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Securing a museum and art gallery is one of the most important things every owner must do. Most of the collections, pictures, or pieces of art are highly valuable. The high prices that these collections are paid in the black market make them a target for thieves. Securing a museum or art gallery is very important, and contracting the right company is crucial. One of the most important things you should do if you are thinking about securing a museum is to find the best spots to install the cameras. Only a team with experienced experts will find places inside and out of the building, but at the same time, make it look beautiful for the eye.

Benefits of Museums & Art Galleries Video Surveillance Systems

In the first moment that security cameras will survey a museum and art gallery, you will see a big difference in the organization and security level.

  • Prevent theft – Stealing a museum and art gallery is a jackpot for every thief. The high price of every object that they may find makes them think hard to find a proper way to steal and not get caught. By installing security cameras, things will be much harder for everyone who is planning to do such a thing.
  • Prevent employee theft – There is a high chance that those taking care may steal a museum. Your employees are the ones who know the real value of every object, and they also have access to areas where they can steal and not get caught. Installing cameras and hidden cameras is going to make the pressure higher and stop anyone from stealing.
  • Remote access – IP (Internet Protocol) cameras will allow you to check live from wherever you are. Security workers can easily monitor different areas, even if you have more than one building under the same management.

Areas to Install the Security Cameras

Finding the best areas to install security cameras is crucial. If a thief is planning to steal from your museum, they will make a detailed plan, and indeed they will know where every single camera is. By doing so, it’s not hard to find places where a camera may not have a good view and get the chance to steal.

  • Entrances and exits are the places where you should install high-quality cameras to capture and identify every client going in and out.
  • Several cameras inside rooms where you are placing collections will be no corner without a clear view.
  • Cameras in front of an iconic object with a higher risk of getting stolen because of the value
  • Inside storerooms where different employees may have access to an item that may be repairing

Types Of Security Systems We Have for Museums & Art Galleries

Only security cameras are not enough for a facility of this value, so a combination of security systems is necessary.

  • Fire systems – Keeping pictures or fragile objects inside a museum and art gallery is typical, and being sure that there won’t happen a surprise fire is critical. Security iCam came with the best fire systems equipment and backed up with an experienced team of professionals.
  • Access Control – Monitoring the access to specific areas of the museum and art gallery is very important. You can grant access to different employees and customize the entrance by weekdays and work hours. Everything can be monitored and edited through our application.
  • Object protection – Giving extra protection to specific objects is essential. Security iCam can design a custom system for a particular item. In the first moment that something will go wrong, you will be notified through an alarm on your cell phone.
  • Environment monitoring – Having a live control of the environment is important inside a facility where you keep fragile objects. Being notified whenever a fluid detector will turn on or high temperature and even humidity will help you keep your items safe and in good condition.

Before installing Video Security Systems, you should ask these questions.

Making the right decision comes as a result of answering the right question. Answering these questions will help you a lot to decide where and how to install the video security system.

  • Are there specific areas that are more likely to be stolen?
  • Are you in doubt about your employee’s stealing?
  • Do you have enough security workers around your facility?
  • Do you have collections inside storage rooms that are not displayed for the public?
  • Which are the areas of the facility where you keep the most valuable objects?
  • Have you ever had cases of thieves or vandalism?
  • What’s an estimated value of the items inside your facility?
  • Which are the museum and art gallery’s largest security threats?


Such a significant object as a museum and art gallery needs a big detailed plan. Only a big company backed with experienced professional staff will fulfill all the needs in detail. Security iCam comes with the best solutions, and our experiences with different museums and art galleries make us your top choice. A well-trained staff makes the difference, and we are proud to say that our team of professionals will take care of every detail. We will combine different security systems to come with the result that will give you one of the most secure environments, and everything can be monitored through an application. Give us a call to get a more detailed plan for your business or try the contact forms on our website.

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