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Campus Video Surveillance System

Properly installing a video surveillance system is not as easy as it seems, especially in complicated structures as campuses. Only a well-structured plan will cover all the blind spots and public areas. There are different facilities, shapes of areas, public places, and private rooms, making it much difficult for engineers to organize the whole system. Some of the most common places where students will mark as a meetup are libraries, parks, cafeteria. Dealing with groups of people is not as easy as dealing with individuals. A security team with significant experience in this field will be your best choice. Finding the perfect spots, the right angle, adaptable technology, and the quality rate will make the difference.

Benefits Of Campus Video Surveillance System

There are many benefits a university will get by installing security camera systems. Starting with keeping the order and protecting their students and better management of staff and daily routine. Here are some of the main benefits that are accomplished by using our video surveillance system.

  • Safer environment for students

Students have to walk at different times of the day a long distance, and sometimes it may feel unsafe. The presence of security cameras will make them feel much safer.

  • Prevent vandalism

Having so many young people in a single place means that you will face lots of anger and rebellion. Sometimes it may not be directly to the institution, but you will face the consequences. Having security cameras around the campus will make everyone think twice before making an act they will regret.

  • Easy to investigate

If something goes wrong and the authorities have to solve the case, then for sure, video surveillance recordings will be their crucial point. Recording from different angles will give you a full picture of the story, and for sure, it’s going to be easy to find the guilty.

Risk Of Installing Video Surveillance System In Campus

After finishing the video surveillance installation, the first things that should come to your mind are the risk that you should take in the future. You will have too many students in the same building should make you prepared for vandalism acts or privacy complaints.

  • Uncovered areas – There are rooms and spaces like bathrooms, campus rooms, and other private areas where everyone will need privacy. Cameras should be present only in public areas such as halls, corridors, or public rooms.
  • Not safe enough – Security cameras are not enough for huge buildings like campuses. We recommend extra security staff and authorities patrolling throughout the campus periodically.
  • Vandalism – A big problem you may face with sincerity cameras is that rebel students may attack your appliances. Taking the needed steps to fix the damage should be immediate not to have problems with video recordings.

Installation Advice For Video Surveillance System

Before installing video surveillance systems, you should consider lots of advice about where you should install your cameras, which is the perfect angle, how many cameras should be installed in the same room, which are the public areas that should be covered.

  • Install cameras in every entrance – By installing cameras in every entrance, you will be sure that you will record everyone. This way, you will be sure who is inside and outside the building during a specific moment.
  • Several cameras in significant areas – there are many vast and challenging areas to cover inside a campus. Installing several security cameras to cover significant areas is a must, and we should make a useful calculation before deciding.
  • Keep it private – Do not infringe on students’ private areas. It is going to be a big mistake if you will install cameras inside private areas. You will irritate your students and may end up with many complaints.
  • Install hidden cameras – Keeping everything in order is not an easy job, and sometimes you will need secret eyes all over the place. Hidden cameras will be your ace under your sleeves in case something will go wrong.


There are lots of things you should think about before deciding to install security cameras on campus, but the first thing is which company is going to do the work. We suggest you think about it carefully and do your research before deciding. Security iCam team will be your best choice for many reasons, but here are some that will make it easier for you to make your mind. The first thing is our experience in the market. With more than ten years’ experience in the market, we make a big difference with other companies. With experience, we have won the trust of our clients and more confident coworkers in decision making. Reasonable prices for the best quality products are another good reason you should choose Security iCam over others. We do our best to let our clients know what they are paying for what they are taking. So if you want to make some right decisions and be sure that you will secure every step of your business, then for sure, your best solution will be Security iCam. 

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