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How Safe is Your Fire Department?

Security iCam specializes in installing security camera systems in fire departments or fire stations in New York, New Jersey and Long Island. Having surveillance in those facilities is essential due to the critical and expensive equipment that’s stored. Many lives depend on that equipment therefore they should be safe from vandalism, theft or unauthorized entry by the public. Surveillance will also protect those firemen and women who risk their lives to protect others. 

According to the U.S Fire Department, there are around 1700 fire departments in New York, only a handful of them are under full surveillance. FDNY is considered to be the busiest and most skilled emergency response agency in the United States. Those facilities must stay protected under a 24/7 surveillance system that would protect not only lives but also expensive equipment. 

The presence of security cameras should be one of your top priorities in these types of facilities. It will attract new members in your fast response squad but also will give their owners the ability to check out how they react in the case of an emergency. Those buildings are available 24/7 with people coming, and so you must see who enters and leaves. With a surprisingly high amount of security companies who will offer you their services, you need a few tips on how to choose the best of them.

To help you with that Security iCam Fire Department/Firehouse Security planners will tailor the best security system according to your facility needs. With over ten years of experience in the field of security, we will be the one company that will give you peace of mind. The presence of security cameras is one of the most critical features a firehouse or fire department should have. It will not only protect firefighters but will also attract new members. 

Tips on how to choose the best security for your fire department

  1. First, you need to understand what your facility needs the most, including every security feature that you want your cameras to have.
  2. Look at the pros and cons of the different types of systems and understand the best features of each camera type.
  3. It’s optimal for you to have a video recorder or DVR in your control room.
  4. Always look for surveillance cameras that can resist any environment condition including infrared or night vision. 
  5. Look for cameras that will record 24/7 with remote viewing capability.

 Important Security Camera Features to Consider

  • Facial Recognition sensors
  • Missing or Unattended Object Detection
  • Scene Change Detection
  • High-quality recordings
  • Remote Monitoring

With a wide selection of security camera types available, searching for the best product that fits your type of facility can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, and that is why it is essential to consult security professionals. You should always look for security system companies that have those qualities or features. If your fire department is in New York, New Jersey or Long Island, you can also seek advice from local businesses.

Security iCam Qualities 

  • Over ten years of experience
  • Licensed and trained technicians
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Only sells and installs top-quality security cameras
  • Lifetime 24/7 customer support

Use Only The Best Cameras For Your Fire Department

  • HDTVI Cameras – HDTVI combines the transmission of high-resolution optical images, analog images, and IP megapixel technologies. This type of camera will provide extra transmission distance with less storage capacity. Those cameras are easy to set up and require no specialized knowledge. HDTVI Cameras do not have problems like bandwidth instability or latency.
  • HDCVI Cameras – HDCVI cameras are considered to be the best high definition cameras. The most important reason why those cameras should be part of your security system in retail facilities is the fact that they work with existing coax cables. This means you don’t have to spend more money when you upgrade your security system. Those cameras are quite cheap, and they come in a variety of forms.
  • IP Security Cameras – Also known as Internet Protocol Cameras are digital video cameras that can send or receive data as long as you have an internet connection. This improved version of CCTV cameras will give you remote management. What this means is that you can now send or receive videos from anywhere with better quality, zoom, etc. You can now get notifications whenever a suspicious activity is detected.
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) – This type of surveillance camera is the most used camera in the retail industry. It’s called a closed circuit because everything is linked to a coax cable. Those types of security cameras require proper monitoring and designed placement to cover all blind spots. CCTV Cameras are best used to maintain perimeter security and track human activities.
  • Analog Cameras – This type of camera system digitizes the captured images for processing, providing increased video quality and frame rate. These cameras perform well in different lighting conditions and manage human activities well. One of the top benefits of using analog cameras is that the bandwidth is virtually unlimited. It cannot interfere with any external video surveillance problems. Additionally, once these cameras are installed, they require little maintenance. Analog cameras are known to provide security with a long track record for reliability.
  •  Day/Night Cameras – Day and night cameras are cameras built to capture images in complete darkness or areas where lighting is low. Those cameras are the best when it comes to monitoring your retail store when he’s closed, and the lights are shut. Day and Night Cameras are perfect for parking lots and warehouses as well since those areas are usually low-lit.

Security iCam has been installing security systems in many businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island for over ten years now. We will be that one company that will make your Fire Department/Firehouse and your employees feel safe. Our Fire Department/Firehouse Security Camera Installation is unmatched since we install only the best cameras at competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate to call us for more information regarding your Fire Department/Firehouse Security System.

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