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Owning a gun shop means you are taking lots of risks and responsibilities. This type of business is double as risky as other businesses because of the products that you are selling. Criminals target gun shops all the time not just because of the big amounts of money but also because they can steal guns. Stolen guns can be used for further crimes or could be sold on the black market for a higher price. The fact that you are selling this type of product brings you closer to the criminals so video security surveillance is crucial. Sometimes just video surveillance is not enough so thinking about other systems and triggers will be a good idea. Our company Security iCam comes with the best solution in every field. We will provide you with the best indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Also if you want some extra security then we suggest you panic buttons, fire alarms, glass break sensors, smart controllers, and much more. Security iCam team of professionals will give you suggestions personalized for your business. This way you are going to be sure that you are getting the best service and your shop will be monitored 24/7 in every detail.

Benefits & Advantages of Security Cameras for Gun Dealers

  • Crime investigation

If the worst scenario happens and a thief breaks into your shop to steal guns then you have to think about how to identify the criminal. Security cameras will be crucial in identifying and catching the thief. IP high definition cameras will make everything easier for you and the authorities.

  • Prevent crime

Installing security cameras will make every criminal think twice before entering your gun shop. It is well known now that a thief is going to study your shop before he will break in. if someone will see that there is a high-security level then they will change your mind before going further with their plan.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

After installing security cameras you won’t lose a single second about what is happening in your business. The first thing that may come to your mind is the fact that none of your employees will think about stealing from you. You can also check if they are surviving your clients in a proper way or not.

  • Staff management

Something that will become handy on a daily basis is the fact that you will be able to monitor your staff and check if they are doing everything in the right way. Sometimes your staff doesn’t think about giving the right behavior to your clients. Just by thinking about the security cameras, they will start to act differently but you will also have the opportunity to check and correct them time by time.

Setup Advice And Configurations Before Installing Video Surveillance at Gun Shops

Before installing security cameras you should check the shape of your gun shop and places that are more vulnerable and threatened by criminals. Also, you should think about monitoring and training your staff to use everything in the proper way. The amount of security level would be placed depending on the zone that you have your gun shop. If you are in a populated area or near police stations then you won’t need to worry that much. In case you are in a suburb area then the risk would be higher so you have to increase your security level.

The place to install security cameras in Gun Shop to maximize security

Depending on the shape of your gun shop you have to think about the places where you will install cameras. What is crucial is to install cameras near the entrance and exit so you will be sure to capture the detailed face of every customer. Another HD camera should be placed near the case for some extra images of the clients. And to be ready for the worst scenario we also suggest you to install glass break sensors, panic buttons, and smart area controllers. You will need glass break sensors in case something will go wrong during the hours that your shop will be closed and your products are inside a closed glass case. This way you will start the alarms and inform the nearest security station. Panic buttons will be ready for the worst scenario when the criminal will try to steal during the opening hours. A panic button will be hidden so your staff will ask for immediate help. In the end for some extra security and to control your staff we suggest a smart area controller. If there are areas and rooms in your shop where you don’t want anyone to go inside then you should prevent them only by an access card.

Secure Your Gun Shop Business with Real-Time Video Surveillance by Security iCam

Choosing the right company to install and monitor your business is crucial and you have to think about everything in detail. With Security iCam you are going to have a professional staff and the best quality of security cameras. Choosing the right spots where you should install cameras is not an easy job and only a professional can do it in the right way. If one of your cameras will be in the wrong place at the wrong time then a thief may catch that moment to get what he/she is looking for. Our team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience will be ready to plan everything in detail. After everything will be installed a 24/7 monitoring will be necessary and our team will be there for you every second. If you want detailed information about your business then give us a phone call and we will settle a meeting to check what’s the best solution for your shop. Stop wasting time and choose  Security iCam to get the lowest price for the best solution.

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