Owning a pizza shop means that you are making lots of people happy, which is something quite right. But when thinking about people’s happiness, you also have to think about safety, hygiene, and be sure that your employees are taking good care of them. It’s hard to think about all this if you are not present in your pizzeria and think about a solution as soon as possible. Security iCam comes with the best solution for you, and we want to make things easier for you to give the best customer care and grow a healthy business. We have lots of clients who own a pizza shop, so it means we have a lot of experience. Managing and monitoring a pizzeria is not easy, but our support will be the most natural thing you will ever do. Let’s list some of the problems that you will face if you own a pizza shop.

  • Employee theft. Having employees who are maybe not happy with salary or tips is something familiar nowadays, and they are trying to steal from their employers more and more. Sometimes they cooperate with each other, and it’s becoming harder to catch these scenes.
  • Fires. Owning a business where you have to cook and use heat puts you at significant risk of having a fire. If you have the bad luck of having a fire in your business, you have to prepare yourself for big troubles. Having fire means that you will lose lots of money in rebuilding and keeping your business shot for a long time.
  • Thieves. Sometimes your shop is going to stay open during late-night hours. This will put you at a much higher risk of being stolen. Many customers who heard about the thieves’ story didn’t like to return to the same place again.

Now that you have an idea about some of the problems that you may face, you also will need ideas about how you can solve all these problems. It’s not easy to think about employees who are stealing you, burglars who may come in every moment, and the fire risk that is present all the time. Our company comes with a solution for each problem. Stop thinking about employees or burglars because all you need to do is to install high-resolution cameras. Fire won’t be a problem anymore if you install smoke detectors. And about managing it won’t be a problem at all because you can control everything through a system control and an application on your mobile phone. Now let’s explain in more detail how this whole thing will help you and your business.

High-resolution cameras

Using high-resolution cameras is going to give you a big help daily. Our team will find the blind spots in your business, so you have to stop thinking about employees stealing from you. The presence of cameras will make them stop thinking about everything wrong that may come in their mind. Also, most of the burglars come a few times to plan things before attacking a particular place. Finding out that you have these cameras will scare them, and we are sure that they will change their minds immediately. Having cameras in your shop will also help you check time by time if your employees are giving excellent service to your customer because this is the only way you can earn more from your business.

Smoke Detector

A business that uses heat all the time is at significant risk of having a fire. There are lots of companies that are having this problem every day. In our experience, having your business burned down will cost you a lot, and maybe you may go bankrupt. Rebuilding your business is not the only problem. It is going to take you lots of time to come back to business and time means money, so you are going to have lots of costs. A smoke detector will give you a big help, especially if you choose us to install you a smart detector accessory. Our professional team will find the best spot to install it, so there is no chance of having a fire without being notified in real-time.

 Phone Application

When you read about all these things, you also think about how you are going to manage all these cameras and detectors. We have good news for you. Through a single phone application, you can control everything. During the times that you can’t be in your shop, all you need to do is to open the app and check about what is happening. If a burglar decides to steal from your shop, all you need to do is give the recordings to the police and settle everything. Finding a face if you have a high-resolution record in your hand won’t be a big deal. And if you have a fire alarm, you will be notified in real-time so you can immediately ask for help.

Managing a pizza shop has never been easier. With Security iCam you are going to make your life easier, and your business will thrive because of proper management. All you have to do is send us an email with your contact information, and our team will take care of everything. You also have to know that the best services come with the best prices in our company, which is why we are the best and why you should choose us.

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