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Although Manhattan is currently the safest area in New York, having CCTV installation and the burglar alarm is a priority because it would mean being protected from burglaries, attacks, and other inconveniences. On many occasions burglars have gotten away unscathed because the owners of premises or homes have had no record of the surveillance systems, causing you to have unnecessary losses. Security iCam has become one of the number one companies in providing you with security camera installation. Our team of professionals will be here to provide you with quality along with a structured plan depending on your needs. We are your best option because we have professional brands.

Home Security Systems

In recent years there has been a significant increase in crime, especially property theft. Almost anyone knows a family member or friend who has suffered a burglary in their home or business. CCTV camera installations are very useful to protect you and your family and to safeguard your most valuable possessions when the house is empty, when you are at work, going on vacation, or while you are sleeping. Home security systems have become indispensable for anyone who does not want to have to worry about the care of their home because your peace of mind is the most important thing. We all deserve to be able to feel at ease in the most important place: our home. 

Having alarm systems at home is an economic effort but the benefits they bring are much greater than their cost. Our security system installers have everything you need to make you feel safe at all times. We can offer a combination of security cameras with other devices that have the function of detecting the presence of motion or foreign objects around the house such as motion sensors, window door sensors, surveillance cameras with night vision and built-in microphones, temperature sensors, and much more.

Security Cameras System Installation 

The security camera installation will become your greatest confidant when you are not at home. It provides your family with some peace of mind. This is beneficial to your health and the health of your family members. It is no secret that keeping our home safe is a good thing. But some people still don’t know the great value of a home security system. Carrying out these services in your company, business or residence gives you time and protection. In case of incidents, having a security system is essential. Some systems alert the authorities in case of emergencies such as fires.

 Even when you are away from home, cameras are at work, recording everything that moves in your home. In the event of a burglary, everything will be recorded and it will be easier to catch the culprits, and our professionals will find the best places to place the cameras so that it will be difficult for others to notice them. This will deter many burglars from trying to break into your home.  We have been in the industry for years and our success is because our professionals know what each client needs and help them through the process. 

– Prevent theft and create evidence

When it comes to security, the truth is that we are all vulnerable to burglary or theft. In case someone commits a criminal act, the police will be able to have all the evidence thanks to the best home alarm systems from our agency. Having CCTV systems can make all the difference. The first thing that every burglar will check is if you have security cameras and if they see them we will make sure that many of them do not approach your home. 

– Well-structured plan

Our security system installer will give you the best advice to create a structured plan that fits your requirements and needs. Thus creating a big difference in an exceptional surveillance system. You will be able to have the best quality cameras with the right angle to have a clear view of every person who decides to enter your premises. You’ll be on top of things.

-Leading security camera brands

Security iCam is going to give you a choice of some of the leading brands that work with us to bring you incredible quality. Thanks to all our years in the industry we have a variety of brands that offer quality, price, and durability. Having a structured plan with a camera installation service will make all the difference and make the process exceptional.

Intercom Systems

Shouting throughout the home or office can be an annoying and inconvenient way to communicate. Using an intercom system in your home or office can save time and provide a more effective communication channel. Technology has advanced over the past few years in many sectors such as communication has led to many inventions that have made communication easier. The home intercom system offers features ranging from convenience to security. The high level of convenience provided by being able to talk to or see a person at the door is one of the greatest benefits an intercom system offers. 

Intercom systems are installed in strategic areas or at various entry points of commercial properties. They help all homeowners know and identify who is in their homes. It is not possible for any person to pass through the door if you do not feel safe or simply do not want visitors. With this system, forced intrusions and other crimes are greatly prevented. You also can remotely manage the systems that are in your home and be able to talk or solve things through a screen. They have many benefits that anyone would like to have in their home.

A photo of a person using our Intercom Systems after we installed it in his property.

Home Alarm Systems 

Security cameras are not only your eyes at all times, but they give you the backup to review the footage if needed. Plus, the right system even allows you to review in real-time what they are capturing from the control center. We all understand the importance of being protected, so we should not take lightly what the security camera installation provides.

Having a visual record of any incident can ensure that an individual who intends to violate your property is identified and that any stolen property is recovered in a short period. Combined with other alert systems you can have a very secure home. An investment in the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property and yours are protected at all times.

– Home fire alarm

A fire can arise from anywhere, either in cooking or electrical system failures, which causes damage to any homeowner. Therefore, you should always be forewarned and prepared for any eventuality with the installation of fire protection and fire alarm systems. The purpose of having this option in your home is to react in time, taking care of your family and your property. The most dangerous fires are those that occur at night since the inhabitants of the house do not realize the danger until it is too late. That’s why our security system installer will connect everything to the control center and an alarm will sound when necessary, helping you to prevent accidents.

– Burglar alarm system

Although Manhattan is one of the safest areas in London, burglars are fear of most people. Burglar alarms have a very clear objective: to prevent disruptions in your home. In addition to alarming and alerting the authorities, the deterrent function of the alarm is very important, so when it is installed. Many traditional elements of protection have become a thing of the past. Our team can make a burglar alarm installation with a central panel, cameras, magnetic sensors for doors or windows, interior or exterior motion sensors, and loud alarms that will scare off any burglar.

Home Automation 

Today it is possible to automate many functions of your home to suit your budget. This has increased in popularity in recent years, it has become something that every family would like to have, and who wouldn’t? It is no longer news that heating, lighting, or many appliances can be controlled by an application in charge of all systems. With this, it is possible to reduce the consumption of electricity, gas, and water, and improve the safety and comfort of your home. If you want to improve your quality of life, then do not hesitate to call and our team can be in no time making your dreams come true. 

Control panel

A control panel is the best solution to make positive changes in your life. The main benefit is that you won’t need a technician to manage it, since its interface is simple and you can have control of all the systems in your home at a single point in time. You can program the controller to change settings during any part of the day no matter where you are.

Video Doorbell

The technology has been of great innovation, including doorbells. They offer you home security. One of its advantages is that when someone arrives at your home, you can see from your phone who it is and see what they are doing.

E person pushing a video doorbell at a door. The video doorbell in the photo is installed by Security iCam.

 Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are one of the great inventions of recent times, without a doubt. They are also easy to configure with this type of device you can optimize your consumption and keep your home always with the temperature you want. Best of all, these devices are operated from the control panel, making it even more interesting.

Smart Lights

Indeed, installing smart lighting in the home has several indisputable advantages. Our customers who have an identical routine from Monday to Friday or on weekends can program timers so that the lighting in their home responds to those schedules, times of departure, and entry to the house, thus achieving energy savings that will be reflected in your bill. 

Garage Door Opener

Have you ever come home to find that you had left your garage door open? Noticing that something bad didn’t happen is a great relief, but it’s never a good feeling either way. Smart garage openers can save you a lot of trouble. Since you will stop manually opening it and thus add more efficiency to your daily life.

Smart Door Locks

Smart locks are more secure than traditional locks, and burglars won’t be able to open them with x-rays or master keys. They also give us peace of mind by eliminating the feeling of forgetting the doors are open because you can use your phone to make sure you have everything under control. They are very elegant and you will want to have them to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Plugs

Smart home devices are increasing significantly in recent years. This technology is meant to make our daily tasks at home easier so they are a big step towards total home automation. Since your devices will be connected to these plugs you will be able to have control of everything connected to this technology. 

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Our professionals have the necessary tools to find strategic points where your security cameras can go. If you want to feel safe while staying at home, security camera installation is your ideal choice.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors have the main advantage in helping you save energy, making the light is activated only in those places where they are occupied and off when no presence is detected. They are therefore an element of efficiency. It will also notify you if something has moved where it should not.

Door & Window Sensors

This intelligent alarm system, equipped with a sensor, can detect the opening, or attempted opening of doors or windows, raise the alarm and deter the intrusion. Cctv installation will help you in many aspects of your daily life, you will be assured that everything that enters or leaves your home will be monitored. And you will be notified if something strange is happening.

Glass Break Sensor

Breaking the glass of a window is one of the easiest ways for a burglar to enter your home. Our team will be able to install the sensors in specific locations so you can feel safe even when you sleep.

Water leak detector

Domestic water leaks are one of the main reasons for water loss per family and especially for excessive water bills. For this reason, both for the environment and for the economy, it is essential to control this situation. One of the great benefits of quickly detecting water leaks at home is that the pressure will improve and therefore the use of water will be more efficient. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The monoxide detector must be installed inside the house. Installing these devices in the room where we have the gas combustion appliances is the best option. This is usually the kitchen, where the gas cooktop or a gas boiler is located. Having a carbon monoxide detector will allow you to live with peace of mind. Carbon monoxide detectors are the best solution, easy to install, long-lasting, and with several functions for our benefit. 

Smoke Detector

The home is the place where we spend most of our lives. It is our most comfortable zone, but do you know how easily a fire accident can happen? That’s why Smoke Detectors are necessary. An alarm will go off when the detector senses smoke letting you know that something is going on in the house and it’s time to act. 

Only High-Quality Brands

Security iCam has become a leader in providing quality and variety of services. We cooperate with only some of the best brands in the market. We know that every experience is personalized so we offer different options based on your budget and requirements. 

– Digital Surveillance

– hikvision

– panasonic

– Axis

– SecureGuard

– Dahua

– Hanwha Techwin America (SAMSUNG)

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft involves obtaining personal information such as passwords, identification numbers, credit card numbers, social security data, and many other pieces of information; to act fraudulently on behalf of the victim. This information can be used for various illegal purposes, such as applying for loans, making online purchases, or accessing the victim’s medical and financial data. Security iCam has a 24/7 staff to keep an eye on your system. Hackers won’t be a problem because we make sure that no one can get into your system. 

Business Security Systems

For your business, it is essential to install a security system because you will be able to provide the protection that each of your worker’s needs. If you are a business owner, then, without a doubt, it is one of the essential things in your life to have a secure environment. Security camera installation is a priority to make a change in your work environment, as you will be able to monitor everyone regardless of the time. A company becomes more efficient by integrating different security and protection systems. You also save on security guard services because the cameras do a great job, you get more control and you have evidence to catch people who have caused trouble. 

– Prevent theft

With the passage of time security camera installation has become a very important element to fight crime and prosecute criminals. Everyone who has an office or business is at risk of being burglarized, that’s why CCTV camera installation combined with a burglar alarm system will reduce the risk of someone trying to break into your premises. 

– Prevent fire

Did you know that a Fire Detection System can prevent fires in their initial phase? Fire is a recurring fear among many customers. These systems offer the necessary security to prevent fires from happening because they detect the fire in its initial phase, which allows the pertinent control measures to be taken in these cases. This saves a lot of money since fires usually leave disasters. 

– Prevent employee theft

Many employers run the risk that their employees want to steal certain belongings of the company, internal controls help us to prevent them efficiently. Having a hidden CCTV camera setup will be the key to getting to the bottom of the problem. This way, you will be sure that if someone tries to make a bad move you will have the necessary evidence.

Commercial Security Cameras

Security iCam has been working with the best brands for years to bring you the best quality. We can make you a customized plan based on your requirements and needs as well as your budget, thus achieving the best CCTV installation services. You will be able to see what happens in your business in real-time, managing different systems at the same time through the control panel.  The security camera installation can be in different places such as warehouses, offices, rooms, parking lots, entrances and exits, payment counters, and many other places. Our team are professionals who will advise you at all times, before the end of the day you will see how your home is a safe place. Count on our customer service at all times.

Showing a beautiful photo of our commercial security cameras after we installed them on a business.

Business & Commercial Intercom

This communication equipment has gained popularity and trust not only for its usefulness but also for its security, in addition to its constant evolution to meet the needs of customers. Security iCam will take care of installing all the security systems you will need but that would mean having to check them all independently unless you have an intercom to make your life much easier. By installing this system, you will be able to control everything through a single screen.  

Benefits of installing Business & Commercial Intercom in Manhattan, New York

– Easy to control

The ease of use that our security company provides you with is incredible, as it is very easy to have control on a single screen. Installing an intercom means that you can manage everything most efficiently, delegating tasks and checking systems so that everything is done automatically.

– Two-way communication

Two-way communication with audio and video, you can communicate through the microphone so your employees can hear you. And thus communicate important events without the need for them to leave their activities.

Access Control

Access control has many advantages. It provides greater security at the time of controlling the entrance to the place. This way you will always know who is there and that they do it responsibly and punctually. You can also make sure that no one enters specific places where there is a restricted area or where access is not allowed. 

– Remove the massive keys.

Card access control is one of the most secure and accurate methods to ensure that entry and exit to and from a particular venue are fully recorded. The use of personalized cards to associate them to a single person is a foolproof system to record the activity of those who access a particular place. Your employees will access the areas by swiping a personalized card for each one through a reader and the system will recognize them immediately. 

– Scheduled access

You can program through our systems the access schedule of your employees. And thus have control at all times. 

– Get activity report

The important thing about this tool is that you will be able to know where your employees are moving and you will be sure that they are not wasting time. You will be aware of everything they do in case something bad happens. 

– App control

The most interesting thing about access control is that everything can be controlled through a single application. Our security system installer will have connected all the systems to make them work efficiently and quickly. You can do different activities and keep track of your business very simply. 

Home Theater Installation

Having a home theater is a great source of inspiration and fun for both adults and children. This innovation has made it possible to enjoy time with family and friends without having to leave the house. This evolution undoubtedly allows us to have a more comfortable and simple life. The moments with family and friends are necessary for the well-being of any person, that is why having a space where they can share is incredible. Our security system installer will be able to adapt everything according to your requirements, from the installation of speakers to the right angle to have an incredible sound. Security iCam will make sure that you can manage from the volume of the movie to the pauses during the whole show with a single click.

Showcasing our beautiful home theater system installation in Manhattan.

Additional Services by Security iCam in Manhattan, New York

Security iCam is a company that has been rated as one of the best in the industry due to the number of services we offer our clients. Our security system installers are professionals who will take care of everything, whatever you need, you will be able to solve it thanks to them. 

– Tv Wall Mounting

Cable, a lot of cables. A cable from one point to another of the house is the basic option, and also the most feared. Thanks to our team of professionals you don’t have to worry about how your home will look at the end of the installation. We will be able to find the perfect location that suits your needs. You can do a lot of things wrong if you try to do it on your own, that’s why it’s better to count on our security system installers.

– Appliance wall mounting

Appliances are just as important as other aspects of your home. That’s why you can count on the help of professionals to make it look perfect and also connect it to other intelligent systems in your home. 

Projector & Projection Screen

Installing a projector and projection screen is not as easy as it sounds. Whether it is because of the use you are going to give it, the technology they use, or their resolution, projectors offer us multiple advantages that you may not know yet and you can take advantage of. When you use a high-quality projector, you have the opportunity to present images in an enlarged size without leaving anything to be desired in terms of contrast and color. It has a customizable screen size and has a compact size that allows it to be placed in different places and rooms. At the same time, they are ideal work tools and, in the age of new technologies, can be a great ally in the world of work. 

Audio Systems & Surround Sound

The mission of what are known as surround speakers is to help us recreate in our listening room the scene of the movie or concert, allowing us a better and more realistic immersion in the action. Our professionals will find the best option where the sound sounds of the best quality, we will be your best option. We can also install outdoors making the experience go to the next level.

Network Wiring & Data Cabling Services

Being a structured and integrated cabling system its uniformity leads to easy maintenance by our company and our specialized technicians. The benefits of a structured cabling system for any company translate into a secure, economical, and simple system. Creating a well-structured plan is essential if you want to get rid of many inconveniences in the future. Our company has high-quality cables to ensure its durability over the years. Due to its structure, structured cabling is fully prepared for both expansions and relocations of companies, their equipment, or personnel, always ensuring the security of information. Therefore, the installation is also easily expandable.

Security Cameras Repair Technician

Repair is something that every customer requires when something has gone wrong at home. Security iCam is a company that is all about attention to detail and how much we care about our customers. After our CCTV installation services, it is normal for problems to occur due to vandalism, human error, or weather. Some of your appliances or systems may not work but don’t worry, our professionals will be able to repair everything leaving it as good as new without you noticing. Our security camera installation is very good. That’s why we are number one in all of New York.


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