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Building Site Surveillance System

Construction companies have lots of problems every year, and they think everything is possible every year to put the profits up and losses down. The last thing they want to think about during a year is losses because of vandalism, theft, burglary, and many other incidents that cost millions of dollars to the construction industry. These problems come because most construction projects are implemented in open areas and, most of the time, not supervised in the whole city, and often, there are not many people walking around. Workers usually try to steal materials and sometimes even tools and pieces of machinery. The fact that the construction buildings are in open areas makes these unfortunate people easier to steal. Materials like iron, copper, and others are natural to be taken by thieves. All these stealings sometimes put you in positions where you don’t have enough money on a specific day to buy what is needed, and sometimes you are going to be delayed in time. The fact that you may end up delaying your project means that you will add extra costs, and your customer won’t be satisfied. All these problems have to be taken seriously and find a solution that will stop all these stealings. 

Benefits Of Building Site Video Surveillance System

Another big problem that may happen to any construction company is also the danger of fire. Having lots of machinery that needs fuel to be powered up puts you in a threat that is present all the time. Fire is going to cost you lots of danger, and sometimes you may end up with problems that need thousands of dollars to be fixed. But what should you do when you think about all these problems? Which is the solution that will make all these stealing and fires stop costing you more money and time? We have a solution for all your questions, and this solution comes with a much lower cost than it would be because of the problems. First, let’s talk about intrusion alarms.

Security System Advices For Building Site

  • Intrusion Alarms.

Intrusion alarm systems of Security iCam are part of an integrated system that connects video surveillance, fire system, and access control. Sometimes it’s hard to understand all the steps you will take to install and use these systems, but don’t worry because, in every single step, you will have support from our company. Our team will help you with installation and training for the ongoing monitoring and usage of the whole system. Another tool that is going to make it easy for everyone to use this system is our phone application. From a single application that is user friendly, you will be able to control and be notified whenever one of the alarms, cameras, or systems is triggered. A live view of the cameras will give you a secure feeling to be sure that nothing is wrong or check and call for help if something goes wrong.

  • Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is that thing that will give you peace every time that you will think that something is going wrong. If you have a danger notification in a particular moment of the day, you will be able to monitor and check on your own if something goes wrong and take the needed steps to ask for help or let it go if nothing is wrong. Another benefit from life is that you can monitor and sometimes help in real-time if one of your employers needs help. This is becoming beneficial because we see that more and more engineers are part of the project even when they are in their office or far away because of a business trip. But what if you can’t stay live to check what is happening? Recording everything during a specified period is going to give you what you are looking for. Our professional team will scan and find all the blind spots that an inexperienced eye may not see, so no one that will play the smart guy will think of doing something terrible. 24/7 monitoring will be the best and only solution to stop all these thieves and remove the anxiety that you may have because of fire or fluids in your construction area.

  • Access control.

Sometimes you will see employers that will have access to different areas of your construction where you may have relevant material or tools, and this is going to put you in doubt that something terrible may happen. Security iCam access control system is the simplest way to control and give premises to different areas of the building for different employers. You can adjust the access control to different persons, during different days of the way and hours of the day. Every time someone accesses a specific area, you will be notified and have a history of who accessed these areas. With an access card, everyone will be recognized by the system.

  • Fire System alarm.

The danger of fire is present in every construction area, and this is a type of problem that will cause a lot of money loss. Fire system alarms are the solution that we bring up to you. Everything is going to be part of a single system, so through your phone application, you will be noticed if a fire started. If this kind of notification comes on your phone, you can call for help but also check the security camera to be sure if it’s a false alarm because of a cigarette or you are in big trouble for real. Security iCam comes with the best fire alarm system and support to find the spots of construction where the danger is more dangerous.


With all these tools and systems, everything is going to become more comfortable for your business to be monitored, and for sure, you will feel more relaxed. If you are an engineer, you can watch and help your employers from a distance. Record everything to check if they are doing the job as you want them to do in another moment of the day. With our access control, you can give access to a specific person during a time of the day that you want them or within a particular area of the building. Also, you can sleep in peace because there won’t be a fire without you being notified in real-time. What about the thieves? With all the security cameras, they won’t even think about stealing something from your company. Security iCam brings all these features through a phone application that will make everything easier for everyone in your construction company.

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