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When it comes to security, convenience stores face several challenges daily. Among the main crimes that take place in c-stores are shoplifting, robberies, internal theft, fraud, and general employee misbehavior. Convenience stores have a lot of sensitive areas including cash registers, ATM Machines, Entrance and exit points, backdoors, and restrooms. As an owner, you can’t possibly keep an eye on everything that happens during your business hours. You can’t physically be in your business at all times, and that’s where your store is more vulnerable. As we all know, convenience stores are vulnerable targets for petty crimes and theft. However, there is nothing that a good security system can’t fix. Once a security system is on place, you will be able to protect your employees, customers, and expensive assets. 

To help you get that peace of mind during the night, Security iCam offers the most professional surveillance system installation at the most competitive prices in the market. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. With over ten years of experience, we will be the company that will protect your valuable clients, employees, and assets from any possible harm. We offer you a free on-site evaluation to give you an idea of how expensive the whole thing is going to be and what you benefit from your security camera system.

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Benefits Convenience Store Security Systems

Easy Installation – Most Convenient Store security camera systems use IP cameras, which can be wireless or wired. They allow you to see footage from the internet, making it easy for you to monitor your security cameras at any time.

Facial recognition cameras- You don’t have to rely on your cashier or witness memory anymore since those cameras can provide high-resolution footage that makes it easy to distinguish the robberies. Even if they have a mask on their body, features will still be recorded, and capturing them will be as easy as it can get. 

Theft Prevention – A visible convenience store security camera can help reduce theft, whether it is from clients or employees. This will reduce your asset loss while at the same time increasing your profit.

Things you need to know before installing a surveillance system.

Convenience store security cameras can be very beneficial, but it is essential to remember that they are not 100% failsafe. Every security system comes with its own risk. However, when it comes to convenience store security cameras, 3 are the main things you need to know.

  • Interference – Many potential thieves will attempt to tamper with a surveillance system to obscure their identity during a theft. However, if they can’t commit this, they will instantly be recorded by our system.
  • Outages – Disruptions in power can cause interruptions in a convenience store security camera, which could result in a possible breach or even damage to security cameras. As a store owner, it’s your responsibility to have backup security layers in place.
  • Privacy – Keep cameras in public areas like sales floors and stockrooms to maintain the confidentiality of your customers and employees. Avoid bathroom cameras or any other private sector.

Things to consider before choosing your security system

Convenience stores security camera systems can be set up in many ways according to your facility. Answer each of these questions about your store before installing your surveillance system.

  • What do you consider to be your biggest security threat?
  • Have you ever had an incident that you couldn’t catch on tape?
  • How does your neighborhood contribute to your security?
  • Do you have any security system in place right now?
  • Have you ever had problems with robberies or employee theft in the past?
  • Can your employee easily see all elements of the store?

Ways to update your security system in the Convenience Store.

Monitor Entrance and exit points

The best way to stop shoplifting is keeping an eye on who comes and goes from the store. Encourage your staff members to be on the lookout for thieves and give him access to your surveillance system so can identify delinquents. 

Focus Cameras on Most Vulnerable Areas

Get to know your store and think of areas where theft, fraud, or other incidents are most likely to take place. Your cash register, ATM, office, and safe should be your top priority. Hidden areas like hallways or restrooms should also be under surveillance so they can document any adverse incident. 

Notifications on theft When it Occurs

If you receive an alert on your phone due to a suspicious transaction or breaking ins during the night time, you should always alert the employee on duty. This will give you a better chance to determine if the alert requires action or not. 

Review Footage

You can watch live or recorded footage from your cameras to see what’s going on at your convenience store. You can use the information you gain from videos to improve employee performance. This is also a great way to see what areas your client visits the most so you can distribute your employees according to that. If any negative incident occurs, you can record and save that video documentation for later use. 

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