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Stores that advertise jewels are always going to be a target for criminal groups due to their highly valuable inventory. All those displayed jewelry costing over thousands of dollars, and on top of that fit comfortably in pockets are like a dream target for thieves. 

As an owner of a jewelry store, there are tons of different crimes and property damage that can occur in your store. You should immediately start looking for alarm and surveillance systems so you can prevent crime before it happens. Some of the risks your jewelry store may have its after-hours burglaries, smash and grab theft, employee theft, and even fire and flood risk. All of these security challenges pose a serious threat to your expensive inventory. 

To protect not only your business but also your staff and inventory, you should consider a high-tech security system in place as your top priority. To help you with that, Security iCam can evaluate and design the best surveillance system according to your building needs. We offer sophisticated devices integrated into your security system that will help you get that peace of mind you’ve been missing. With over ten years of experience, we will be that once a company that can make everything flow right. With a professional installation team, we will make sure not to leave a single-blind spot no matter who your building is. Take advantage of our free on-site evaluation to learn the threats your lack of security brings. Our installation team will design a flawless security system in your jewelry store according to the most crucial points of your safety. 

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High-tech Devices For Your Jewelry Store

Planning a security system for jewelry stores spends a lot on the design of the building and many other factors. However, here are some of the devices that will improve your overall security and reduce to zero the chances of employee theft or vandalism. 

  • Sensors– A security system equipped with multiple sensors to detect unauthorized entrances is essential for your business. Depending on your storage needs, you can also install more sophisticated sensors such as glass break sensors, fire and flood sensors, vibration sensors, etc. Our sensor’s best feature, it’s the fact that they can be installed to detect a safe being opened without authorization. Once that occurs, you and the authorities will be the first ones to get a notification.
  • Alarms- Sensors are essential, but in cases of a robbery, what comes in handy, it’s alarming. Noisy alarms can cut down the time burglars have to make the theft, which results in less inventory loss or less property damage. 
  • Security Cameras- Are used outdoors on specific parts of your building or property. Those cameras can also be used to restrict access to other parts of the building such as parking lots etc.
  • Surveillance Cameras- Indoor surveillance cameras are used to monitor your employees and clients who might attempt to steal something. It’s proven that surveillance cameras will reduce to zero your chances of employee theft as well as help the police in deterring the criminal. In cases of a robbery, your video surveillance can prove crucial in your insurance company, so you have an easier time setting your claim. Due to the expensive inventory you have in your store, those cameras record in HD but can also tilt, zoom and pan for 360 degrees. Thanks to these surveillance cameras, you can now rest easy knowing everything is on the right flow. 
  • Panic Buttons-Those buttons are usually discrete and tucked under the counters or display cases. They allow your employees to alert the police whenever a crime is in progress silently. They are installed in multiple points of your buildings to serve as a signal of assistance whenever a theft or security breach takes place.
  • Fire /Flood Alarm Systems– The fire and flood alarms will be your first layer of security from various storms or any other natural occurrence. They can detect heat or smoke and will notify you and the authorities the first moment it happens to minimize your property and inventory damage. 
  • Access Control– A jewelry store has many areas that should remain out of reach for many unauthorized people. Our access control system will help you restrict access to those specific areas. You can combine access control systems with biometric locks or access card systems for faster and more productive management. 

Burglars are smart enough to wear a mask to cover their faces when they decide to rob a jewelry store making facial recognition nearly impossible. However, what our video surveillance system can do is record a person identifying features. For example, it can register its height, body build, hair and skin color, etc. In cases where the criminals move around with a car, you can use your plate recognition cameras to make it easier for the authorities to find out the guy who decided to rob your store. 

Jewelry Store Security Systems from Security iCam

Security iCam offers a full menu of security systems for your jewelry store protection. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, offering only the best security systems at the most competitive prices available. With a skilled and professional team, we will evaluate, design, and install the best possible security system in your jewelry store according to your property needs. With over ten years of experience in the field of security, we are confident that we can give you that long waited for peace of mind. 

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