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Towns and cities have started to use surveillance cameras at a rapid pace. These days it’s quite common to find cameras installed in downtown areas, parking lots or intersections. Small towns depend a lot on visitors/tourists to keep things on the move. A local business can’t thrive without its consumers; that’s why making them feel safe should be your priority. Protect your community and start deterring crime with our Municipal Security System.

It is essential to protect the communities that we live in. Security iCam provides a premium security solution that’s mostly specialized towards municipalities security. A dependable security system in Municipal buildings will significantly reduce vandalism and overall crime. We have over ten years of security making us one of the most trusted security companies in New York, New Jersey and Long Island. Our specialists will design a flawless security system and we will keep delivering first-rate protection to you and your community. Creating a safe space for your residents, visitors and employees it’s what we do best. Once a surveillance system is on the place you will pride yourself knowing that crime rates will drop and everything that surrounds you, it’s safe and protected 24/7.

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Municipality Buildings and Locations that Need Surveillance.

Working with state structures requires an experienced and professional team who understand the security needs or the requirements municipal facilities have. Here are some of the facilities that need surveillance as soon as possible. 

  • Business Districts
  • Parking Lots
  • Parks
  • Prisons
  • Bus Stops
  • Public Transportation
  • City Hall
  • Sidewalks
  • Public Squares
  • Fire Department
  • Traffic Lights
  • Police Department
  • Transit Stations
  • Other Government Buildings

 Benefits of a Municipal Security Camera Installation

A security system that provides local and central monitoring, it’s easy to use and maintain are the critical aspects of government facilities surveillance systems. A well studied camera placement based on the most frequent crimes it’s vital to design the best possible security plan. A Municipal Camera Installation Systems should offer high-quality images, comprehensive video coverage, and 24/7 coverage. With those in mind here are some of the benefits you will gain from your Municipal Security Systems.

  • Deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal behaviour
  • Quickly identify criminals before they getaway
  • Detect intrusion, fire and smoke
  • Detect drug transactions
  • Secure valuable assets
  • Protect people, businesses, streets, and parks
  • Reduce safety risks and liabilities
  • Improve the overall security of your community 

Security iCam Municipality Security Solutions

Not every security system is the same when it comes to dealing with large areas and different buildings. Therefore designing a plan for each of them, it’s the thing to do. Here are some of our security solutions for your Municipality Security.

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Digital Recording Solutions
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Devices 
  • Biometric Systems 
  • Alarm Systems
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Flood Detection Systems

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance should be the first and most crucial layer of security. It has unlimited usage options depending on one of your needs. It can either work as an alarm-activated recording camera or a camera that would only start working on emergency times. Those cameras can be connected to a large surveillance room so you can offer a faster and efficient response towards incidents and crimes happening in your community.

 Video Analytics

Video analytics are the best devices that can deliver real-time high-definition images but also quickly identify how a criminal behaviour took place. With facial recognition systems built-in, you can fast run a background check into every suspicious individual. It can also be used to receive immediate alerts whenever an unauthorized personnel enters any restricted area or whenever the system detects suspicious behaviour. This system will give you the ability to react in time to emergency alerts.

Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are always being vandalized due to the value car parts have. With a surveillance system set in place, you can quickly receive high-definition video images and use them to easily identify criminals. With a built-in licence number registration and recognition, your parking lots will be a lot safer. A surveillance system in parking lots its crucial to prevent the many crimes but also to avoid any false liability claim.

View from Mobile or PC

Authorized personnel can use the option to view from their mobile phone to clear up any misunderstanding. The police can use the recorded information to find out who was responsible for the accident and so on. The number of ways you can use this system it’s unlimited.

Security iCam it’s The Right Company For Your Municipal Security Systems.

As a security company operating in New York, New Jersey and Long Island we have over ten years of experience, and we are sure that we will deliver peak performance when installing security cameras all over your Municipal buildings. For local references, ask one of many businesses in your area who feel safer thanks to our surveillance systems. Make your community feel secure and protect yourself from false lawsuit claims that can cause a substantial financial deficit. 

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Security System Solutions For Your Business


Properly installing a video surveillance system is not as easy as it seems, especially in complicated structures as campuses. Only a well-structured plan will cover all the blind spots and public areas.

Prison/Jail Security

Your Prison or correctional facility may already have a security system in place, but are you sure that's the most effective and reliable security system available?

Library Security

Library camera installation is the first thing you need to have if you possess this kind of business. There are places for everything a human being needs, and when it seeks a quiet place than libraries are perfect.

Cyber Security & Identity Theft Protection

Security iCam will give you peace of mind knowing your sensitive data is protected 24/7. Cyber breaches are a significant threat to any businessman. A successful breach could mean the loss of your customer’s trust and may cause long-lasting damage to your business.

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