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Courthouse and Courtroom Video Surveillance Systems

Securing a courthouse and courtroom is crucial nowadays, that crime is becoming smarter and aggressive. The fact that there are being held people who may have already committed crimes makes the place even more dangerous. Sometimes when everything may seem fair and calm can start a fight, arguments, and even shootings. Even though police secure the courthouse, people have tried different times to break the law and escape or avenge what has happened. A well-planned security camera system is crucial in a courtroom. This is the only way you can have enough evidence and to make everyone who is planning something to think twice. Installing cameras in every corner, door, room, or the public area will scare everyone who plans something and makes all the rest feel safer. Security iCam will provide you with DVR’s NVR’s CCTV and IP cameras. All the needed equipment is going to be at your hands with the best prices in the market.

Benefits Courthouse Surveillance Systems

Installing security systems around the courthouse will make it easier for you to manage and control everything inside and around the courthouse. 24/7 monitoring is going to prevent and detect any criminal case. The fact that there are people who are in tension makes the courtroom a dangerous place. By live monitoring, we may notice any suspicious activity and get action to prevent aggravation of the situation. Our IP security cameras have the option to zoom in and out or rotate the camera if you want to check things in detail. These are only a few of the benefits that you may have by installing security cameras inside your courtroom.

Precaution Violence – Every criminal mind will think twice before doing something inappropriate if they will check the security cameras’ presence. Just by having the presence of a security camera, you will prevent incidents.

Video Evidence – Providing video filmings as facts will become handy in case something goes wrong inside or around the courthouse between suspects and/or other people.

Staff Protection – Every day in the courthouse, there are many cases under immense pressure with a high risk of incidents between suspects and other people. A security camera will help you to prevent and stop these incidents and protect your staff.

Remote Process Monitoring – IP monitoring will give you online access for better management of the courthouse. You will also have the option to zoom in and out or turn the cameras to view the suspected people better.

The Configuration of Courthouse and Courtroom Surveillance Cameras

Before installing security systems, you have to premake a plan about how you will manage the areas. A suitable configuration is going to make a difference. If you are not going to find the blind spots and places where the risk will be higher than at a specific moment, something will go wrong, and you won’t see your security system handy. Before installing a security system in a courthouse and courtroom, you have to consider these factors.

  • Is there a history of criminal activity in or around the courthouse?
  • What type of security personnel is surveilling the area?
  • Which areas are with the highest risk?
  • Where are the blind spots of the courthouse?
  • Which areas are the easiest to escape?
  • Is there any extra security facility already in the courthouse?

Video Surveillance Installation Advice for Courthouse

If you have already planned to install security cameras inside the courthouse, you have to know a few tips before installing them. We are already aware that the courthouse is at a high risk of criminal activity. People who have already committed crimes will be around all the time. This is a good reason why thinking about every detail is crucial. Before installing security cameras inside the courthouse, you have to consider this advice.

  • Focus all the entrances and exits with high-quality cameras, so everyone who enters or leaves will be filmed.
  • Install security cameras in corners of the courtroom so you will have a clear view of all the people who have attended the courtroom.
  • Install video cameras outside the courthouse to prevent any criminal activity or check for any strange behavior
  • Place cameras around the public areas inside or outside the courthouse


Surveillance of the courthouse with security cameras is crucial, and checking every detail is the only way to make sure that nothing wrong will happen. High risk of violence inside a courthouse is present, which comes from the presence of people who have already committed crimes that are coming and going all the time. Security iCam will provide all the security facilities needed to make the courtroom and courthouse a safer place. Our team of professionals will find all the blind spots and make sure that there won’t be any part of the area that won’t be monitored. Our camera security system will also save you money by lowering the number of security personnel. Combining it with the prices that our company offers is going to create a perfect contract. High-quality IP cameras that can be monitored 24/7 through the internet will create the opportunity to check and prevent any criminal case. For further information or to get detailed information about your question doesn’t hesitate to give us a phone call or use the contact form on our website. Our team of professionals will provide you with any information. Security iCam offers services and products for businesses like banks, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

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