Warehouse, Transportation & Logistics Security Solutions


Warehouse, Transportation & Logistics Security

If your business is directly responsible for your customer’s warehousing, logistics, and clearance, then you have a grave responsibility to manage safe Transportation or store large amounts of high-value products from one location to another. If you have facilities in New York, New Jersey, or Long Island, then Security iCam will come to your aid and guarantee safe storage and transport of products. 

As a business that organizes shipments around the globe, then you are trusted by many customers, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them by causing delays in deliveries. Your business deals with air or sea transport, supplies chain stores, or is responsible for different warehousing products that move in or out of the United States. Our security company knows that keeping things on the move is a crucial factor that will make you stand out from the rest in your industry. 

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Secure Your Most Valuable Assets.

Ensuring that the condition of your cargo and its safety as it moves through from one warehouse to another it’s your top priority. We suggest you take advantage of our free expert advice so you can get suggestions for crucial security gaps that will help you increase your security. Our expert team will assimilate all potential threats and will design a comprehensive security plan for your transportation and logistics environments. The project will be implemented with the best security systems available.

When it comes to updating your security system or creating a new one, Security iCam is the most trusted company. The security systems we will build for you will be tailored according to what your business needs the most. We understand that not every Warehouse, Transportation & logistic security system is the same; therefore, we will evaluate what your type of business needs the most. Any potential threat will be eliminated thanks to our high-tech surveillance systems. 

Security iCam Security Solutions

Surveillance Systems

Our high-definition surveillance cameras will help protect your facilities by monitoring sensitive areas or places where foot traffic is high. It’s safe to say that the presence of security cameras in your warehouse or distribution points will prevent possible theft or vandalism from employees. Security iCam security cameras will cover broad areas without leaving a single-blind spot that can be taken advantage of. Our experts will evaluate the design of your building and other factors to determine the best location for your security cameras.

Access and Monitor Your Security System

Having a biometric system or by simply installing card access will help a lot in keeping unauthorized personnel from entering sensitive areas of your warehouse and logistics terminal. Now you can control who comes in and out of your facilities. Security iCam is here to give you a hand in choosing the right access control systems compatible with your Warehouse & Logistic terminals needs.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Keeping your employees and business facilities safe is Security iCam’s top priority. We will build the best commercial intrusion alarm system by taking into consideration the unique needs of business facilities. 

Our tailored security system will provide you and your employees with the highest protection levels and help you keep things on the move on the entire supply chain. This means that you can now rest easy and focus more on other business matters. 

Critical Facility Protection Systems

Facility protection systems like fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, hazardous gas detection systems, and air scrubbers should be secured and monitored for unauthorized tampering or shut-down, by an approved professional alarm company. As with the building’s structure, these critical facility protection systems should be periodically tested to ensure that they are working correctly.

Warehouse Surveillance Questions

Surveillance Systems requirements in warehouses or storage facilities depend on a lot of factors. Take those questions into account whenever you want to set or update your security system. 

  • What do you believe to be the biggest security threat?
  • What things do you wish to capture on camera?
  • What type of product are you storing in your warehouse?
  • Which security measures do you already have set up?
  • Do you believe your location lacks overall security?

The benefits of transportation security systems

  • Helps prevent crime and deter criminals 
  • Prevents vandalism from employees or criminals
  • Creates a safer environment for passengers during Transportation
  • Holds employees accountable for their responsibilities
  • Allows for remote viewing off-site from your pc or smartphone
  • Reduces liability in cases of passenger or other injuries during Transportation

Logistic Tracking and Tracing 

If you want to know where your products are dring Transportation, then our tracking and tracing system lets you always keep an eye on your transport, whether inside or outside national borders.

Surveillance systems to deter crime

Many companies that deal with Transportation or warehousing are targeted for criminals due to the high amount and value of the product you’re storing/transporting. Criminals tend to take action when they see a business facility is vulnerable and lack security systems. Installing an integrated security system will help you reduce shrinkage arising from the theft and protect your employees at the same time. Your secure facilities will help deter criminal activity.

Security iCam has over ten years of experience in designing the best security plans needed for your Warehouse, Transportation & Logistics facilities. We will install all types of security systems that your business needs. If you have warehouses, Transportation, and companies in New York, New Jersey, or Long Island, Security iCam will come to your aid and fill all the possible security threats. 

Leading Security Company

Security iCam has over ten years of experience in this industry; therefore, we are confident your products and employees are going to be safe once our security plans are applied. 

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Security System Solutions For Your Business

Warehouse/Storage Security

Theft is a common thing these days; therefore, your Warehouse facilities should be protected to prevent any significant financial deficit.

Self-Storage Facility Security

Being a business owner of one of those facilities means you have a direct responsibility to protect those goods. If you’re not able to guarantee that your client’s items or products are safe, then your business is one step closer to bankrupt.

Parking Garage/Lot Security

There are a lot of things that we are specialized, but when it comes to the installation of the security systems and cameras, we are the best. SecurityIcam knows how to do it, and we have our experts that will take care of the parking lot camera installation.

Law Firm/Office Security

Security iCam will tailor a perfect security system for your law offices to help create a safer and private environment for your partners, associates, staff, etc.

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