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Health Clinic Security

While they might seem safe, hospitals and other medical facilities can often be far from it, putting patients, medical workers, visitors, and other hospital staff at risk. In fact, workers in the healthcare sector are far more likely to be victims of workplace violence, with 8 cases of serious violence for every 10,000 employees.

Security iCam understands the challenges many Health clinics face therefore we will design, install and maintain the security system you need. This will help your manager monitor your business by protecting your equipment, staff and clients. We have over ten years of experience in installing Health Clinics Security Systems in New York, New Jersey and Long Island. We offer you high-tech devices at the most competitive prices. Take advantage of our free onsite evaluation to get the best security deal for your factory. 

Create a Secure Environment

Each hospital has different policies, serves different patient populations, and faces a different series of security risks, meaning that policies that work in some hospitals may not always work in others. To make sure that your facility is adopting appropriate policies, it pays to listen to workers and staff – however, many of them don’t want to speak up.

Security iCam camera installation will encourage the employees who don’t report do so out of fear of retaliation, lack of confidence in the system, and lack of effective security and reporting policies. Fixing some of these problems can restore your staff’s confidence in hospital management and security, as well as help to identify weak points in your hospital’s current procedures.

Access Control Systems For Your Health Clinic

Despite following basic security protocols, it can be difficult or impossible for many medical facility managers to effectively track and identify every person who enters and exits their buildings. In fact, a bustling hospital is often an incredibly easy place for a criminal to enter – whether it’s an estranged relative or business partner planning to assault a patient, or a thief attempting to steal expensive medical supplies. To gain unauthorized access to a medical facility, all an intruder needs to do is to brush up against a stranger outside and grab their visitor ID – or print a fake one off of his or her computer.

To help combat the risk of intruders, you can take a variety of steps to update your facility’s access control systems. First, you should consider doors with electronic locks and individual access cards to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to secure areas. Biometrics can be used for severely limited areas, such as prescription drug lock-ups. Front lobbies also need to be secure, and options like turnstiles or security vestibules can be an effective option in certain areas.

Security iCam Access Control Systems will give you access to every corner of your building. Don’t hesitate to put this layer of security because it’s one of the most important.

Video surveillance systems to secure your health clinic

In addition to guards, surveillance systems are often at the center of any medical facility’s security strategy. Video feeds can help nurses monitor patients as well as assist all medical professionals in making sure everyone is safe and each patient’s needs are being adequately met. Live feeds can also help security keep a pulse on any potentially risky situations, so guards can stand by and act quickly if an incident becomes dangerous.

With so many rooms, patients, and areas to monitor, it can be difficult for staff to stay up-to-date at all times – and that’s where remote monitoring and intelligent video analytics come in.

Remote monitoring employs off-site staff to effectively and cost-efficiently monitor the high number of video feeds needed to ensure sufficient coverage of the hospital.

And intelligent video monitoring software can help security staff detect potential threats by using algorithms to analyze video for suspicious behavior patterns, followed by alerting staff. This technology can also instantly direct guards to feeds from areas where a panic button has been pushed or an alarm has recently gone off.

Security iCam has a professional surveillance installation team with over ten years of experience. We will design and install only the best equipment for your health clinic. 


Security iCam will give you peace of mind knowing everything in your health clinic is safe from harm. Our surveillance systems will greatly reduce employee theft, vandalism, and deter crime. 

With over ten years of experience in securing many business facilities, it’s now your time to feel the benefits of a surveillance system. Our cameras, alarms, and access control systems will give your patients the feeling of safety they want so badly. As a business owner, it’s your duty to make everyone feel safe while protecting your expensive equipment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your health clinic security.

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