Elder Care Security Solutions


Elder Care Security Systems

Working and taking care of an elder care facility is always fun and gives you a good vibe but along with the good feelings comes also the responsibility. It’s not easy to organize and take care of people who are not strong enough to take care of themselves so the best thing you should do is to think for a well-organized security system. One of the main things Security iCam suggests for an elder care facility is to install a security camera system. Monitoring your staff and your clients 24/7 is the only way you can be sure that things are going well. Most of the residents have health conditions and sometimes you have to watch them even during their free time. Installing cameras in public areas, rooms, outdoors is going to increase the security of the building but also you will be sure that none of the residents is going to get hurt, have a disease attract, etc.

Benefits of Video Surveillance for Elder Care Systems

By installing video surveillance for elder care systems you are going to increase the security of your facility, make your customers feel safer, and save money by lowering the security staff.

  • Protect residents and staff – The crime rate is becoming higher every day and even the elder care facilities are not safe anymore. Thieves find it easier to steal in a building where they won’t find a hard resistance so installing security cameras is going to make them think twice before taking such an act.
  • Staff management – The fact that elder care buildings are huge makes it hard to be management. A security camera system is going to make it much easier. You can monitor and organize your staff through a single screen.
  • Remote streaming – Controlling all the cameras through any device with internet access will make it easier to manage. Our IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are the easier and the fastest way to manage and monitor in real-time.

Areas to Install the Security Cameras

Finding the best spots where you should install the security cameras is not an easy job. Only a professional will make a good plan and find the spots where you will be able to film everything. There are blind spots inside the building that a normal eye won’t see but if you are a thief that’s exactly what you are looking for. Also installing hidden cameras is going to increase the security level overall.

  • Entrances and exits

By placing cameras in each entrance and exit you are going to capture every visitor that may come and go. Cameras that will be installed in these areas need to be placed at face height so you will be sure to have it easy to find the identity in case something goes wrong.

  • Public areas

Most of the time your staff and residents are going to stay in public areas like dining halls, tv rooms, hallways. These are the places where monitoring is crucial because something may go wrong every minute.

  • Storehouse and supply closets

Sometimes you may find that lots of things will be missing and this means you are losing money. Installing cameras inside storehouses or near supply closets is going to make everyone who is planning to steal think twice.

  • Rooms

Having a business where you have to take care of elder people means that you have to deal with lots of illnesses. Monitoring your residents during the night or rest hours is going to increase their security.

Before installing a Video Security Systems you should ask those questions

The fact that you have such a huge building to manage means that there are lots of things that you should manage. Before installing a video security system you should consider lots of things and be sure that professionals are taking care for every detail. We suggest you consider the following if you really want to have a video security system that is going to make you able to have a quality view of all the key points of your building.

  • What’s the average age and most distributing illness among the residents?

By making this calculation you should install security cameras in certain rooms where residents may have health problems that need 24/7 monitoring.

  • Do you have big opening areas to monitor?

If there are big opening areas then every spot must be monitored. Having residents that may get lost or outcomers with bad purpose is going to put you in trouble. Finding the blind spots and installing cameras will make things easier for everyone.

  • Have you ever had problems with losing supplies?

Bad staff is a problem in every business. Installing cameras near the storerooms and supply closets is going to save you a lot of money. Everyone who is doing such things will stop immediately after checking the presence of a camera.


Security iCam comes with the best solutions and equipment in the market. With us, you will have the best cameras in the market and experienced staff ready to install and give you the needed support 24/7. High-quality security cameras, IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras, NVR(Network Video Recorder) are some of the best options you can choose for an elder care facility. All these products come from the best companies to give you a high-quality resolution. Our experience with other elder care facilities and related businesses gave us the needed experience to get the best results. If you want to have a close idea about what you should do about your business then we suggest you contact us. Our team of experts will make a good plan for you and give suggestions. You can choose to give us a phone call or choose the contact forms on our website.

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