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School Security Camera Installation

As we know the administrators of a school have a lot of priorities but its just one that gets the top priority. The safety of students, teachers and the staff that works there is the thing you should look after. Keeping the kids safe by putting school security camera installation in use is a must. Those exterior and interior doors need to be guarded 24/7. Especially now with all the school shooting that is around that gets a lot of people scared. It’s not only about them, what can we say about those predators that lurk around with an excuse to find easy prey at your school. Imagine one of them forcibly entering the building or the one you may have inside. It would wreak chaos inside and you will feel guilty for not taking measures. Therefore keeping the school safe inside and outside is crucial for the school administrators. 

Some of the problems we face

It doesn’t matter if you are a private school or a public one, with the events happening around almost all the schools have ordered a security camera installation. For a safe environment, an administrator needs to go beyond his school needs. If you are looking for real professionals that can come there and guide you for the best security camera opportunity we are here. Security iCAM is operating in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island so if your location is here we would gladly help. 

As the results on the internet are shown is that a lot of kids get bullied in school and that may trigger other effects. Therefore you need to get rid of these things including the teacher molesting and all the other vile problems. A security camera will not just help you with those problems but will even show you how the teachers are working with the kids. This way you can identify those who don’t like to work on their work time. You can monitor all the threats in real-time and that is a big plus for a school administrator that has a lot of duties. 

All the types of security solutions for every school

By hiring a professional company like Security iCAM to do a school security camera installation you will have a lot of benefits. There will be no student misbehavior, no teacher problems, no molesting and going on the most dangerous people around. We will write to you below 3 of the security solutions a security camera can offer:

  • A video surveillance camera system – For example with this one you can monitor everything and it has wide coverage. Having a security system who has the ability to record at all the places you need surveillance is a good thing. It’s crucial for you to avert the school administrator for every suspect going in or out of the school. By installing the highest resolution camera it will help you see clearly all the students and staff on your school grounds and indoor.
  • The access control system security – This one is an IP- based access that lets you control individuals around the school. It’s ideal to prevent those predators that want to get into the school building. It will be ideal to install it together with the security cameras to capture and record all the events that happen. We would like to tell you that considering an Access control system can prevent even that person that wants to go on unauthorized places.
  • Biometric locks – These locks that we install are the best solution to keep track of the entry and exits of the school. You can see from the beginning and until the end of the school day the students if they try to go into restricted areas at the school. 

The things you need to consider before doing a school security camera installation.

Well, you will have many factors to see and consider before you go into a school security camera installation system. We are here to help and if you are in New Jersey, New York or Long Island we will take everything in our hands. Also, we would like that you know a couple of things before setting up a security camera: 

  • What can be your most problematic threat?
  • What is your security that you already have in your school? 
  • Do you need to follow a security protocol for your school district?
  • Are there problems like crime and violence happening near the area?
  • Did you ever want to catch someone in the act or an incident happening on a camera?
  • Is there a place where students gather and cause vandalism problems for you?

Answer these questions in your head and you will be more than clear on what you want when our staff comes there.

Benefits of CCTV Security camera systems

A School Security Camera installation can detect various crimes – As we know the school administrators face a lot of problems when it comes to those vandals and burglars on the area. It is important to guarantee a safe environment for the staff and students too. This is why you need a school security camera installation to make your day easier. No school shootings will happen if you manage to catch them in the act and put a stop to thin phenomenon.

Stops Bullying in schools – One of the best things is that puts an ending to all those bullying people who make school harder for other students. No one needs to get bullied when all they want to do is learn and pass a good time. This is definitely a great benefit you take from a security camera.

Protects teachers and students – But it doesn’t just protect the students but even the staff that needs to be looked after. By making them calm the learning process will get easier and they won’t feel the need to worry about other things. Getting focused will definitely help the students get better and the teachers give their beast on the teaching process.

Keeps an eye on the visitors, staff, and students – Even at our home, we have some places where we don’t want people to enter. Imagine this kind of problem in a school building. With a school security camera installation, you manage to keep track of the visitors, staff, and students too.

Gives much more security to parents – Parents are a little troubled when they leave their kids on an environment that has no security. So with all these mass shootings, predators and problems around a school they need that extra security.

Cons of the video surveillance camera system

Privacy Violation – There is a problem when you are thinking of putting a school security camera installation and that is privacy. For example students and teachers may think that putting these cameras will infringe on their privacy. They will feel observed and it may become a problem if you don’t consult with them first.

Cost – However we know that cameras can get expensive and paying all those bills it’s hard. By adding one more it gets even harder that’s why we want to give you the best possible solution on what security camera you can get for your school.

Trust Issue – Teachers and students may get that trust issue problem that will make them feel like the principals won’t trust them. This way they will get those ideas that something is wrong with them and how they do the work.

Places to put a surveillance security camera in all the campus

When discussing places there is a variety of them where you can put these security cameras. We are going to give you some ideas where all the other campuses have installed a camera. You can put them on :

  • School Common Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Auditoriums
  • School Parking Lots
  • Football & Soccer Fields
  • Hallways
  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms Cafeterias

Professional service from our company

We are sure that after reading all this article about the various problems a school security camera installation can solve gives you a huge morale boost. Security iCAM can help you get your idea clear on what you want and also help with those problems you may have. We have trained personnel that has been doing this kind of job for years. Don’t stay there thinking of what to do next but get your phone and call us. If you are in New Jersey, New York or Long Island we will be more than glad to come there and help with what we can. Don’t take people who are not professionals to do the job because it needs someone who can understand a lot more. Security iCAM is here to give solutions to all the security camera problems you may have.

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