covering your home with a motion sensor is going to save you much energy and data. Triggering a motion sensor is going to turn on lots of other security systems. Turning on the lights, making the cameras start recording, turning on smart plugs are just some of the benefits you will get by installing motion sensors.

Door & Window Sensors

Doors and windows are the only way a burglar can enter your home. By installing door and windows sensors, you will be sure that everything that will go through these entrances will be covered, and you will be notified if something happens. Triggering the sensors during specified hours will also turn on the alarm and inform the NYC police department.

Glass Break Sensor

Broken glass means trouble because it is the main way that a burglar enters a home. Installing a glass break sensor will give you the possibility to get notified in the first second that something sensor is triggered.

Water leak detector

Most of our clients don’t take a water leak problem seriously. We have to inform you that just a few hours of draining water and broken furniture is the best scenario. A water leak may result in a fire, and in the worst scenario, one of your family members or a pet can get electrocution because of the wet floor. A water leak detector is the best way for you to be sure that you will be notified at the first moment that there is water in places where it is not supposed to be.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A high level of monoxide carbon may result in tissue damage or even death. Keeping the monoxide detector under control is a must if you use appliances that release monoxide carbon in the air. Being notified live about the carbon monoxide level inside your home will make a big change in your health, and your body will thank you.

Smoke Detector

Installing a smoke detector is a must for every home. Being notified in real-time is going to make a huge difference. When the smoke detector is triggered, a fire alarm will start, and the NYC queens fire station and the owner of the hose will be notified immediately. This will result in lower costs and, for sure, in saving lives.

Only High-Quality Brands

Only by choosing the right company will you find the true definition of a proper security system. A leading company will create an ideal custom plan for your residence, but if you don’t install only high-quality brands, then for sure, you are not getting the best from your security system. Security iCam corporates only with the best brands in the market.



These leading companies come with a user-friendly application for Windows, MacOS, Android, and IOS, making the surveillance and maintenance much easier for users.


Identity Theft Protection


The fact that your security system data will be online all the time makes you vulnerable to hackers. Our cybersecurity team will be sure to protect every client from identity theft. An insurance that you won’t be hacked is that we are cooperating only with leading brands. Their applications are well programmed and surveilled by experts in cybersecurity. Our clients in Queens, NYC, have been really satisfied throughout all these years, and we have never complained about identity theft.


Business Security Systems 


Installing home security systems is very important for every resident in Queens, NYC. However, if you are a business owner simultaneously, you should surely make it much more seriously installing a security system at your business. Security iCam is a leading company in this field, and we are proud to say that we are monitoring more business than anyone else in Queens, NYC. Our experience with different companies gave us confidence and information to make a difference from the other companies. Starting from security cameras, access controls, glass break sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, and tons of other appliances will create an unbreakable security system for your business. A combination of different systems and sensors will make it much easier for the authorities to identify and catch the authors if things go wrong.

Commercial Security Cameras


Commercial security cameras are a must for every business, considering that your business is one of your main income sources. By installing security cameras for your business, you won’t just be sure to keep all the burglars and thieves away from you and better manage your staff. High video quality cameras will make it much easier for you to identify everyone coming in and out of your business. With our phone applications, you will monitor your commercial from wherever you are; all you need is internet access. Depending on the type of business you are running, you can choose between a cloud or local storage to save all the recordings. 

Owning a retail shop has its challenges. Controlling the customer’s flow and creating good statistics to make the difference between the passerby and potential clients will make a big difference in your daily incomes. 24/7 recording through your entrance cameras will make it much easier for you to analyze and come to a conclusion. Also, you will be able to record and identify every single person who is coming in and going out of your shop in case something goes wrong.


Thieves, customers’ disagreement, cashier fraud, or staff theft are present in every business. By recording HD videos and audios, you will make it impossible for each of the problems mentioned above to happen. Even in the worst scenario, you will have evidence to find and solve the problem.


One of the biggest problems for every business is staff theft. Having big storerooms where you will keep most of your stock products will make it easier for everyone trying to profit. Finding the right spots to install HD video cameras will make it easy for you to monitor your staff.


One of the main ways for a client to reach your business is by car. Installing security cameras in your parking lot is a must if you want to be sure that you are identifying every client who is coming to your store.


Business & Commercial Intercom


For every business in Queens, New York City, installing an intercom system is one of the safest and helpful security forms. By installing intercom security systems, you will be able to monitor your cameras live, control, and zoom, and even communicate with your staff, so it’s going to be much easier for you to manage your business.

Benefits of installing Business & Commercial Intercom in Queens, New York City



Access Control


Access control will make your business function much better, and you will be able to manage every employee. There are several ways you can give access to your staff and be sure that every single member won’t enter areas that they are not supposed to.

You decide who has permission to access specific areas of your building. By allowing only a qualified and trusted staff in several places, you will prevent staff theft and increase work performance.


If there are specific times of the day or days of the week when you don’t want your staff to enter different areas of your business, all you need to do is schedule permission access in these areas.


Keeping different keys in the pocked is now part of history. All you need to give to your employees is just a small card that can perfectly fit in their pockets.


By monitoring the movement of your staff, you are going to identify the itinerary of every employee. This way, you will find out how much time each employee is spending in a specific area and conclude if they are wasting time.


You can control and adjust your business’s access control any time you will have too through our application. During special occasions, all you need to do is enter the app and give the right commands.


Home Theater Installation


Installation of home theater is one of our points of pride in Security iCam.Creating a custom plan for clients who wants to have a home theater made us one of the leading fields in this direction. Giving you the chance to choose between different brands will make it easier to decide based on your budget. By combining various components naturally and professionally, we make sure that you are getting the best results. Starting with the HD projectors, screen, audio systems, and system controls, we build a home theatre to a point where you can’t make the difference with a real cinema. A five-star review by every client in Queens, New York, gave us the confidence to say that we are your only choice in professionally building a home theater.

Additional Services by Security iCam in Queens, NY


The variety of services that we give to our clients in Queens, NY, makes us the best choice. One of the services that you shouldn’t underestimate is also the installation of wall mount appliances. TV wall mounting is not such an easy job to do, and you can make a big difference by looking at the jobs done by our staff of professionals and the others. Locating the right spot will make the difference, but you also have to find a well-planned place for every appliance around your TV. In the end, you will have a beautiful clear view of your TV hanging on the wall. 


Projector & Projection Screen


We are used to seeing projectors in classrooms and conference rooms, but every day the number of projectors installed to create a home theatre is rising. Security iCam will allow choosing between tons of projector brands to all our customers in Queens, NY. Our team of professionals will make a good plan and find the right spot in your residence. You should install projectors from choosing the right brand based on your budget to mount and establish a process that professional experts will get done.


Audio Systems & Surround Sound


Home audio systems and surrounds sound setup installation is one of the main services you will get by Security iCam. Installing a good audio system in your home will make your days brighter, and for sure, you will increase the quality time you are going to spend in your home. In Queens, NY, we are one of the leading companies for this type of service. The difference between the other companies and us is our experienced staff of engineers who will find the perfect spots in your home to be sure that you are going to have a quality installation of appliances.


Network Wiring & Data Cabling Services


If you live in Queens, NY, and you have trouble with your network cables, then the Security iCam is the best company to solve your problem. Our experience with different appliances connected with cables has made us experts in building the right plan for your network cable wiring. Our team of experts will create a custom plan for your business or residence so you won’t see a single cable.


Security Cameras Repair Technician


Providing different services, systems, and appliances to our clients make us responsible for maintaining every service and product. In our company, you will find expert technicians who will be ready and prepared to solve any problem that you may have. From security cameras, sensors, detectors, audio systems, and any appliance that will give you a hard time and trouble, you have to call us, and a specialized team will come to fix your problem. Security iCam will take care to make your time at home or business easier.



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