Veterinary Clinic Security Systems


Veterinary Clinic Security Systems

Veterinary clinics are the kind of business where most of the owners think that having a security system is not going to be necessary because this type of business is not the one that is going to be a target for thieves. Thinking further you will figure out that thieves are not the only problem that a business should think about. A pet lost, being sued for not doing your job properly, fire, and many other problems are going to cost you lots of time and money. Installing a security system for your veterinary clinic is going to prevent all these types of problems. A water leak may result in flooding if you don’t fix it overnight or during the weekend. One of your pets may find the way out of the cage to cause you further damage or in the worst scenario may get lost. These problems are going to face you with money loss and sometimes courtrooms. Installing security cameras is going to prevent all these kinds of problems. To make it an even safer building you can make a combination of security cameras with other smart accessories like water leak detector, smoke detector, door and window sensor, etc.

Benefits of Veterinary Video Surveillance

By installing veterinary video surveillance you are going to prevent lots of problems and increase the management level overall.

  • Pet lost – By installing security cameras you will be able to check if all the pets are where they are supposed to be or not. In the worst scenario, if one of your pets is going to get out of the cage, you will be able to see the recordings and find out where it is hiding out.
  • Prevent employee theft – The fact that you are working with pills that may cost lots of money is going to put you at risk of being stolen by your own employees. This problem is going to vanish just by installing a few cameras near your storerooms and supply closet.
  • Remote control – Our IP(Internet Protocol) cameras will give you the opportunity to control remotely everything that is happening in your business in real-time. All you need is internet access and you can connect to check if everything is going as it is supposed to.

Places Where To Install Security Cameras

Finding the right places where you should install security cameras in a veterinary clinic is crucial and for sure will make the difference. Security iCam comes with an experienced team that is going to make the difference by finding spots that for a normal eye would be hard to find.

  • Pet rooms – Installing cameras inside rooms where pets will stay is going to be crucial. You have to monitor each pet 24/7 to prepare yourself for the worst scenario
  • Store rooms and supply closets – The fact that you have lots of supplies that costs you a lot of money means that you also have to think about their security. By installing security cameras around these areas will prevent your employees from stealing.
  • Entrances and exits – Even though veterinarians are not the type of business that may have robbery problems you have to think about identifying everyone who is going in and out. By installing cameras in every entrance and exit you will be able to have a video recording of everyone.

Other Security Systems You can Install on Veterinary practice

Installing security cameras is not going to be enough in a veterinary. A combination of security cameras with other smart accessories is going to give you much better feedback. There are lots of problems that may happen inside a veterinary and you have to think about each of them privately.

  • Smoke detector – Fire inside a veterinary is the worst scenario ever. The fact that you may have animals inside your business makes it a nightmare. Installing a smoke detector is going to solve this problem once and for all. You will get a notification at the first moment that the detector will catch something.
  • Water leak detector – A water leak during the night may result in flooding till the morning comes. In the worst scenario, it may happen during the weekend when the business may be closed. Install water leak detectors and you will be notified maybe a few minutes after it has started. This will prevent further damage and save you lots of money.
  • Access control – Keeping an eye on your employees is always a good idea. Controlling the areas where your employees should have access will make it easier for you to manage. Our access control systems are easy to edit so you can make personalized access by days of the week and hours of the day in different areas of your business.
  • Smart thermostat – Keeping animals inside the building during the hours that you may not be there means that you need to keep an eye there. During the night temperatures will change by lots of degrees and keeping the room at the right temperature is a must. This is going to be set automatically by our smart thermostat systems.


Knowing about the problems that you may face in your business will make you think about the solutions and make the right decisions. Veterinary clinics are the kind of business where most of the owners don’t give high attention to the security level. Thinking that security systems are needed only in cases where you have to face thieves is totally wrong and this is a mistake that has cost lots of money to many similar businesses. If you think carefully you will see that there are lots of other problems that will give you a much higher bill at the end of the day. Our company Security iCam comes with the best solutions in this kind of business and our experience is going to make the difference in your decisions. Dangers like fire, water leaks, animal loss are going to damage your business much more than a thief can, especially if you are going to be sued by a client and you don’t have evidence to defend yourself in the courtroom. A team of experienced professionals of Security iCam is going to create a perfect plan for your business. To get detailed information about your business give us a phone call or use the contact forms that you can find on our website.

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