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While there are a significant number of bagel stores across New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, not all of them have a security system that serves as a protective measure for your business, employees, and clients. It’s very common to see high foot traffic in bagel stores, making it an ideal place for robberies, vandalism, or employee theft. This last one is more frequent where employees do not ring sales, steal cash from the register, or even give products for free to the people they know. Since those stores have a lot of money in their cash registers, it makes them an ideal target for robbers. As a business owner, you have to protect your business, employees, and clientele. 

Another factor that makes bagel stores an ideal target for criminals it’s their unique working hours. As we all know, bagel store employees have to work on pre-dawn hours to prepare for the day. This means that your employees are in danger at all times from armed people and vandalism. You can help your community by deterring crime but also your business from identifying any suspicious activity within your store. All it takes to do that is security cameras installed in your store.   

To help your business have a bright future, Security iCam is here to install the best types of cameras in the best locations possible in your store. We have over ten years of experience in securing retail businesses. Our security company operates in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. Take advantage of our free on-site evaluation to get a general idea of how expensive and what benefits you get from your security system. 

Benefits of Installing Surveillance Cameras on Your Bagel Store

Installing a high-definition surveillance system will give you access to monitoring your store at any time of the day. You will be able to track your store entrance, cash register, storage room, staff workplace at the same time. A surveillance system will enable you to monitor your employees’ actions or identify any suspicious activity from your clients. Even if you cannot be in your store physically, you can always check your store from your smartphone in two simple steps. 

  • Asset Protection – You will be able to monitor areas such as the cash register or inventory room. Doing this will surely reduce shrinkage and increase your staff productivity.
  • Theft Prevention /Crime Deterrent – Surveillance systems will make sure you capture the disloyal employee or clients who vandalize.
  • Employee & Customer Security – The security of your staff or your clients should be your top priority. You need to make sure everyone feels safe and protected. A major security breach can cause your clients to never wish to come back. 
  • Remote Monitoring – Get live high-quality videos in your smartphone or pc thanks to our IP cameras. You can now check and monitor your Bagel Store from any place. You can now rest easy, knowing that everything is flowing the right way.

You may also want to consider installing an alarm motion system and biometric locks. An alarm system can be triggered and alert you and the authorities immediately. Biometric locks can be installed to enable only authorized individuals from accessing sensitive areas of your bagel store. 

What Makes Security iCam the best security company for your Bagel Store


Security iCam has over ten years of experience in this industry with many happy clients around New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. We offer you a full-service security system that’s easy to manage and cost-effective. Our highly trained team will design, install, and maintain the surveillance system for your Bagel Store giving you peace of mind. You can playback and record everything at any time a suspicious activity takes place. Take advantage of our free on-site evaluation to get a clear idea of how the cameras will benefit your bagel store. What we offer it’s high-tech surveillance cameras with the most competitive prices in the market. 

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