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Greenwich Village is one of the most open and natural areas of Manhattan, characterized by being a perfect place for a walk among the various residences with beautiful facades. But being a mixed residential area, it is exposed to dangers. With burglaries becoming more and more common, securing your home and business is no longer optional. And luckily, we are here to help you.

No matter your property, whether it’s commercial, residential or even if you’re still renting, it’s important to protect what you have. So if you are in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, you have the opportunity to hire us and install a quality security system. Security iCam is currently the company of choice for the installation of cameras, alarms, etc. All thanks to the quality and dedication we have put in since our inception.

Finding a security services company is difficult, but it is a priority. Security iCam doesn’t just offer you a vague service, it offers you excellence, quality products and good service. We feel that we are different from other companies by the simple fact that we care about our customers. In addition to the fact that our employees are excellent professionals in their field, each one is thoroughly researched and certified, which gives them a huge advantage over the many amateurs who still offer services. 

Home Security Systems

Your home is your sacred place, and we understand that you need security.  That’s why Security iCam offers a wide range of security services that not only prevents burglaries, but also allows you to keep an eye on every situation in your home while you’re away. As well as intelligent technological measures for your home. Security iCam has everything your home needs. 

Security Camera Installation

Security cameras are the fundamental part of any kind of modern security system. Not only does it help you have proof that a criminal entered your home, but it also deters them. And it clearly helps you see what’s going on inside your home while you’re away, taking your worries off your mind. With Security iCam you can get a professional security camera installation for both residential and commercial. With a wide variety of cameras that respond to different features, such as night vision, motion sensors, remote viewing, etc.

Security iCam guarantees security for any type of structure, no matter if you live in an apartment, a suburban condominium or an estate. For each residence we create a specific security plan to follow, but we understand that you may be curious about how to choose your specific DVR and security camera. That’s why our professionals will guide you between the two types of DVRs, pc based or standalone, and then choose based on space whether a 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel camera is needed. Or if a particular type of camera is required.

Among the camera models we can see: 

  • BOX
  • PTZ
  • Drome
  • Infrared (IR)

Based on the type of residence in which you live, there are different types of cabling to suit the customer’s comfort and functional needs of the camera. 

Also, depending on your type of residence, we have different cables that should fit your needs. Choosing the right cable is a choice based on your place of residence, apartment, suburban apartment or villa.

  • Coaxial cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Twisted pair cable
  • Cat 5
  • Cat 6
  • Modulator/Demodulator

The second you install security cameras, you will notice how your home environment changes to a more protected one. Residential buildings tend to be an attraction for burglars, having security cameras inside and outside will prevent them from being tempted to steal. Even if you are on vacation or away from your home, you will be able to keep an eye on what is going on inside or outside 24 hours a day. But to have good security, you need a professional to guide you step by step through the process. 

If you still don’t feel totally confident about taking this step to make your home more secure, there are easy reasons why you’ll realize it’s not optional, but necessary. Have you checked the crime rates in your area lately? Or in the United States in general? Just by doing a little research you might realize how important it is to keep yourself safe nowadays with surveillance systems. If you think about it a little more and confirm that we are right, contact us, we are waiting for you with a group of professionals in the area.

Commercial security solutions

One of the duties of a business owner is to keep safe the employees, customers and the structure that protects the assets of the business. And for this to be accomplished, it is ideal to have Security iCam as a provider of commercial security solutions that are tailored to your business. From access control systems, to intercom systems and closed circuit cameras, all in one place. From the very beginning, Security iCam will make it a priority to design and install a security system that is right for your business and your budget.

Entrance Chambers

Running a retail store is not as easy as some people think. It is a task that requires controlling the flow of customers, giving them a good service that makes a difference and secures customers, and avoiding theft or unexpected situations. To control this, it is necessary to have an uninterrupted recording of the cash registers and blind spots, because in any oversight you could lose merchandise. This option will help you better analyze any situation that arises during the day, in addition to identifying the people involved. And above all, deter thieves from trying to rob your store. 

Cash register cameras

Attempted theft, customer disagreements, fraud attempts or questionable interactions are common in any business. That’s why it’s extremely important to record everything with good quality audio and video so that you have evidence if an unpleasant situation arises. 

Warehouse cameras

Thefts don’t necessarily have to be from outsiders, many times they can come from staff. Having large warehouses makes this type of theft much easier, so it is essential to look for blind spots and install video cameras. In addition, it can increase the productivity of your employees to have them monitored 24 hours a day. 

Cameras in parking lots

Having a parking lot for cars and bikes is one of the most eye-catching ways to bring in clientele. But you still need to reassure your customers that nothing bad will happen to their mode of transportation while they shop. Installing a security camera will make all the difference. 

Our range of services includes:

Intercom systems.

With intercom systems you will be able to restrict who enters and leaves your residence or business. Security iCam has been a fast growing prospect for intercom systems and currently has some of the best reviews from companies and individuals. The benefit of this type of system derives from identifying a visitor even when you are outside your home, giving you the ability to interact with them or decide whether to let them in or not. 

Home alarm systems

Today Security iCam is the company that stands for customized security system services. The variety of products available range from burglar alarms, intrusion detection, fire alarms and even flood detectors. A camera is not enough to keep your home safe, you need to complement its help with other equally useful systems. Security iCam offers only the best brands on the market that have been working for the well-being of the citizens of Greenwich Village for years. The benefit of these alarm systems? Easy, during an unexpected situation they will issue an alert to you followed by the nearest police department.

A good security system that has been customized to meet the needs of the resident should be the priority. Although it is great to have different methods of alarms and detectors available, there will always be one that you need more than another and we do not always have the financial ability to implement them all. For this you must evaluate with a professional your home and determine which are the appropriate systems and places of installation.

Home automation

The long awaited home automation, the technology that we thought we would see in the future 40 years ago is already here. Security iCam has home automation services in Greenwich Village that offer fast, state-of-the-art solutions to your home security and task management problems. You’ll even be able to set the lighting and temperature to your liking from work, and manage appliances like the coffee maker or TV as well. 

Security iCam has worked hard to offer these services to Greenwich Village residents, so you now have a wide range of features designed for your home. From the moment of installation you will have at your fingertips the intuitive user interface that will allow you to configure even the smallest detail of your home to your liking. 

We know that reducing your environmental footprint is important to you, as well as saving money. With a home automation system you will be able to do both, since by automating your home you will be able to turn everything on and off as you wish and see how much you spend each day.

Control panel

Controlling everything through a monitor or smart screen will make the process much easier from a distance. The best part? it will be customized to your preference. 

 Video doorbell

Although it is not common, you can suffer a burglary while you are at home and through the front door as an entrance. Usually these tend to be kidnappings or aggressive robberies, so it’s great to have a camera on your doorbell to see who the person is behind your door waiting for you to open it.

Smart thermostat

Regardless of your location, whether inside or outside your home, you will be able to control the temperature of your home around the clock. Perfect tool for when it’s cold and you want your home to be warm when you get home, or if you hate having to get up at night to move the thermostat. Have everything at your fingertips 

Smart lights

You no longer have to make the nightly trek to turn off the lights when you go to sleep, or turn them on when night starts to fall. You can from the control center set the lights for the hours you want, and also link them to motion sensors so they only turn on when someone is in the room. This could also prevent break-ins, as burglars don’t want to be seen or draw attention to themselves during their misdeeds. 

Garage door openers

The process of opening a garage and waiting up to minutes to get out is over, just hop in your car and do everything remotely. Time is valuable, automating your home could help you save it and invest it in better things.

Smart locks

This is one of the best parts of automating your home. Usually we had to go back to make sure we had locked the door properly, but with smart locks it’s just a matter of checking your phone and seeing its status online. Did your kids arrive after you left, or your partner? Open or close the door from work. Everything is easier with smart locks. 

Smart plugs

There’s nothing better than getting home and not having to run inside to unplug the iron you left on and remember you’d left it on during work hours, or clean up the mess of the coffee maker you left running. Smart plugs will let you know what’s going on in your home and what you can unplug. 

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

If you as a homeowner are thinking about installing a security system in Greenwich Village, choose well between indoor and outdoor security cameras. Security cameras are the main conduit for knowing what’s going on in your absence, so it’s important to choose wisely. A motion sensor, fire alarm, smart door locks, glass break sensor and smoke detectors won’t help if you don’t have the mainstay: a camera. How do you choose wisely? It’s easy, hire Security iCam.

Motion Sensors

Investing in a motion sensor for your home will mean a considerable percentage of money and energy savings. Since they are connected to other security systems, this will be responsible for activating them only when there is movement. In addition, it can also be adjusted to the lights of the house.

Sensors for doors and windows

Unless you have a hole in your walls or ceiling, doors and windows are a burglar’s only option for entry. Therefore, by having sensors on these objects you will be able to activate all security mechanisms when there is suspicious movement, and inform the nearest police department in your area to check in your absence. 

Glass breakage sensor

So far we do not have a reason why it is good news to hear a broken glass, and even less when we are not at home. For these cases glass sensors were invented, which respond to any breakage with alarms, activation of cameras and direct call to the police. 

Water leak detector

This is a topic that is not taken seriously enough nowadays, but the best scenario of a water leak during your absence is that your furniture and appliances get wet. For a water leak usually causes major disasters, such as fire or risk of electrocution. Leak detectors alert you immediately when water is detected where it shouldn’t be.

Carbon monoxide detector

Not many people monitor carbon monoxide levels, but it is important to do so as it can damage tissue or in high concentrations, can cause death. It is imperative that you have one in your home or business, it is part of ensuring good air quality.

Smoke detector

The basic of the basics, besides being important in the home, they would not let you open any business without one of these installed. When there is a fire or a considerable amount of smoke, the alarms go off and the relevant bodies are alerted to deal with this type of problem. 

Only high quality brands

The only way to get long-lasting devices is to buy from quality companies. In addition to, clearly, installing with a professional company like Security iCam. One of the particularities of our company is that it already has connections with companies that offer security devices, so you will have two jobs in one. And not just any company, but the best in the area.


  • Digital Watchdog
  • Hikvision
  • Panasonic
  • Axis
  • SecureGuard
  • Dahua
  • Hanwha Techwin America (SAMSUNG)


These leading companies come with an easy-to-use app for Windows, macOS, Android and IOS, making monitoring and maintenance much easier for users.

Identity Theft Protection

When working with any security company and purchasing a surveillance system, it is normal to feel worried about your data since it will be online all the time. Being vulnerable to hackers should not be a concern as long as you have Security iCam as your trusted ally. In our team we have cybersecurity experts who will keep your data well guarded. In all our years of business we have not had a single complaint about data theft, whether in Greenwich Village or elsewhere.

Security systems for businesses 

We know that for the residents of Greenwich Village, Manhattan it is super important to install security systems in their homes as well as in their businesses. And in businesses it’s especially important because that’s where your life’s assets are, and you owe security to your employees and customers. We at Security iCam are very proud of the service we have built over time, as we can secure both your home and your business with the same quality and specialized systems for each area. For the commercial area, we have security cameras, access control, glass sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and many more that will fit your specific needs. 

Zip Codes Covered by Security iCam in Greenwich Village, Manhattan 


Security iCam services Greenwich Village, Manhattan and surrounding areas. This is the zip code covered by Security iCam:

  • 12834
  • Argyle village
  • Cambridge village
  • Fort Ann village
  • Fort Edward village
  • Glens Falls
  • Glens Falls North
  • Granville village
  • Hudson Falls village
  • Salem village
  • Schaghticoke village
  • Valley Falls village
  • West Glens Falls
  • Whitehall village

Why choose Security iCam?

Make no mistake, there are many choices of security companies on the market, but Security iCam has always stood out. The reasons are many, firstly there is the level of professionalism that we handle in our company, with qualified and experienced staff that can help you at any time and in any situation. Then, there is our quality in tools and materials, we do not work with low level brands, we always go for the best on the market. And finally, there is the quality of our customer service. For us it is basic the fact that you can talk to us about your problem without limits to collect the most important data and offer you a solution accordingly. We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Additional Services of Security iCam in Greenwich Village

We are not only limited to the installation of security systems, we also explore other areas such as the installation of wall-mounted or similar devices as our experience with cameras has expanded our knowledge in the area. Avoid accidents when installing your TV by hiring our installation services. Not only will we put the TV right and make sure it won’t fall down easily, we will also find the most suitable position so that you don’t have to strain your neck to watch the TV properly.

Projector and projection screen

Every day the projectors of the author and conference rooms are seen much more in the residential panoramas for its similarity to the movie theaters. If you are one of these people who opt for a vintage style to watch your movies, then we are your installers. At Security iCam we will let you choose from a wide range of projectors and give you the installation and user guide at the same time. We will adapt to your budget and desires so that you have everything you want.

Audio and surround sound systems

Part of the experience of a good movie or listening to an album is the sound and the sensations it makes you feel. Therefore, for many it is extremely important to have an audio system and surround sound, so we have enabled the installation service in our company. Have good audio in your home with Security iCam, you will realize that you won’t want to leave your room for a long time. Our experienced professionals know how to make your room become another space with surround sound. 

Network Cabling & Data Cabling Services

Cabling problems in Greenwich Village, Manhattan are becoming increasingly common. Since cabling is a fundamental part of our service, we now have the ability to solve your problem. After all, if we didn’t fix it, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with security system installation services, since they depend on each other. Take it as a prior and necessary service, where our team will make a detailed plan on what needs to be fixed and where it will be done. 

Security Camera Repair Technician

Being responsible for different types of services, systems and electronic devices makes us have the need to also provide maintenance and repair of them to our customers. We currently have technicians available to solve any type of inconvenience or accident that has happened with our electronic devices. Be it security cameras, sensors or audio systems. As you may have noticed, our priority is to make your life easier.

Your Trusted Security Company in Greenwich Village, Manhattan 

Security iCam is the security company of choice in Greenwich village, Manhattan. Look no further, you have in front of you the opportunity to make your home more secure and go on vacation without having to think about what’s going on behind your back. We have your home covered 24 hours a day with our systems, and we are available for you in customer service 24 hours a day as well. Get in touch with us quickly, we’ll give you all the information you need to get started.

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