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Owning a juice bar will make you peacefully sleep because it’s not the type of business that will be focused by burglars or thieves but pause for a moment and start thinking, “What if?”. Every kind of business should think about the bad days because this is the only way for you to prepare yourself for any danger that may happen to your business. Thousands of robberies are committed every day in the USA, which means that even your business may be in danger. Another big problem may come from your staff. Sometimes the staff is not satisfied with the salary or tips so they will start thinking about different ways to steal from you. This is a big problem, especially if you are a small business that is growing, even a single penny means a lot to you, and you have to be sure that it comes into your pocket. What about fire? Damages that occur because of a fire may be unaffordable, and you may lose your business because of a fire. So now that you know all these problems that may happen to your company because you haven’t secured it properly for sure, you have to start thinking about ways that will help you be sure that nothing wrong will happen to your juice bar. Security iCam comes with the best solution and the best prices, so you will be sure that nothing wrong is happening to your business.

Security services that we suggest

  • Security cameras. Installing security cameras is essential for your juice bar business because it will help you with most of the risks that come to your business. With high-quality security cameras, you won’t have to think anymore about staff theft or robbery from outside. This way, you will monitor and check if everything is going as you want it to be during different hours of the day.
  • Access control. Giving access to specific employees will lower the risk of staff theft and increase the quality of service. In a juice shop, hygiene is primary, so you have to be sure that not everyone can go to areas where they have to be clean all the time. This will also make your customers feel even more comfortable.
  • Fire alarm system. Risk of fire is present in every business and is the type of risk that will make you bankrupt in the worst case because except for the losses, you have to keep your doors closed till everything is going to be back to where it was.

Security camera

Installing security cameras in your business is the only way for you to stop-losses because of employee theft and robbery. Our staff will find the blind spots in your business and install cameras so you will feel comfortable, but also, your team doesn’t think to do things that may hurt your business. High-resolution cameras will let nothing escape from your eyes, even if it is going to be a single penny. Robbery is another big problem, and if it’s going to happen during the day, it will scare your customers, and maybe some won’t return to your juice shop. These kinds of problems are some of the main issues, but there are many other issues that you can quickly solve with high-quality security cameras.

Access control

Access control is also something that you must install into your business. Having different areas in your business and you don’t want every employee to have access is something common, and except for the trust that you give to your employees, you also have to think about a solution. With a small card that can fit your pocket or wallet, you can identify all your employees and use it as a key to access these areas. Maybe you don’t want everyone to have access to areas where hygiene is essential, or there is a room where you keep your safe or other valuable things. Every time someone goes in and out business areas, you will have it saved as a history.

Fire secure system

We mentioned it before, but we will repeat it, fire is one of the biggest problems that may happen to your juice bar, and you have to think about it seriously. We have some of the best tools, and our staff is going to find the best spots for installing fire alarms. If something terrible is going to happen to your business, you will be notified on your phone through a notification from our application. This way, you are going to be notified in time to call for help. If everything is a false alarm, you can check through the cameras and so you will be sure that everything is ok and keep going on your routine.

All these features sometimes may give you a headache when it comes to monitoring. In fact, with Security iCam everything becomes more manageable, and you will have all these services in a single packet. We bring to you a phone application where you can monitor and manage everything. Through our app, you can control your cameras, get notifications about fire alarms in real-time, and check the history of employees that have accessed areas of your juice bar. This way, we make sure that things become more comfortable for you to manage your business, but also everyone who is thinking about doing something that may harm your business will start thinking twice. Now don’t hesitate but give us a call and let’s settle everything. Our staff will support you with all the needed information and suggest to you the services that will help you the most.

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