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Farm Security Systems

Preventing the theft of machinery and your other expensive farm equipment, vandalism and the threat of fire on farm sites can be difficult. However, with a well-designed security system, the risk can be minimized to help protect your farm, your livestock, your buildings, and your business. With our innovative, intelligent video systems and integrated fire safety solutions, your farm’s security system will ensure maximum protection from the threat of fire and crime.

Protecting your Farm should be your priority as a farmer. To help you with that we give you the most competitive prices and the best quality available. Security iCam has over ten years of experience in securing multiple business facilities across New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. We will give you access to your farm virtually anyway at any point of the day. Protect your property, livestock, and valuable equipment from any possible harm thanks to Security iCam Farm Security Systems.

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Benefits of Fire & Security Systems

  • Alarms for farms – secure your farm against potential intruders and break ins
  • Protect machinery from theft
  • Ensure health and safety legislation compliance
  • Identify when trespassers approach your farm site
  • Ensure fire safety compliance
  • Protect vulnerable buildings from the risk of fire
  • Minimize damage should a fire occur
  • Monitor your CCTV, intruder alarms, and fire alarm systems all in one device. You will get alarms whenever a security breach happens on your farm. 

We have many many customers in the agricultural and farming sector. We ensure you that you will only get the best security system designed to fit your building needs. We will offer you only the best security solutions for your farm. At first, we will evaluate your farm, design and then a professional installation team will make sure cameras won’t leave any blind spot. Your security system includes many layers such as access control systems, electric fences, surveillance cameras, alarms, and many others. All those devices together will give you peace of mind knowing everything is going the right way. Protect your livestock, employees, and your valuable farm equipment from any possible harm that can happen to your farm. 

Farm and Agricultural Fire Protection

Besides surveillance systems we also design, install, and maintain intelligent fire systems, integrating with security systems to provide a complete solution.

We’ll help ensure your farm or agricultural site, and more importantly, your assets and people are as protected from fire and crime as possible. We already have many happy customers across New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.

Remote Monitoring Benefits

Remote monitoring services can provide more for your farm than security. Our remote monitoring services can improve the working efficiency on your farm by monitoring:

  • Livestock shed temperatures
  • Power failures across the site
  • Failing or damaged electric fences
  • Custom alerts based on your farm needs

Save time, reduce transportation costs, and know exactly what requires your attention and when with remote monitoring services for your farm. With our Security Services, you can be assured that your farm is not only safe and secure, but you are making the most of your time and resources by running your farm at maximum efficiency.

Where to install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras on farms can be tricky depending on many factors. Farms usually have dark spots that require much more attention than any other place. First of all, it’s mandatory to install security cameras in every entrance and exit point of your facility. Surveillance cameras should be installed in your livestock resting place and outside your building perimeter. Access control systems should be used to protect your stock room. This can prevent your employee from stealing your products. Set cameras on your equipment room to protect them from vandalism, employees using them without following the right policies. Protect yourself from fake insurance claims that will save you lots of time and money.

Why choose Security iCam for your Farm Security Systems

When it comes to installing surveillance cameras security iCam it’s the best. We offer you the most competitive prices and the highest quality available on the market. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island giving many farmers the safety they need. Our surveillance systems will give you access and 24/7 live images of your buildings. Protect your livestock, employees, and equipment from possible harm. We have many happy clients across the US and it’s your time to see the benefits of a farm security system with your own eyes.  Take advantage of our free on-site evaluation. Once that is done and you’re ready to install a security system our team will design and install the best possible plans. 

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