Residential Remote Security Monitoring in New Jersey & New York


Our guards change every 5 hours because well rested eyes see everything better!


Our guards change every 5 hours because well rested eyes see everything better!

360° View

Cameras are set up to see every angle of your residential property- no blind spots!

Customized Video Monitoring Solutions For Your Home

Security iCam is a widely known security camera company in New Jersey, New York & Manhattan that installs as well as maintains security systems for different kinds of properties. The aim of our security solutions is to prevent any undesirable situation before it happens. The solutions that we provide include numerous types of systems for all kinds of spaces. The satisfaction of our clients along with the provision of a safe and pleasant environment are the primary priorities at Security iCam.

Protect your Home with Remote Video Surveillance, No Matter the Location at Any Time

With the help of smart and remote video surveillance you can alleviate all your worries of a break-in, intrusions or every other life and safety issue that might bother you, at the time you are not home. Security iCam provides 24/7/365 remote video monitoring with the most effective and quick results in the industry.

You now have the chance to grant and add security to your house through the property protection camera system of Security iCam. Think of the most innovative solution which will provide you constant and effective coverage of your house which can be directly linked with your smartphone or laptop at any time and anywhere you are. We provide you easy access to your house in order for you to keep your mind in peace and to not wonder about what is going on when you cannot be there.

What We Do

We provide you advanced camera systems and technology as well as highly trained remote guards in order to keep your space safe. Which means you will be covered 24/7 with the best remote video surveillance solutions in the industry.

This kind of protection keeps your property safe 24/7 while you complete your work and sleep peacefully at night, no matter your location. We are here to prevent any possible crime at your property in order for you to put all your effort and energy in every other activity that you need to complete.

Security ICAM 

The Best Security Team Based On Expertise and Budget!


What our customers say

Sophie Newman@sophie_newman
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"Tech was amazing and easy to use. They quickly set and appointment and came in timely fashion. The staff also took the time to explain what they were doing and how we could access the system remotely. Thnx!"
Jan Short@janshort
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"I meet the staff when they came to install the surveillance cameras. They called prior to their arrival to set the date and they were punctual. The guys were knowledgeable and polite. They even gave us some advice on how to properly use the system."
Ruth Parr@ruthparr
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"Good price and such a great installation team. Prompt and courteous. The installation crew as are extremely knowledgeable of the system and they did a very good job, indeed."


What You Must Know About Live Remote Surveillance Services

The greatest protection of people, properties, spaces and assets is something much more than just having the most state-of-the-art security equipment. The most important part is having complete control over the surveillance system as well as utilizing it with an efficient and maximum potential.
Security iCam comprehends the differentiation between a poorly operated remote surveillance system and a greatly effective one. It is the aim of our company to help our clients in elaborating their security with the integration of live remote video surveillance services into the current property security architecture.

Our clients, benefit:

  • A complete control over their system
  • An optimized and improved performance
  • Saving time and money

With hundreds of surveillance services offered from Security iCam, we have a complete ability to personalize security systems in order to meet all the specific needs and requirements that our patients have.

The Remote Surveillance Security Solutions that Security iCam Provides

Remote Live Video Monitoring – Powered Surveillance Security Services

You now have the opportunity to enhance the security, safety as well as accessibility of your work site with Security iCam. The remote video surveillance system that we utilize is with the most advanced equipment on the market. Our technicians install effectively all cameras which transmit live to the remote video surveillance facility in order to ensure that every angle of your space is covered and monitored.

Remote Concierge Surveillance Services – Building Management

The remote concierge surveillance services that we provide, will definitely add prestige as well as level up your property, while at the same time save you the cost of your security, maintenance and time. The features of the remote concierge surveillance services that we provide, include:
-Remote visitor surveillance
-Virtual guard tours
-Client and people reporting
-Video achieving
-Incident response
-Remote system health checks
For what is more we can integrate the current security cameras of your property into your remote concierge pack which will offer you a way further management of your space. Efficient building management is completed with Security iCam.

Remote Access Management – Access Control

Security iCam provides effective and customized remote security solutions for every patient. With the remote video monitoring station, we manage to control every access to your property with the help of a remote access management system.

Time Lapse Surveillance Videos – Progress Videos

The most innovative marketing project of the moment is time lapse video. It can capture every stage of your progress in an appealing manner. You can reflect milestones in short form videos which give you the opportunity to celebrate every one of your successes. Time lapse videos are a way to promote new business opportunities for your company. Every one of those can deliver a large amount by driving traffic to the company’s social media website along with your online platforms. Time lapse videos are an interesting way that can drive excellent digital marketing results.

Fund Your Home Security Project With Financing

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Select an offer

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Step Four

Pay your contractor

Security iCam Advantages

Fast services

You will be able to receive service on the same-next day you called.

10 Years of Experience

With over 10 years of experience and 4.9 to 5 google review rating score, we now are one of the fastest-growing security companies in New York & New Jersey.

Skilled Technicians

Certified technicians with more than 10 years of experience on Security iCam. Troubleshooting experience, assembling, disassembling, repairing of various security devices/systems.

Security iCam is a company that gives you the opportunity to detect and respond to every little thing that might happen on your property, in a really short period of time. The detailed work of our technicians increases the precision of protection in every environment. The methods and equipment that we utilize can differentiate the motion of people and vehicles. This advanced technology gives you the chance to secure your property and detect every unwanted activity at any time.
Our technicians are highly trained and when it comes to the installation of our security cameras’ system, they ensure you do quick and exceptional work. At the time that an unauthorized or unwanted activity is detected in your space then an alert is immediately sent to the video monitoring station of our company and then our professional staff assess the situation and follow every step of our protocol in order to solve every situation.

On the other hand, the powered facial recognition technology can identify quickly the authorized persons in your property and this is a benefit because you will not experience any unwanted situation about the recognition of every person separately. The license plate recognition technology gives our technicians the opportunity to identify as well as capture clear images of people, license plates and so on.

Security iCam utilizes an innovative and state-of-the-art technology of security cameras. We assure you that you will be provided with the most modern and sophisticated technology of security cameras that are available in the security industry in New Jersey. Our staff is always prepared for any unexpected situation and is fitted with the most advanced software, tools and applications. All those reasons make us a leader in the live video monitoring industry of New Jersey, New York and Manhattan.

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