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Due to the high foot traffic, long hours, and numerous customers entering and exiting at the same times, and it’s no surprise that fast foods are a perfect target for criminals. Whether your employees are stealing from you, clients vandalising or armed robberies there’s nothing a well-installed surveillance system can’t solve. A well-planned security camera system will keep your customers, employees and your business safe. To help you out with that we are offering a free on-site evaluation of your business. 

Security iCam operates in New York, New Jersey and Long Island with many happy business owners. We have over ten years of experience, ready to design and install the security system that’s going to give you peace of mind. 

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Fast Food Surveillance Benefits

  • Theft Prevention–Our well-placed surveillance cameras are shown to reduce crime and employee theft. The high-quality cameras will make it easy for you and the authorities to identify criminals or employees in case any unpleasant event occurs at your fast food. 
  • Follow the health code: Keeping a clean, fast food is essential to every business. Well placed security cameras in your kitchen will give you access to your employee’s behaviour. You can see if your staff can keep up with the health standards. This will keep your customers safe from food poisoning, and you will never have a problem with your local health inspectors anymore. 
  • Remote monitoring: A surveillance system will give you remote live monitoring access at any time of the day. All it takes it’s a device that has an internet connection. Check your cameras at any time to observe your clients and employees. In cases, you get an alarm, and you can instantly switch to remote monitoring to see what sort of action this alarm requires.

Risks You Should Keep In Mind When Installing Surveillance Cameras

  • Private Areas: Customer and employee privacy; it’s essential. You have no right to install cameras on changing rooms, bathrooms or any other area that may negatively affect their privacy. Areas you should have under surveillance are dining rooms, lobbies, kitchen, and cash register.
  • Theft and Vandalism Protection: Potential thieves will often try to vandalise security cameras before a burglary takes place. Stolen or damaged cameras are a severe gap in the security of your business. They leave your business open to crime or theft. It’s essential to have a backup security plan, so your customer and employees feel safe at all times. Remember that with a broken camera, you are open towards employee theft.
  • Power Outages: Power surges can cause tons of problems to your surveillance system. Even a strong storm can damage your security system. Always keep those in mind when installing your cameras and make sure you have backups for any event. 

Consider these Things Before Installing Security Cameras

  • What do you think it’s your most significant security threat?
  • How many incidents in the past have occurred that made you wish you had a surveillance system in place?
  • How many incidents have you had over the past year?
  • Your fast-food current set up.
  • Is your neighbourhood a quiet place?
  • What are your working hours?
  • How is your neighbourhood? Does your location contribute to your overall security?
  • What are your working hours? Are your hours extended or all-day hours?
  • If you have late night shifts, consider that your staff may need higher levels of security. As we all know, most crimes take place during late hours. 

Where To Place Security Cameras For Your Fast Food

In retail facilities, it’s quite essential to have a surveillance system; however, the location where you should install them it’s of utmost importance as well. 

  • Install cameras on all open areas such as the lobby, kitchen, eating areas, offices and cash register.
  • All principal entrance and exit points of your business. The cameras on those areas should be high-definition to record an explicit video of everyone that enters or exits your Fast Food.
  • Goes without saying that Cash registers should have a camera pointed down at them at all times. You can’t trust employees these days, and a camera on your cash register will significantly reduce the threats of employee theft.
  • CCTV Cameras should be used on your outdoor perimeter as well so you can your parking lot, eating areas and other assets from vandalism.

Security iCam Is Here To Make Things Easier For You.

With a professional installation team, we will make sure your cameras cover 100% of your business perimeter, whether that’s indoor or outdoor. We have over ten years of experience, mostly working in areas such as New York, New Jersey and Long Island. We can design, install and maintain a security system that’s going to give you peace of mind knowing everything is flowing on the right path.

For free on-site evaluation or more information regarding Fast Food, Security Systems don’t hesitate to contact us.

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