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Gas/Petrol Station Security Systems

It’s not surprisingly to hear about gas/petrol stations anymore. This comes as a result of a series of stealing and robbery in this type of property every day in an increasing curve. The main reason why this type of property is the target of thieves is the fact that they keep big amounts of money. In this case installing alarm systems wouldn’t work if the thief is trying to steal money while the shop is open. Installing high definition security cameras in blind spots where you can have a clear view of the person who is in front of the case. This way you will have a good chance to catch the author of the crime after the crime is committed. Security iCam comes with the best security cameras and a well trained staff that is going to make the best plan for your store. Except for cameras you can have a variety of other triggers and keys to increase the chance of catching the malicious clients and lowering the crime rate in your property. Another big problem in this type of property is the risk of clients’ cars being stolen near the pumps. The best solution in this case comes only from experts. Most of the thieves will study your camera angles so they would know from where to come and which is the less covered pump and the angle where you won’t record their face. Security iCam experts will find the best angels in your property so no blind spots will be able for the thieves.

Gas Station Security Plan

Creating a good plan for your business is essential and the only way for you to increase your business security is by hiring professionals. Finding the blind spots is the only way to intimidate thieves. Most of the time you should install cameras in places where everyone can see them and in another part of the business you should try to hide your camera. This way you are going to be covered a hundred percent. Security iCam is going to make a good plan for the entrance, pumps, and other places of gas stations where it’s easier to identify every client who will come and go.

Benefits & Advantages of Security Cameras at Gas Stations

  • Theft precaution

One of the main reasons for installing security cameras is theft precaution. Security iCam comes with the best IP cameras where you don’t even need to manage. Also our team of professionals will take care to find the best places where you should install your camera so the whole area is going to be covered.

  • Remote control

We will give you the opportunity to control everything remotely. From the palm of your hand you will be able to see what is happening in your business through a phone application.

  • Staff organization 

Cameras and access control will give you a better organization for your staff. You will be able to decide who is going to access which area of the business. To be sure that your employee is treating clients in a proper way you can check time by time cameras.

Setup Advices And Configurations Before Installing Video Surveillance at Gas Stations

  • Install more than one camera in front of the case and in the registering area so you will film all your customers faces.
  • Install a camera near your pumps. This way you will be able to register all the car plates so you can use it for evidence in the worst scenario.
  • Place cameras in the back office for some extra security in case one of your employees will ever think of doing something wrong.

Place to install security cameras in Fueling Station to maximize security

Depending on the type of business area there will be a specific suggestion for each of you. Our team of professionals will come into your business so they will study the area and find the best places where you should install your cameras. But what we know from our previous clients is the fact that there are a few places where you must install your cameras.

  • Entrances and exit

Having cameras where the cars come and go is primar because this way you will register their plate. There are clients who are not coming to fill their tank but just to buy something in the shop. In this case the best solution is to install cameras in the entrance and exit so you will be sure to film their faces. Cameras should be installed right in the entrance so they won’t be covered by random things and the distance will be near to prevent the loss of quality.

  • Pumps

Thieves are becoming smarter and smarter every day. Lately we have seen that there are lots of cars being stolen while trying to fill their tanks. Installing cameras near the pumps is a must if you want your clients to feel safe. A proper place is necessary so you will be able to film the registration number and the drivers face. In case you have all your pumps in a row you should install at least two cameras in two in front of each other. This way you will be able to film cars coming from both directions.

Secure Your Gas Station Business with Real-Time Video Surveillance by Security iCam

Now that you have enough information about why and how you should install security cameras you should take the next step. After all this you should choose the company that will provide you with this service. This is the most important decision you will make because depending on this you are going to have quality. Security iCam is the fastest growing security company in New York and New Jersey. There are lots of reasons behind this but the main one is the fact that we bring quality over quantity. Our team of professionals will guide you through the best steps and best decisions for your business. We also provide you with the best cameras. Now try to give us a call or send us an email so we will give you more specific information and suggestions about your business.

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