Super Market Retail Security Camera Installation


By doing a smart investment in super market retail security camera installation you will feel more protected even from those employee thefts you cant catch. We are talking about one of the biggest industries that produce a lot of money nowadays. The retail industry is also the most targeted one that losses a lot of money during thefts, vandalism, shoplifting and much more. But what is the solution to this problem? How can you manage to put an end to these criminal activities?  You will maximize your store profits and much more. Thefts will decrease and no sane thief would dare to approach to your retail business when he sees that camera up there. It’s even better for a patron because the environment becomes much more safer and inviting.

SecurityIcam is a company that can offer you a super market retail security camera installation and makes you feel safer. We have professional workers that really understand their job and do it with passion. You won’t have any problem with the installment and they can suggest a set of different surveillance cameras. It doesn’t matter if you want an outdoor or indoor camera because we are offering both of them. The first thing you need to do is clear your mind on where do you want them with more urgency. Find those weak spots where you would like to install them and we will do the rest. Go look for the blind spots too they need to be identified before installing a security system.

Common crimes you will face without a super market retail security camera installation


We don’t like to say this but all the owners of the retail shops have a problem that doesn’t get washed up. Theft and shoplifting along with the most dangerous one employee theft are things you cant get rid of in this type of business. IP camera systems are the perfect one for you to prevent these retail crimes. These cameras can also help you or the police identify who the real culprit is. No one will even try to mess with your shop when they see you took all the security measures.


According to the National Association for Shoplifting prevention the sum that gets taken its over 13 billion worth of goods from all the retail shops. So with all this money that gets lost surely, the retailers rethink their security measures. They know it needs to take a step towards a better security system for their shops. The expert shoplifters can be a little bit tricky to catch so you will need all the support you can afford. If you make up your mind and get a retail security camera installation you can save thousands of dollars for a year from shoplifters.


Employee Theft

Going straight to another case of theft and probably the more cunning one that is employee theft. Even if you go behind those exhaustive backgrounds and cv when you get a new employee he may have some bad ideas in his mind. You are not sure that he won’t steal any of your information or money. To achieve that piece of security than you need to install a security camera to catch it in the act. This way you can press charges and get all of the losses back.



It is said that a lot of employees use the sweethearting method to make unauthorized product discounts without you knowing. They learned this kind of way now and sometimes you can miss it as they learned new ways to manage this. If you installed a security camera than the chances you can catch your employees in the act get higher than before.


Flash Rob Theft

This is a new style of theft that most of the adolescents and young adults practice when they target retail shops. It is committed in large groups where they steal all the items you sell and break the products. They even yell and make threats to the employees making them intimidated and not safe. Possing an extreme danger to the staff and customers they can get your business down. It is told that the store owners should never intervene because things can get out of the hand very quickly with their temperament. Having a security camera will record any incident that will help law enforcement identify the culprits.


Organized Retail Crime

It doesn’t end here because you can come across organized retail crime too. These underground shoplifting rings are getting spread across New York and other states so everyone needs to take measures. They go into the shops and fill their bags without you knowing than leave and you get a deficit of money at the end of the month. It’s important that you catch this kind of person because the expert shoplifters make a lot of harm and are hard to identify. With a security camera installation, you will save money and make your safety a primary thing. Putting surveillance cameras outdoor and indoor will give you the opportunity to watch them steal and leave from your building. Facts that can help law enforcement get them in arrest.


Benefits of a super market retail security camera installation




Where to Place Super Market Retail Security Camera installation


As we know every single storefront has different things on almost all terms. Starting from its size and merchandise layout on to the other things. But what do retail shops have in common with one another? Well, they have those exit and entrance doors, the cash register station and also the sales floor. This said you know that those are the hot points of shoplifting, thefts and many more problems to come. By taking good care of your retail shop and doing a security camera installation you are set to go and have a calm day of work. If every retail shop does this than the number of crimes surely will decrease. Also, they need a proper installation by a highly trained and professional team. Make sure to pick the best one, Security iCam.


Entrances and Exits

These two points are the vital ones for you. You need to know who goes in from the entrance and who goes out. This way you prevent irrelevant thief cases and also shoplifting individuals. You will know who is the person that comes to your store and the culprit too. Mount a high-quality IP video and things will get better.


Cash Register

This is the place where you strongly need a super market retail security camera installation. It’s the most attacked spot by thieves because there you keep all your money of the day. These “employees” will try to steal directly from you in the cash register area. And if we have in mind your busy day you won’t be there at all the moments because of other things. If you are feeling that all the cash you get has not been accounted for than a retail security camera will be perfect for you. All the activity needs to be observed like the register, transactions, refunds, and money counting. Install a camera above the scanner so you can avoid the sweethearting and your thieve employees.


Sales Floor

The sales floor will always need at least one single camera depending on the size of your retail shop. Blind spots and those poorly lit spaces need to be monitored because the shoplifters look for these places to do their harm. If customer service is missing they will know that and benefit from that.



Also we have those types of thieves that can seek after the warehouses or inventory, cargo. Stealing those things will make your business go down the hill. There are over $425 million that were stolen from warehouses, loading trucks and much more. Mounting the cameras on the beams, drop ceiling or main ones will be perfect to observe the inventory that you have.


Parking Lot

One place you need to observe carefully it’s the parking lot. By investing in a super market retail security camera installation you will keep your employees and clients safe. Their vehicles will be in good hands and no possible break in’s won’t happen. You cant take a high-quality security camera that zooms in and you can recognize even the license plate of their vehicle.


Types of  super market retail security camera installation





Final Words


You own a retail shop and you want that extra security cushion? Than it’s up to you to choose the best company that can offer it. Security iCAM it’s the most reliable one in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. So if you are on these parts we will gladly help. We got a professional team and staff that are ready to show you the latest word of technology. If you wish to get a super market retail security camera installation than we will send our professional workers to help. Also in need of advice, we can offer it to you. We will talk about everything and also the cost that it has a camera. Also we will give information about its maintenance without hiding any cost from you.

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