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Is Your Prison Secure? Are Your Security Camera Systems Up To Date?

Your Prison or correctional facility may already have a security system in place, but are you sure that’s the most effective and reliable security system available? Prisons, jails, and correctional facilities need to have a first-rate security system to ensure the safety and security of all employees, the prisoners, and a large number of visitors. With the enormous technological improvements and advancements that have occurred in the last few years, your facility’s security system should be working without a single flaw. If it is not, then your Prison may be put in a risk of a breach due to outdated equipment, security liabilities, and inadequate surveillance or monitoring.

Security iCam is here to upgrade your jail or correctional facility security. We are a leading security company that offers only the best security plans at the best prices. We will give everyone inside your facility parameter the feeling of safety they have been missing. With over ten years of experience, we will design a custom security system according to what your facility needs the most. We operate in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey.

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Using The Right Security Cameras At Your Prison / Facility

We advise that you keep your security system up to date with the latest technologies such as HD Cameras IP cameras, HDCVI Cameras, HDTVI Cameras, Analog Cameras and CCTV Cameras to maintain the most advanced security program. This new technology will provide a sharper high definition video, faster transmission, and playback options. You can always use those cameras to get a high definition view of any place inside or outside your building, even at places where light is low. 

Mass usage of CCTV Cameras in Jails

The ability to see who is approaching with visual ID verification is essential in providing adequate security for jails and correctional facilities. When incidents arise, video surveillance helps give a more comprehensive view of the situation, while simultaneously adding an increased level of safety and security for inmates or staff itself.

CCTV systems offer numerous benefits for prison facilities, including:

  • High Definition Visual Coverage
  • Monitoring Inmate Activity
  • Video Documentation in Case of Events Taking place
  • Built-in Audio to Maintain Order in Common Areas
  • Reduces Instances of Assault
  • Prevent Drug Usage 
  • Monitors Staff Behavior 
  • Safer Transport
  • Remote Video Monitoring

Prison Control Systems & Intrusion Detection Alarms

To prevent unauthorized entry and exit of staff, volunteers, health providers, religious advisors, and visitors, as well as the illegal exit of inmates, facility access control systems are a preferred security tool. Security iCam provides professionally designed access control systems that allow you to track, record, and restrict access throughout your facility.

Audio & Video Surveillance

Because our cameras are manufactured in-house with systems customized to your facility, when problems are identified, we provide quick solutions and product availability and repair. Security iCam specializes in digital remote viewing camera systems with internet connectivity. Outside prison perimeters, our cameras have unique capabilities, infrared sensors or license plate recognition to prevent questionable and non-authorized individuals from entering or nearing a facility.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are critical for the safe and secure operation of a prison facility. Ensuring weapons are not brought into Prison or manufactured by inmates is essential to maintaining a safe environment. In the security industry, metal detectors are the most trusted practical solutions for security checkpoints on jails or correctional facilities. It’s not just you. New York prisons are investing in security. In Prison, the lives of others are in your hands. You work hard to keep employees and inmates safe from any possible harm. But is your security system helping you with that? Due to countless incidents that take place in jails such as suspicious activity in juvenile detention centers to convicted killers escaping a maximum-security prison, the flaws of jail systems throughout all of New York are all over the place and need to be fixed.

Some soils, however, are going into the right steps. Some of them are tripling the number of security cameras installed due to lawsuits or to prevent violence. Most changes include security gates within facility tunnels or access control panels that can only be opened by officers. Metal detection sensors are being used to prevent any dangerous object from entering the jail. 

Common Security Systems Used In Prisons

While video surveillance is critical in the overall security of prisons or correctional facilities, it’s important to include access control panels and biometric control systems as well. Access control panels have recently been making a massive name for themselves in Prison. The control panel allows officers to open doors with a single scan of their ID Card. This system is more comfortable and more efficient in these types of facilities.

For maximum security areas inside facilities Biometrics of the fingerprint or iris is effective. The iris has been seen as the most secure method for these systems due to the lack of replication. These systems take a more extended amount of time to register identification than an access control panel and are significantly more expensive, so they are mainly used to access highly sensitive areas inside the jail. 


Needless to say that your jail or correctional facility needs an upgrade in its security system. Security iCam is here for you by offering only the best security plan and camera installation possible. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. With over ten years of experience, we will give you the security features you’ve been lacking. 

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