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Sporting events Security Systems

Sporting events are synonymous with large crowds that draw criminal activity. Maintaining large crowds in check, keeping events safe, and avoiding possible threats and disturbances such as terrorism, can be a large undertaking for any security staff. Security cameras offer an invaluable tool to ensure the safety of the players, fans, staff, and the facilities themselves.

To make sure everything goes smooth in your Sporting event we are here to install security systems for you to benefit from. Security iCam has over ten years of experience in installing security systems for many Sporting events mainly in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. Help your community by deterring crime, preventing vandalism, and giving your fans the safety they deserve.

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The Benefits of Stadium Security Systems 

Controlling Crowds – Sporting events attract very passionate fans and emotions can get heated quickly during a sporting event. Security cameras can help monitor, concessions, hallways, and stands for disturbances and fights amongst the masses.

Ease of installation – Today’s digital video surveillance cameras can be installed easily. Sporting complexes can be outfitted with IP cameras that communicate through an IP network. Since networks are easily scalable you can add cameras as you see fit no matter where you need the cameras installed.

Entrance and Exit Management – Most sporting events have very large crowds that form when entering and exiting the facility. This can cause many issues and disturbances. CCTV cameras can monitor those high traffic areas making sure that patrons have a safe and smooth passage.

Player Protection – Unfortunately players are also at risk during sporting events. Flying objects, streaking fans, and physical attacks are known to have occurred on the playing field. This activity can be monitored and you can quickly alert security staff directly to the scene before a situation gets out of hand.

Terrorism/crime Deterrence– With such large amounts of people sporting events are unfortunately viewed by many as potential targets for terrorism. Video Surveillance can help to recognize any potential terrorists. The Superbowl, as an example, is known for implementing and using video analytics such as facial recognition monitor crowds for known felons.

Remote Viewing – Network video recorders allow sporting events to view all their cameras and video streams on the local network and over the internet. Security personnel can monitor live video footage and even control cameras remotely from tablets, phones and any computer with Internet access.

Arena Security Surveillance Risks

Privacy Concerns – Public areas on the facility should be the only areas monitored by security cameras. Private areas such as bathrooms are considered highly off-limits to video surveillance.

Damage and Vandalism – Anytime you have cameras installed out in the open in public locations they run the risk of sustaining damage from vandalism and tampering, leading to the possibility of lapses in video recording.

Configuring Video Surveillance at Sports Facilities and Fields

The sheer volume of people that attend a sporting event makes monitoring them a daunting task. Adding the large size of most sporting facilities themselves makes a properly installed surveillance network that much more important. We suggest you consider the following factors when preparing to install a CCTV security systems:

  • What are your facilities’ greatest security risk?
  • Is crowd control a problem in your events?
  • What security systems do you have in place currently?
  • Are there major events that you host that typically bring in larger crowds than normal?
  • Is terrorism a valid concern at your facility?
  • Have athletes had issues with fans or crowds, such as confrontations?
  • Have you experienced employee theft in the past?
  • Do you have a parking facility on site?
  • Are your entrances and exits covered by security?
  • Do you have concession stands, bars, and restaurants on the facility?
  • Is your security staff understaffed?
  • What key areas of the facility are you most concerned with?

Security Cameras at Sporting Events Setup Advice

  • Cameras should be placed where you can view and monitor all crowds.
  • Remote controlled cameras should be deployed. Cameras with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom capability allow personnel to zoom in and follow suspicious individuals and hone into disturbances so they can be closely watched.
  • All exits and entrances should have cameras installed. This helps to monitor all individuals and crowds coming in and out of the facility.
  • Parking lot cameras help to deter crime and theft involving parked vehicles. They also keep visitors safe.


All in all, it goes without saying that security systems in stadiums are crucial. Security iCam is here to give you the peace of mind knowing that everything during your sporting event is running smoothly. With over ten years of experience in security system installation, we offer you the best prices on the market. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. Let us help you secure your fans, employees, assets, and everything else. Our professional team will evaluate, design, and install the best security system possible. Rest easy knowing that every blind spot that could be a potential threat it’s now under surveillance.

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