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Hospitality/Hotels/Motels Security

Hotel or motel security should be your top priority as an owner due to the number of guests and staff you have in those buildings. Those buildings have 24/7 customer service and one of those services includes the safety and security of your clients. Security iCam surveillance systems will give your guests the feeling of safety and will make your property safer from any vandalism or breaking. This way you will have clients that will continue to return again in the future and recommend your hotel or motel to their friends and family. A surveillance system is crucial in protecting your property and assets from possible vandalism, theft and false claims on lawsuits. If your hospitality facility doesn’t have a surveillance system in place you are open to risks that can have a large impact on the future of your business. 

A surveillance system is a great solution for many hotels and motels due to the fact that they provide accountability for the staff but also giving your guests the peace of mind they want from an exhausting trip. Looking at how the number of public shootings and random attackers is increasing in New York areas you should be able to eliminate any potential threat before they turn into a serious accident. This task can be difficult unless you hire a professional security team that offers a free on-site evaluation of your business. Once a surveillance system is set on your hotel or motel you will be able to keep an eye on your staff, guests, and outer perimeter, etc. Most surveillance cameras are set on areas with a lot of foot traffic such as restaurants, bars, gyms, meeting rooms, entrance, and exit points, etc. However, not every building it’s the same, therefore it’s mandatory that a team of specialists and trained installers decide which is the best place for your cameras to be installed. 

A surveillance system will be the perfect security solution for your business that will allow you to monitor many areas inside and outside of your building directly from your smartphone as long as you have a network connection. As we all know guests have high expectations when they go to a hotel or a motel and a security system in place will give them top-notch protection. Many hotel owners think that it’s okay if they make clients feel comfortable only but however keep in mind that making them feel secure it’s also important. With a surveillance system in place, you can make sure that your staff is following the safety procedures and your guests are being served right. As previously mentioned there is a lot of false lawsuit claims that happens in hospitality buildings. A security camera system will give you video documentation and will probably save you a lot of time and money in the process. Protecting all your assets from client vandalism is crucial since you don’t know every guest that comes to your hotel. Prevent any loss and damage done to your business thanks to Security iCam surveillance plans. We will make sure nothing is lost or damaged for as long as cameras are operating. 

Hotels/Motels Security Solutions

  • Surveillance Camera Systems – This type of security will enable you to have complete monitoring of your building no matter the time and place you’re at. You will be able to control a lot of areas at the same time and also record and playback old footage. CCTV cameras for hotels or motels will help verify if any guest is inside areas they shouldn’t be or alert your staff of suspicious behavior. Our high-resolution cameras will give monitoring access to your manager that way he can continuously monitor your guests and staff.
  • Hotel Alarm Systems – With an alarm system in your hotel, you will effectively reduce the risk of break-ins and alert you and your staff in the event of an unauthorized user trying to access a restricted area during your night hours. With integrated security systems that enable you to monitor and control your security system remotely from your mobile device, we are certain that you will soon get that peace of mind you’ve been missing. 
  • Access Control Systems –Access control systems are ideal to prevent an individual from entering restricted areas of your hotel such as staff rooms, product rooms, etc. When integrated with security cameras this system will be able to capture and record all kinds of suspicious events. This way you will reduce staff shrinkage, break-ins and any other crime that may damage your incomes or property.
  • Biometric Locks – This advanced layer of security is meant to be timesaving as it works best to coordinate the entry and exits of your staff whenever their shift finishes. You can also use this system to keep guests out of your hotel restricted areas. 

All in all a security system will maintain safety around your hotel and will discourage any break-in or theft potential. As proven people are less likely to break into a building when there are cameras all around. The same studies prove that surveillance cameras will reduce your threats of violence and vandalism by a huge %.

Why choose security iCam for your Hotels or Motels Security.

Security iCam is a security company based in New York that has over ten years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining the security system of Hotels and Motels. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. What we offer is only the best security cameras under the most competitive prices on the market. Once we finish installing cameras in your business you will see for yourself how the number of criminal acts will fall rapidly. Your business future is one call away.

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