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There is nothing luxury in making a stadium security camera installation. If we see only the New York state we can say that there are a lot of stadiums and sports arenas that have a high capacity of people. We must say that there are at least 90 of them where some of the most professional sports teams play. Starting from Basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey and many more. But in these places that get crowded to their fullest are we safe? As we all know these are the places that all those mass shooters have their eye on.

If you are one of the managers of these stadiums or sporting arenas than you need to know that Security iCAM is here to help. We want the security of our athletes and of all the fans that come to the stadiums. By doing a stadium security camera installation on these places you guarantee their safety. We operate in New Jersey, New York, and Long Island and if you are here then we will come to assist you with the security you need. 

The solutions a stadium security camera installation can give



Security Challenges in Stadium

The security problems of a stadium are not like the other facilities. There are many more problems. In a place that gets crowded most of the time, you need to be extra careful. However this is one of the reasons you need a stadium security camera installation here. A high volume of people going in and out can get dangerous on many levels. These places where the fans go and root for their loving teams regularly need high standards of security whatsoever. The terror threats are the problems of these days that keep messing with people’s lives. These situations make you live in constant fear, especially when you go to public and open places like a stadium. It’s up to us to make them feel safe again.

In addition is that  the security managers need to worry about these other problems and not only about mob control. Fans who get out of their mind and lose control are a big problem in the stadium and sporting arenas. They can break various things and start a “war” with the other team fans.

What do you need to do

This will wreak chaos in the stadium and ruin the entire game. To keep these problems from happening you will need a security camera installation on the building where the security managers can prevent that. By having a lot of entry and exit points stadiums are a challenge to find the most appropriate position to put the security cameras. Sometimes when it gets crowded it gets so challenging for the staff to monitor all the areas.

To make sure that everyone in the stadium is safe the security manager needs to know all the possible security risks he may encounter. Making a safety plan with a security camera installation is much easier than without having one. By doing a lifetime investment in a security system you will be more than happy knowing that nothing bad will happen to your staff and fans who go to the stadium. As we said earlier the Video Surveillance Camera Systems, Access Control Systems, and Intrusion Alarm System, are the 3 core solutions for you. This way you will eliminate any threats that will come here.

How Stadium security camera installation can be beneficial

Ensures Safe Entry and Exit – As you already know the high number of people that attend the sporting events can make dangerous situations in the way. When they enter and exit the stadiums most of the times they cause problems. Therefore this is why you need a surveillance camera on these places that can monitor in a wide range ensuring safety.

Mob Control – Therefore the emotions can get the best of the supporters and things can get heated really quickly. Sometimes it goes to violence and we don’t want that to happen on a beautiful sporting day. A stadium security camera installation can keep the brawls on control and make sure no conflict happens.

Thwart Terrorism – With the terrorism acts that happen nowadays, the stadiums are the main targets for these attacks. The surveillance cameras will play a crucial role to put a stop on these acts before they even happen.

Players Protection – The NBA stars and also those of the other sports need to be protected at all costs. The threat is always there when it comes to throwing things to them while they play from the watchers. The security personnel can identify this kind of people as soon as this thing happens and make sure it won’t happen again.

Remote Access – With an IP stadium security system you will capture any video stream and images in real-time. You can watch them over the internet or a local network. With network access, the security personnel will keep track of every footage.

Easy Installation – These cameras can be mounted anywhere you like on your stadium. Connected with a local IP network they can communicate with each other easily.

Cons of stadium security camera installation

Privacy – One of the cons that people may find is that they don’t want the private areas covered with cameras. They are pro for the monitoring of the public areas but not the private ones.

Vandalism and damage – If we may say the cameras on public places are able to sustain damage from the tampering and that will lead to lapses in recording.


Places to put them

There are a lot of places when you can put these cameras in a stadium or sporting arenas. We will show you some of the most crucial parts. Even the blind spot places will be shown here: 

Final words

So if you went to the end of the article that means you are interested in getting a stadium security camera installation for your stadium. Security iCAM it’s a company that has specialized personnel in stadium security camera installation and we hire only professional people. It is not advised to install the cameras manually because each one of them works in a different way. We will be more than ready to help you with anything you want to know about the security systems you wish to implement. Our company operates in New Jersey, New York, Long Island so if you are here you can get in touch with us. Make your security top priority because people will appreciate your business much more.

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