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Every day, shopping malls welcome thousands of clients, and foot traffic is quite dense. Over the year, the number of people who walk into shopping malls, whether stores or corridors, can reach up to thousands or millions. When we talk about such big numbers, you can imagine how many things can go wrong. As facts state, the shopping malls attackers have highly been increased in number compared to 2016 statistics. From one shopping mall attack to another, the incidents are increasing, so protecting your customers and investments should now be your top priority. 

To help you reach maximum security in your retail shop, Security iCam will design the best security system according to what your facility needs the most. We have many happy business owners in New York, New Jersey, or Long Island, and you can be one of them. With over ten years of experience in this field, we can proudly say that we will install the most functional surveillance system available.

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Why Shopping Malls Need Video Surveillance Cameras

Having a shopping mall, it’s a very successful business, especially if you own it in a high-density area. The problem with the shopping malls, however, is that they have many security problems that arise from time to time. Here are some of the reasons why your Shopping mall needs a video surveillance system. 

A shopping mall owner’s worst nightmare it’s to arrive at work only to find broken windows and missing inventory. When that happens, it comes without saying that the financial loss from any criminal event can be gigantic and not easy to recuperate. There have been cases where a successful robbery was the end for retail companies. A surveillance system in place can capture the crime and help the police arrest the responsible individuals. Don’t be like the unlucky owners who had no surveillance systems in their Shopping malls, and the case was closed since there weren’t many things the police could do. 

As we explained about the most significant purpose of your surveillance system, it’s to prevent theft, whether it’s from burglaries, employee theft, or clients hiding your inventory. However, theft prevention isn’t the sole purpose of your surveillance system. Here are some of the most substantial reasons why you should set a surveillance camera system in your Shopping mall.

  • Create a Safer Environment – It’s your duty as an owner to make your customers and employees feel safe for as long as they are inside your building perimeter. By having constant video monitoring, you’ll be better able to provide that.
  • Increase Productivity – Your employees will never know when they are being watched. They will give their best at the workplace at any given time. 
  • HD Video Quality – CCTV Cameras are the best digital recording devices with a focus on image quality. All your video recordings are stored on a hard drive for easy access. You can register, save, playback at any time. 
  • Faster Video Scanning – Before CCTV records came into the market, it used to be a pain having to locate one specific event. However, with the CCTV records, you can check particular circumstances at faster notice. This will be less time-consuming and nerve-wracking. 
  • Keep your prices low – As usually happens when a retailer detects the inventory lost, then they raise their prices to minimize their losses. Our surveillance system will help you reduce employee theft or clients from shoplifting. This will make sure your prices are always lower, attracting more clients.
  • Fake insurance claims – Retailers are the most frequent victims of slip and fall charges as they cant defend themself without a surveillance system or witnesses. A security system can help you avoid all those cases saving money and time in the process.
  • Barcode ProtectionIf your storage rooms have this layer of security, it will be nearly impossible to shoplift, or give away for free.
  • Biometric locks-Biometrics only allows locks to open with fingerprints or even iris scans. This is perfect security for those shopping malls who want to lock areas out of clientele usage.

Choose the Right Surveillance System for Your Shopping Mall.

There are a lot of surveillance systems for retailers; however, none can compare to what CCTV offers. It’s undoubtedly the very best protection for your shopping mall. In addition to providing high-definition video images 24/7, they have some amazing other features as well. Here are some of them.

  • Self-diagnosis status report delivered to you and our company.
  • Automatic service requests when the DVR, NVR, or cameras require maintenance.
  • Automatic backup system that helps prevent loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure or natural disasters.
  • Unlimited storage that enables you to save, record, and playback videos at any time.

Why trust Security iCam on securing your Shopping Mall?

Trusting a security company about the safety of your business, it’s a great deal and should be thought through. As a security company, we have over ten years of experience securing all kinds of companies, including shopping malls. We now have enough experience to design, install, and maintain your security system. What we offer is only the best devices under the most competitive prices. It’s time to get the protection your store needs. Help your shopping mall feel safer while reducing its robbery and vandalism acts. If you wish a free on-site evaluation of your building, we can agree to meet whenever you find it convenient. 

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