Auto/Car Dealership Security


Auto/Car Dealership Security Systems

The risk of theft or vandalism is high in car dealerships with no surveillance systems in place. The inventory in auto dealerships is costly and valuable, making them the perfect target for criminals. Because of the high number of crimes in this industry, your business future must set up Auto Dealership camera systems. 

Security iCam is a leading security company that operates mostly in cities like New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. With our ten years of experience, we will design and install the best security system according to what your facility needs the most. 

Keep Thieves Out of Your Dealership 

Security iCam specializes in installing a proactive system that will integrate directly with your system, whether he is new or old, to detect intruders within your Auto Dealership. Our monitoring center will instantly verify any triggered sensor to confirm whether it requires action or not. We work day in and out to keep your valuable assets safe from any possible harm. When a burglar decides to break, the audio system will instantly trigger, letting him know that he’s been identified and should run before the police arrive. 

Rack Your Inventory

Most Dealerships deek their inventory right outside in their parking lots. These Auto Dealerships attract more criminals, making them susceptible to theft or vandalism. With Auto Dealership Surveillance Systems, you will be able to view your inventory, showroom, and many other areas whenever you are. 

Deter Lawsuits

Having a security system set in place with high-definition cameras will capture what happened during an accident in your Auto Dealership that involves your customer. Video documentation can be used as evidence to verify those concerns saving you lots of time and money in the process. 

Monitor Staff and Customers

The ability to view and playback your Auto Dealership security camera can be advantageous when customers complain about the service or when they claim vehicle damage existed before they arrived at your dealership. As an owner, you need to make sure your staff is following the designated safety procedures set for your service areas. You can use your surveillance system to see what type of car gets more attention. That way, you can enhance your promotional strategies and eventually draw more customer attention.

Liability charges

As a Car Dealership owner, you should be very careful when it comes to liabilities. Prevent your customers from claiming the damage was there before they arrived. Your Auto Dealership security system can be used to verify your customer complaints.

 Learn more about your staff

You can monitor your Auto Dealership surveillance system to see if the engagement level between your staff and customers it’s where it should be. You can use whatever you learn to improve customer service and prevent customer complaints from happening. 

Remote Security Camera Monitoring

You can access your security cameras from any internet connection. This allows for quick check-ins or to verify whether the triggered alarm requires action or not. Your Auto Dealership will be with you wherever you are at any point in the day.

Auto Dealership Security Cameras Placement

Auto Dealership Security Camera systems are essential to consider the placement of security cameras in car dealerships to maximize the benefits of security systems. Consider the following when installing cameras: 

  • Previous incidents of stolen cars or parts and where it happened.
  • Assess the efficiency of existing security systems. Identify the security features that need to be improved or changed.
  • Vulnerable areas – where theft or vandalism can likely take place.
  • Identify areas where criminals can be easily identified.
  • Place cameras in a way that it will act as a deterrence to thieves.
  • Security cameras to be installed outside should be weatherproof.
  • Security cameras should be placed near all entrance points into the building and premises
  • Remember that perimeter protection is an excellent option to make your security program that much more robust.

Security iCam believes that protecting your investment means keeping an eye on all aspects of your operation—doing so will help safeguard profits, keep customers happier, and improve your business’ overall performance.

For more information Regarding our Auto Dealership Security System Installation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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