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Subway and train stations are very busy places, and therefore vulnerable to theft, vandalism and other crimes. To combat these problems, security cameras are an essential tool. These cameras can be installed in different areas, such as platforms, entrances and exits, corridors and escalators. Security cameras can also be monitored in real time by security personnel or police, allowing a faster response to any incident.

Today in this blog we will tell you a little more about the benefits of cameras, which ones are usually installed and the importance of having a professional do the job to avoid major inconveniences. Without much more to say, let’s get started!

Types of cameras 

Fixed cameras

Fixed cameras are the most common in subway and train stations. They are installed in strategic locations to capture high quality images of the monitored area. They are generally placed at station entrances and exits, on platforms and in restricted access areas. These cameras provide sharp and clear images, making it easier to identify people and objects. They are also very effective in monitoring the flow of people and detecting any suspicious activity.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are another type of security cameras used in subway and train stations. These cameras are characterized by their rounded shape and their ability to rotate in different directions. As a result, they can monitor a wider area than fixed cameras. In addition, they are usually more discreet, making them a good choice for areas where more discreet surveillance is required. Dome cameras are very effective for monitoring large areas such as station platforms and public spaces.

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras are a type of security camera that can detect the presence of people and objects in low light or total darkness. These cameras are very useful in subway and train stations, as they can detect the presence of people in restricted areas or on platforms at night. In addition, these cameras can be used to measure the temperature of users and detect possible cases of fever. This is especially useful in times of pandemics, where early detection of people with fever can help prevent the spread of disease.

Facial recognition cameras

Facial recognition cameras are a type of security camera that uses artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces. These cameras are very effective in detecting suspicious or wanted persons. In addition, they can be used to monitor the flow of people and detect suspicious behavior patterns. However, these types of cameras have generated controversy due to privacy concerns and the possibility of abuse by authorities.

Benefits of security cameras in subways and trains

Nowadays, public transport systems are a means of transportation widely used by millions of people around the world. However, these infrastructures can be vulnerable to different types of crime, such as theft, vandalism and assault. For this reason, security cameras have become an essential tool to ensure security on trains and subways.

Want to hear other reasons? We have them for you

Crime prevention

The presence of security cameras on trains and subways is an effective deterrent to criminals. Simply knowing that they are being monitored by security cameras can be enough to deter criminals from committing a crime on the train or subway. In addition, if a crime does occur, security cameras can provide valuable evidence for the police, increasing the likelihood that the offender will be identified and arrested.

Security cameras are also a very effective tool for detecting crime. Should a criminal decide to defy the presence of cameras and commit a crime, they can provide clear and concrete images that can be used to identify and apprehend the offender.

Passenger safety

Although accidents and emergencies are rare on trains and subways, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. In these cases, security cameras can provide valuable information about what happened and how to respond effectively. Train or subway operators can use this information to take quick and effective action to ensure passenger safety.

In addition, security cameras can detect suspicious or dangerous behavior. If a passenger is acting in an unusual manner or if there is a suspicious object on the train or subway, the cameras can alert train or subway operators to take immediate action to ensure the safety of other passengers.

Property protection

Another important benefit of security cameras on trains and subways is property protection. Security cameras can detect theft and vandalism, and provide valuable evidence for the police. In addition, security cameras can be used to monitor storage areas for luggage and other personal items, which reduces the chances of theft.

Process of installing security cameras in trains and subways with Security iCam

Step 1: Project planning

Before starting the installation of security cameras, a detailed project planning is required. This planning includes defining the security objectives, identifying the critical points in trains and subways, selecting the appropriate security equipment and defining the installation procedures.

Step 2: Installation of the security cameras

Once the project planning has been completed, the installation of the security cameras is the next step. Security iCam offers a wide variety of security cameras for trains and subways, which are tailored to the specific needs of each project.

The installation of the security cameras is performed by a team of highly trained professionals, who follow the installation procedures defined in the project planning. The installation team is responsible for installing the security cameras at the critical points identified in the project planning, and for configuring the security equipment to ensure its correct operation.

Step 3: Configuration of the security equipment

Once the security cameras have been installed, the security equipment is configured. Security iCam security equipment is highly configurable, allowing it to be adapted to the specific needs of each project.

The configuration of the security equipment is carried out by a team of highly trained professionals, who follow the configuration procedures defined in the project planning. The configuration team is in charge of configuring the security equipment to ensure its correct operation and performing validation tests to verify its correct operation.

Step 4: Staff training

Once the security cameras have been installed and configured, it is necessary to train the personnel in charge of the operation and monitoring of the security equipment. Security iCam offers specialized training for the personnel in charge of operating and monitoring the security equipment to ensure that they know how to use the security equipment effectively and efficiently.

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