Catering Hall Security


Catering Hall Security

New York is home to thousands of catering halls in New York, New Jersey, And Long Island. Catering halls are an essential place for people who organize their weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc.; therefore safety should be your top priority. As a businessman, you need to protect yourself and your customers from potential employee theft or customer complaints. This will increase your overall performance and bring more income to your business. 

Security iCam is your go-to security company whenever you’re looking for camera surveillance in your Catering Halls. With over ten years of experience, we will design, install, and maintain the best security cameras. Once monitoring is set, you will have peace of mind knowing you can always playback or view live videos of your business. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.

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Catering Halls Security Challenges 

Since Catering Halls are a place with lots of foot traffic, it’s a perfect place for crimes to happen. From employee theft to false slip and fall charges or break-ins, your surveillance camera will prevent most of them from happening. On top of that, you have to check out the areas where a high volume of people pass through. 

From wait staff, kitchen staff, servers, catering halls experience high foot traffic throughout the week and even more on weekends. This presents a challenge for every business owner because keeping a watchful eye on all those people may be a hard task. Your Catering Hall Surveillance system will help you realize which of the areas require more staff attention and which don’t. This way, you can give priority to areas most frequented by your clientele. Your surveillance system will make it easier to monitor and prohibit unauthorized individuals from entering some of the areas in your Catering Hall.

Critical areas that require surveillance

In Catering Halls, some areas should be under surveillance at any time of the day. Liquor storage, refrigerators, cash registers are some of those critical areas where employee theft mostly takes place. Beyond these top priority areas, some other spots you should have under surveillance are hostess stands, entrance and exit points, kitchen, lounge area, and parking lot. If you have all the above areas under surveillance, you will massively reduce shrinkage and improve customer service. 

Protect yourself from false insurance claims

Insurance claims are quite often these days, especially in Catering Halls. In the events of an accident from a staff member or a guest, then having high-quality video documentation can save you lots of time and money. Slip and fall charges on your dance floor or kitchen require video footage to identify how things went. Having a security camera system installed in your Catering Hall will be the best safeguarding investment you have ever done. In this industry, preventing is far more cost-effective; therefore, your Catering Hall security system should be your top priority.

Best Catering Hall Security Solutions

  • Security Camera Systems – This type of security will give you the ability to thoroughly monitor and record videos from many locations simultaneously. They will help verify insurance claims against your business, alert management over suspicion of employee behavior, or law enforcement units with video documentation whenever crimes take place in your Catering Hall. You can help maintain a high level of service to your guests or clients thanks to your surveillance. That way, distributing your staff in most frequented areas can prevent customer complaints from happening.
  • Access Control Systems – IP-based access control systems are ideal for preventing unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas such as offices, refrigerators, and food or liquor storage rooms. If installed together with security cameras, this makes it efficient to capture and record all access events. Biometric locks or access cards can be installed and set to be time-sensitive to coordinate with employee shifts. They will only allow authorized individuals to access certain offices or approved areas of the building.
  • Alarm Systems – Catering halls face the risk of inventory theft, such as food, alcohol, and money being taken from cash registers, bars, kitchens, and other restricted locations. Intrusion alarm devices, together with CCTV cameras, can decrease theft risk. This type of security system allows monitoring of all cash registers, offices, bars, and other restricted areas for unauthorized entry, especially during business hours, when an event is not occurring. Once the intrusion detector device picks up unauthorized entry, business owners will then be alerted and have the ability to apply appropriate response.

Taking advantage of our Catering Hall security solution allows your management staff to be more productive and proactive. Our surveillance system will drastically improve your customer care service. Make your staff and clients feel safe with our Catering Hall Security Camera Installation in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.

What Makes Security iCam the best security company for your Catering Hall

Security iCam has over ten years of experience in this industry with many happy clients around New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. We offer you a full-service security system that’s easy to manage and cost-effective. Our highly trained team will design, install, and maintain the surveillance system for your Catering Hall. You will finally be at peace of mind knowing everything is being recorded, and you can always playback everything you need to see.

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