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Nursing Home Security Camera Installation.

There are many ways that you can keep the security on those problematic nursing homes. The best one is undoubtedly the security systems that we offer especially the nursing home security camera installation. We operate starting from New York and Long Island to New Jersey too. If you want to intervene in those incidents and prevent elder abuse, we are here to help. There were a lot of cases when we heard about violent bursts on these nursing homes. No one of us likes to listen to that, especially the owners of these homes and family. To get rid of this so-called phenomenon than we need to strengthen the security systems. This way, there would not be a single worker that will use beating to make the elders obey and even false claims from the other side.

The problem is that this kind of violence comes increasing and the reports are piling up. Why be a target of these reports when you can keep a happy environment for the workers and elders? By doing a nursing home security camera installation on those spots that you can catch an act, you minimize all the problems. Installing a more in-depth security system will help you if the nursing home is significant. We help you keep the poor ratings and complaints away by offering our security system service and camera installation.

The two security systems that we need for Nursing Home

If you are wondering what’s the best security system to install on a Nursing Home than we can help. There is not one, but two of them, and those are Surveillance security cameras and Access control systems. These two will make your life easy, and your workers act the right way.

  1. Surveillance Security Cameras – First thing first, when you have in mind to install a security camera, you need to keep in mind something. You need to make yourself clear on the spots that you need them. Not every spot needs a camera, but those hot ones need it for sure. It’s up to you, and our staff to identify the high-demand place for the surveillance. We recommend you install high definition cameras so you can have a better view. This way it’s even harder for the culprit to do damage and get away with it. Surely the camera we install outside will help you and your staff get a view of who comes in and out. You can put them on the entrance and exit for a better function. As for the indoor, we recommend installing them in the hallways and corridors where most of the people walk. If you don’t have trust in your personnel, then you can install them even in the rooms to watch more carefully how they treat the elders.
  2. Access Control Systems – This may be one of the most needed systems that you will need. Nursing home security camera installation has another method that will help you with the patients and other people. With the access control system, you have in the palm of your hand who goes in and out on those unsupervised areas that you keep closed. They are dangerous, and you don’t want anyone to get hurt at all. Wandering around for people who have a rare disease in those places may inflict them pain and other problems. That’s why a nursing home needs a security system like this one to allow just employees to go in and out with a card to these areas.

So as we said first these two are the most wanted ones for the kind of business that you have. Having security cameras and access control systems will give you a hand on that rude staff. You can keep the elders safe, and their families will be much happy to know that their parents won’t get mistreated. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island so if you need a nursing home camera installation, we are here to help. Keep a safe environment for both patients and staff this way both sides are happy.

The benefits you get from a Nursing Home security system.

A nursing home camera installment it’s done only by professional that’s why we advise you not to do it yourself. If it’s done right, then we can say that you will have most of the benefits like you want them. If we talk about CCTV benefits we would say that these 5 will make your life easier.

  • Secures your building – Makes your nursing home a safer place from the culprits and thefts that may occur while you take care of the elders. They will feel safer knowing that are being watched and protected from these problems.
  • Protects your residents and employees – It surely protects all of your employees and those residents that stay there. The elders won’t make false accusations on your employees, and they won’t hurt the elders or mistreat them.
  • Remote Broadcasting – You will be happy to check what’s going on to your nursing home even when you are far or with holidays. This way, you can keep in touch with everyone from afar.
  • Improve Image – Only by putting an IP video camera, you will find it easier to watch everything in high quality without losing any of those events. You will identify anyone who goes on the vision field of the camera.
  • Verifies who goes in and out – With this benefit, you will have in the palm of your hand all the people that go in and out your nursing home. Starting from the visitors and to those workers who go out early.
  • It lowers insurance premiums – It will help you reduce the insurance by doing a nursing home camera installation at the facility.

We care about you, and that’s why we explain clearly all the steps and benefits that you will get. Our company will make all the installments needed without making you worry about it. Just call us and if you are in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey we will be there to help you.

The configurations that you have to keep in mind before installing them.

As you may know, there is a lot of things you need to keep in mind before installing a security system. Do you think that you know them? We will ask you some questions that you need to make them to yourself before taking this step:

  • What are the most crucial security issues that you have?
  • Are you positive that the surroundings give a hand on your overall security?
  • Did you ever think that catching someone in the act will help you?
  • Does your kind of facility need it?
  • A general facility of the nursing home needs a camera to prevent problems?
  • Have you ever felt that your workers are stealing or not doing their job correctly?

3 points where a Nursing Home security system it’s based

  • Employee and Patient Safety

This is the thing that everyone needs to keep in mind when owning a nursing home. Employee and Patient safety are those things you should look forward too. If these two go well with each other there are no reasons why anyone should be upset or have issues. Patients will feel that your attention is going their way as your employees.

  • Liability Issues

Sometimes elders try to reach on spots they cant or push themselves to hard. That’s the time they get hurt, and you get those liability issues. Protecting yourself from that is a walk in the park. You just need to make up your mind for a nursing home camera installation and that way you have footage for every situation.

  • Patient Care

Your patients must get all the care that they can from all of your employees. Sometimes they get mistreated, or your workers may neglect some of them. With a security camera, you can watch and identify all the problems that may happen. The families will thank you and especially your patients.

If you think that you need some extra help for a better understanding, we are here to do so. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, and we can come there to install any security system that you will need.

Special surveillance of the camera issues in the nursing homes

When you start this kind of business, you know that its something that needs extreme care and attention. So if you put a security system like a security camera you will make your life easier and those of your patients lighter. Installing them on some spots that the eye may fail to catch will make it better to find in act some suspicious movements. You should always keep in mind to respect privacy and use them in places that are public in the facility.

The nursing homes are those kind of facilities and places where the elder ones that are in desperate need of attention and care go. They lose some of their privacy to feel protected and treated as they should. With camera security, you get rid of theft, abuse, and all the other kinds of mistreatments from your working staff and even visitors.

Your skilled staff will make sure that these people with special needs will have a good life inside. They will help them with all those daily problems and trouble as well as support them emotionally. These emotions sometimes push the elders to make false claims, and with camera security, you learn what happened. You can even assure their families that their elders are passing a quality time at your nursing home.

Custom security camera solution

Our Security Icam New York is a professional based company that takes care of all the security systems. If you want a Nursing home camera installation in New York, New Jersey, or Long Island, you just need to call our experts. We will be there and explain to you the process and also give some ideas on where to install them. No one has the right to do it by themselves this kind of complex process and needs to be done only by experts. We will be more than happy to help you get through and install the right security system that is required. Our professional team won’t push you to do something that you don’t want, but we will listen and then give our best advice and opinion.

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