Truck Stops


Truck Stops

Driving during nights is typical for a truck driver, and finding a good truck stop will make them feel good and give them a comfortable sleep. Owning a truck stop is not something easy, and you have to think hard to make your business safe because you will have more clients. Most of the clients in truck stops come during the night time, which makes it easier for thieves to come and steal. Another problem that is present in this business is that you will have to cover significant areas with surveillance, and it’s hard to do it with human resources. There are nights when you will have problems with bad drivers, and this is a bigger problem because, in this case, you will have to deal with your customer. The fact that most of your clients come during the night means that the bar and market will stay open too and these are the best targets for a burglar. We begin with a solution to all these problems, and we are sure that Security iCam is the only company that is going to give you the best services and equipment for the best price.

High-resolution night vision cameras

The fact that you will work during the night means that it’s going to be hard to record good quality videos, but our company is not going to be a problem at all. Our high-resolution night vision cameras will give you the best quality. One of the only reasons why thieves escape is because of the quality of the video. It’s hard to identify someone wearing a cap from a single moment that the camera was recording his face but not with our cameras. A high-resolution night vision camera is going to record everything in HD, so even a single second is going to make the difference. From our experiences, all the businesses that have these cameras have a high percentage of success rate on capturing the burglar. You can monitor your employees and be sure that they are not planning to steal money from your business or inappropriately treat your clients.

Motion Sensor

Another way to ensure everything is going as it is supposed to be is to install motion sensors in different areas. Sometimes other drivers want to do bad stuff to their colleagues, and you have to think about it. The best way is to install motion sensors in blind spots. Our team is going to find the best places where you can install these little miracle sensors that are going to make you sure that nothing wrong is happening around the truck stop, but also your clients are going to have a quiet night’s sleep.

Panic Button

The night is full of bad people who are desperate for some money, and this is going to put truck stop business at risk. Imagine a drunk thief who enters your shop and asks for money or is going to do some bad things to your employee. Indeed, you have to think about their safety and a safe way for them to ask for help without being noticed by the bad guy. A panic button is the best thing you should think about. In a safe place, under the table or somewhere hidden and easy to reach, we can install a button that informs you and the police for help so that things won’t go for the worst. This way, your employee is going to feel much safer, but also you are giving a big help to the federals.

Access Controller

The fact that your business is in a big building means that you have to think about giving access control to different employees in rooms and areas where you will keep valuable things. A small card that can easily fit in your pocket is everything you need to solve this problem. With that card, all your employees are going to be identified and use it as a key to access the building. This way, you will be sure that no one who has permission to go to a specific room won’t go anymore. Also, you won’t need to copy lots of keys and give them to different people. A good reason why you should use an access controller with an access card is that you are going to have a history of where your employees have moved.

All these features come in your hand through Security iCam, and we are proud to say that we have the best services and accessories that come with a reasonable price. Maybe when you read about all these accessories, you will think that it is going to be another mess that you have to take care of, but it’s the opposite. You can control everything through a panel controller that comes in a phone application. Monitoring all your cameras, being notified in a case of fire, being reported if one of your monitor sensors find something, and when someone presses the panic button will be just a phone notification that comes to you in real-time. All you need to do is check what is happening, and if you want to be sure about something, you can turn cameras and control everything from your phone. Now don’t hesitate but give us a phone call and ask for more information about our customer service. Things will settle in a few minutes, and we will provide you the best scenario for your business.

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