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Medical Marijuana Video Surveillance Systems

The medical marijuana industry is expanding every day, and now it is legal in many states. If you want to be part of the market, you have to meet the state regulations, which are sometimes stricter than you think. Depending on the state you are building your facility, you will find different rules but one. You have to keep your building 24/7 in surveillance by cameras. Having a good plan to install the cameras is crucial if you don’t want to get a fine or be stolen by thieves or staff. Installing a video surveillance system in a medical marijuana business will give you profits more than losses. The fact that you will produce and store a product of high value will make you a target for everyone who wants to make some fast extra money. Finding the right company to install your video surveillance system will make a big difference, so you have to be selective.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Video Surveillance Systems

The medical marijuana business is very profitable but also very fragile. A single mistake is going to create lots of legal problems and money losses. By installing security cameras inside your facility, things will be much easier for you in lots of aspects.

  • Prevent Employee Theft – There are many other businesses in danger by their employees more than from thieves. The medical marijuana industry is the one that is more is more affected by this type of problem. Installing security cameras around the areas where you produce or store your product will prevent this type of thieving.
  • Grow Monitoring – If you have a grow facility, then for sure, you need to be informed 24/7 about your crops’ growing process. Producing a product of high quality will make a difference in the market, so every business must be vigilant at this point. By installing security cameras in the right places, you will check the lousy process of harvesting low-quality products.
  • Remote Video Surveillance – IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are among the most valuable products we offer for the medical marijuana business. Checking everything that is happening live in your business will give you an excellent possibility to improve business management and product quality.

Questions you should ask before installing medical marijuana video surveillance

Before installing video surveillance in your medical marijuana facility, you need to ask a few questions to make the right decisions. Our team of experienced professionals will create the best plan for your business for you to get the best results.

  • Have you ever noticed employee theft?
  • Do you have more than one entrance or exit?
  • Are there open areas you need to monitor?
  • Do you have to work during the night shift?
  • What’s the crime rate around the area that you have built your facility?
  • Do you have a history of crime committed in your business?
  • Where is the nearest police station?

Security Systems Suggested for Medical Marijuana

Just by installing security cameras, surveillance is not going to be enough for a medical marijuana business. We suggest to most of our clients to make a combination of different systems for you to get the best results. Depending on your building and the type of products and services you offer, you also need to make a security system plan.

  • Access control – This security system is a must for every medical marijuana business. One of the reasons you should install by force an access control system in the areas and rooms of high value you will have inside the building. Employee theft is an active threat in this business type, and you need to take it seriously. By installing access control, you will access different employees and customize it on different days and hours. The history of every entry will be saved, so you will know who entered where at every moment.
  • Water leak detectors – If you own a grow facility business; then for sure, you will have a system of watering the corps. Having a broken pipe may result in flooding. This will give you a bill to pay and result in a low-quality product or a total loss. By installing water leak detectors, you will be notified in time to fix the problem.
  • Smoke detectors – Most of the grow facilities work in closed rooms. High voltage lamps being present all around the place are going to be a big problem. If something goes wrong, it may result in business loss. Securing your place with smoke detectors is going to increase overall safety. You will be notified in real-time if something is going wrong. By using your remote control, you will check the cameras if it is a fake alarm or if you will need to take action.

Why Security iCam is your best option

Security iCam has the needed experience and the most trained staff in the business. Our experience with medical marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities makes us more reliable in giving you the best plan. We offer our clients’ system integration, installing and managing support, user training, configuration service, and system design. From the first step to the last one, Security iCam will be by your side so you can have the best results. Depending on the state you are in, we will help you to fulfill the state regulation. Our team of experts will be there to build a well-structured plan and check for every detail. If you want to get detailed information about your business, you can contact us through our phone number or the contact forms you can find on our website.

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