Law Firm/Office Security


Law Firm/Office Security

Just like any other business, law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island need security as well. Security iCam will tailor a perfect security system for your law offices to help create a safer and private environment for your partners, associates, staff, etc. Many Law Firms have a large number of daily foot traffic. From a large number of employees, interns, clients, or visitors, you need to lock some areas down. Due to the sensitive nature, this type of work has, it would be a significant scandal if confidential files fell into the wrong hands. 

We recommend the installation of security cameras combined with access control systems to reduce the threat of files going missing and deter potential crimes. Having security cameras installed in your Law Firm makes it easier for your security personnel to monitor ongoing activities. As a business owner, you will be able to lock a few areas away. Those areas mainly contain off elevators, stairways, and file rooms. Your security cameras can be used to track your high number of visitors or track employee working habits to increase productivity.

Security iCam has over ten years of experience in Law offices camera installation. Our specialists will design and install a high-quality system combined with access control systems. 

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Law Firm Security Solutions

  • Security Cameras – Security cameras in law firms will allow you to check who’s entering and leaving from your business place, view over individual rooms or offices. In cases an incident happens, you will have recorded video surveillance as a tool to help you find out who is responsible. 
  • Card Access and Door Access – Easily paired with your office security camera system, you will see that our door access control cards and intercom system will prove to be very helpful. Those systems will allow you to lock areas away from unauthorized personnel to prevent any possible employee or customer theft.
  • Biometric Locks – Those locks are the most advanced layer of your security, and we suggest you use them considering the sensitive nature of your job. With biometric locks, you will no longer need keys. This will reduce the chances for the employee or customer theft, meaning your sensitive files will be safe. 

The installation of security cameras and access control systems in law firms will help you save money. An integrated security system will reduce the number of employee wages since it will limit the need for extra security personnel.

Another benefit of security system installation is the ability to customize it according to your law office needs. As we all know the security in Law firms should be a top priority for every business owner. Protecting your staff, visitors, confidential files, and physical property are critical to ensure workflow operations are not disrupted. We will design the most effective and low-cost security system possible. 

Security iCam is the security company that’s going to give your employees and customers the safety feeling they’ve been missing. With over ten years of experience in installing security cameras in Law Firms around New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, we will design and install the best possible security system. 

Safeguard Your Facility and Staff

Our only focus is on protecting your business. We do it with our high-definition security technology combined with high-tech access systems. You will soon find out why hundreds of business owners trust us to keep their facility, staff, and customers safe. The security system primarily consists of surveillance systems, access control systems, intrusion alarms, fire systems, and many more.

Types of Cameras for your Law Firm

The types of cameras you will use for your Law firms Security Camera System highly depends on the facility itself.  

  • IP Cameras are very usual when it comes to surveillance. However, unlike analog CCTV cameras, they only require a local area network and have no local recording device.
  • CCTV Cameras are the best when it comes to safeguarding. All elements like camera, display monitors, or recording devices are connected to a direct line.
  • Motion sensors should be used whenever you want to lock some areas of your law firms out of public access. Those sensors are also used during the night to alert you whenever a criminal decides to break in.

Things to keep in mind before installing security cameras.

As we know, every facility has different security needs and may depend on a variety of factors. Here are some questions you should keep in mind before installing a security system in your Law Office. 


  • What do you think it’s your most significant security threat?
  • What’s your security in the place right now?
  • Did you have any security problems in the past?
  • Are you sure your staff is doing the job?
  • Are you entirely sure your file room is safe?

Trust Security iCam for your security camera installation

Security iCam has over ten years of experience when it comes to installing surveillance camera systems in Law firms. With our free on-site evaluation, you will have a clear idea of how much the entire order will cost. Once an agreement is set, we will design, install, and maintain your security system. You will reduce chances for break-ins, employee theft, etc.

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Security System Solutions For Your Business

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