Video Surveillance for ATMs

Having a heavy ATM that is good intently in the ground is not enough. Maybe you think that an ATM transaction will be just a few seconds to a 1-2 minute but the surroundings plus the fact that money is moving will put everyone in danger. Video surveillance is crucial in this case. Customers should be your main focus in every business especially when your customer is trusting you their money. Making an environment that makes them feel safe will increase your reputation and their trust. Security iCam provides you some of the best solutions for ATMs video surveillance solutions. High-quality security cameras that can be perfectly discrete and may fit in your hand. What we highly recommend are miniature IP video surveillance cameras. With high-tech technology, everyone who will think about doing something wrong is going to change his/her mind. Another big problem that comes with ATMs is when a client pretends that the machinery didn’t give money.

Benefits of video monitoring for ATMs

  1. The fact a crime scene.
    With video surveillance your company will have a live video of criminals and if not caught while happening you will provide police with video and images to catch the authors.
  2. Customers pretending that machinery didn’t give their money.
    This problem is common and having facts is crucial. This type of problem shouldn’t be tolerated because you don’t want angry clients and neither losing money. With video surveillance, it will be easily settled and everyone will get what is deserved.
  3. Safe customer environment.
    Making your customers feel safe is a must especially in a bank. Having a camera by their side will make everyone feel safer to make a transaction. Even if something will go wrong you will have enough evidence to catch the criminal.
  4. Online Cloud Storage.
    Our technology of Ip-based cameras will give you the option to save everything on our servers so you won’t need to maintain and pay extra for the security of the servers.

Setup Advice And Configurations

Before installing an ATM security camera you should be well informed about how everything works from someone who has some experience. 

  • You should clearly know where is the best place for you to install your cameras? 
  • What software should you install for better management? 
  • Do you need to install triggers for higher safety?

Questions you should ask before installing an ATM security camera.

  • Is your ATM connected to a bank?
  • Is it near a populated area where police or civils may walk by time by time during the day?
  • Does the area have a high crime risk?
  • How far is the nearest police station from your ATM?
  • Is it in an open area or in a populated neighborhood?

Advice before installing an ATM Security Camera

  • Install a camera where you can have a clear view of the face and hands of the person who is making the transaction
  • Install a camera where you can monitor the surroundings in case someone will try to approach
  • Be sure there is enough lightning so the video quality will be high enough to identify everyone in a certain perimeter.
  • Consider installing triggers that will react in the first moment that something will go wrong and inform the company and nearest police station.
  • We also suggest installing software that will automatically connect the transaction with the video so it will be easy to find and monitor at a certain moment.

Risks of Security Cameras at ATMs

There is a big chance that a criminal may try to break or tamper a security camera so the video signal could be lost. In these cases, you have to think about lighting and even someone who will physically protect the ATMs. If you will have the bad luck of having this issue then online stored videos will come in handy and solve the problem.

Security iCam solution can help secure ATM vestibules through:

Security iCam comes with the best solutions and the best products for ATM camera surveillance. We have high-quality cameras in different sizes that will give you forever protection for an ATM. Our team of professionals will find the best spots so the whole area is going to be monitored 24/7 and there won’t be any blind spots. IP-cameras will be back up in our online servers where we will monitor and maintain every detail. Handy programs for better protection will be in your service so it can be easier for you to manage everything. And if you want some extra security you should think to add some extra triggers. In case your ATM is placed in an area where it’s a high risk of being robbed then you should be better safe than sorry. We will find the best spots to install an extra accessor like a motion detector or smart bulbs. 

Another reason why you should choose our company is the fact that you will be able to maintain everything on your own. We bring you a phone application where you can monitor your cameras 24/7 and play videos from different if you have to. We are proud to say that Security iCam is one of the leading companies in this field. You will be able to have all these services and products at a good price and at the same time we promise the highest quality.

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