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Rv dealership is typical nowadays that everyone is willing to drive through and see everything in detail while driving with their beloved ones. The fact that you are dealing with so many expensive vehicles will put you in burglars’ focus. You shouldn’t protect just the vehicles but also all the appliances that they have within. Creating a well-structured plan for your security system will make a big difference, and for sure, this is the only way to scare away burglars and thieves. Choosing Security iCam will make a big difference in decision making. Our experience with other companies has made us confident enough to make the best decision quickly. Our experienced team will find the best places where you should install security cameras and suggest you the best deals and brands. This way, you will have a fully covered business, and there won’t be a single thief who will think to steal from your business.

Benefits & Advantages of Security Cameras for RV

There are lots of benefits and advantages you will get by installing security cameras in your RV dealership. Here are some of the main reasons why our clients have decided to install security cameras and the benefits that they have noticed through the process.

  • Thieves protect – Only the presence of security cameras will make a big difference and put everyone under significant pressure. In the first moment, a thief will see the presence of security cameras thinking twice before making his plan a reality. And if we cover all the blind spots, there won’t be a single chance for anyone to enter without being recorded.
  • Vandalism: The fact that you will leave your RV outdoors will put them at significant risk. Many people who will walk around during the closed hours may damage your vehicles, which costs you lots of money.
  • Staff theft: Your staff will have access to areas where you will keep expensive parts of your RVs. By installing cameras inside these areas, you will make them stop thinking about these types of things, and for sure, you will save money for better use.

Type of Security Systems You May Need In RV Business

  • Security Cameras – That’s where your whole system will be based on. A well-structured security camera system is going to make a big difference in your overall security. We also suggest high-quality cameras in crucial spots like entrances and RV parking lots.
  • Movement detector – One of the biggest problems that you will face in an RV Business are the thieves. Several people will try to steal everything possible inside your business. The fact that you will have different appliances inside each vehicle is going to make it much evocative. A theft alarm is the best solution to this problem. You will get a notification in the first moment that something will trigger the movement detector. This will help you and the authorities to react at the right time to catch the authors. 
  • Fire alarm – Having many vehicles near each other is a significant risk. A single electric spark will end up in a ruined business. Installing fire alarms at critical points is going to be a lifesaver. The alarm will be connected to your mobile application, where you will get a notification. Our reaction in these cases is the difference between saving and losing your whole business.
  • Glass break detector – One of the easiest ways to get inside an RV dealership or inside a vehicle is through the windows. A glass detector will be the best solution to this problem. You will be notified if something goes wrong, and also an alarm will start.
  • Smart bulbs – A smart light will give everyone a sign that someone is watching all the time. In a well-thought place, a smart bulb will support the cameras and all the other systems and alarms.

Questions You Should Ask Before Installing Security Systems For RV Business

  • Where should you install the security cameras? 

It would be best to cover all your business areas with security cameras, but entrances and exits are the most critical areas. By securing these key places, you will be sure that everyone who will enter or exit the place will be recorded.

  • How are security cameras going to help in improving the overall security of your business? 

By asking this question, you will feel much safer in the end. You have to know that you are recording everyone who may look suspicious lately and everyone who is coming into your business by installing security cameras. 

  • Have you ever had security issues in the past?

If you have had these types of problems in the past, then for sure you should install security systems as soon as possible. We suggest you add some extra alarms and appliances, which will make everyone step back from stealing or harming your business.

  • How far is the nearest police department from your business?

If you have a police department near your business, it will be a good reason for every thief or burglar to stay away, and low maintenance from your side is going to work. But if there is no police station near, you have to be sure that they will be notified in the first second that something will go wrong.

RV Security Cameras/Systems – Features by Security iCam

Such a big business as an RV dealership needs a perfect organization and a well-structured plan. Security iCam comes with the best staff and some of the best camera brands in the market. Our team is going to give you the best solution, combined with the best plan. Finding the best spots to install the cameras, covering significant parking areas, combining the alarms and systems is a work that only an experienced team can do in detail. After everything is done, you will get 24/7 support from our team in record time. If you have any specific questions for your business, then we invite you to contact our team.

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