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Place Of Worship/Church Security

In perfect world security measures at a church would not be necessary. However, with so much news of people breaking in or attacking people during the church however you should really consider adding a security system to those Places of Worship. There are many problems related to the church such as vandalism, graffiti, or armed break-ins. A security system in place can help you reduce those crimes by an enormous percentage. There are many valuable items you can find in the church that makes it an ideal target for criminal groups. Defend yourself from those actions or lawsuits by having video documentation for law enforcement personnel to use. 

Security iCam understands the unique security needs of places of worship, therefore, we will install video surveillance, burglar alarms, fire systems as well as access systems to prevent any unauthorized person from entering private areas of your church. Preventing a disaster from happening should be easy with a security system set in place. Your security manager can monitor this establishment at any time of the day no matter where he is. 

Security iCam has over ten years of experience in security camera installation on Churches therefore we know what your church needs the most. However not every building is the same so it’s crucial for our security personnel to evaluate your building to give you access in every blind spot that can turn into a huge problem in the future. 

Ask for professional help

If you don’t trust our security company or you have people who are willing to help you create a plan then speak to those. The right kind of people for you to speak over this matter is the police or firefighters. There is a high chance this group of people knows what makes a church feel safe. In the end, it’s their job to make you and your guests feel safe and protected. The church security staff only exists to make operational commands during any incident that may need immediate attention. 

Keep in mind that Security iCam will offer free on-site evaluation of your building whenever you want to take that step. Let us help you and guests feel safe and protected during their sacred hours. 

Benefits of security systems in Churches

When installing a security system in your church it’s important to first identify what are the areas that leave more openings for criminals to take advantage of. We recommend you to install cameras on all entrances and exit points as well as parking lots. Doing this will give you access to whoever enters and leaves your establishment as well as protecting your parking lot from vandalism. It’s crucial to use multiple types of cameras outdoors since criminals tend to vandalize them before they decide to commit a crime. Our outdoor cameras are sturdy and waterproof meaning you will find out any suspicious activity before it turns into a serious matter. 

Keep in mind that you should not install cameras in places where privacy it’s a must.

Once we said all that here are some of the benefits you will get from your church security system.

Protect Donations

Donation and drop boxes are easy targets for criminals due to the value they have. This is the most common type of theft from all places of worship. Easy access allows people to steal and there’s no doubt in that. Prevent this from happening to your church by installing a security camera located directly above donation boxes along with being located in a visible place can deter thieves. This way your guests will know that their donations are safe from any harm. 

Monitor Activity

Churches are open places of worship and everyone is welcomed. With that being said it is important that you protect your church by protecting those who pray. Installing church security cameras can allow you to monitor who is entering and exiting your church at all times. This will ultimately make your place of worship a safer environment for everyone. If you combine the monitoring systems with access systems you can easily prevent any member of the public from entering private and sensitive areas of your church.

Deter Vandalism

Vandalism is a common crime in churches. Those establishments are targeted by many groups that can end up being very traumatizing. In order for you to protect yourself from this type of violence, you should look forward to installing the best security systems available for your place. Indoor and outdoor cameras can be mandatory if you want to protect your property and your guests.


To top it off we know that a security system in Places of Worship should be a top priority for you. Seeing how the number of violent acts it’s only increasing daily, you should be able to protect yourself and the people who pray there. To help you accomplish that level of security we will be by your side offering a free onsite evaluation of your establishment.

Security iCam has over ten years of experience in this field and we will design, install and maintain your surveillance system for the years to come. Based on New York we offer the best cameras at the most competitive prices available. We operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island with many happy reviews on our back. If you don’t trust us, ask your local churches, business, or residents and they will say everyone you need to hear. 

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