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Gramercy Park is a small, private park located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. It is surrounded by a residential neighborhood of the same name and is considered one of the most exclusive and upscale areas in the city. The park itself is only accessible to those who have a key, which is only given to residents of the surrounding buildings and certain approved individuals.

Despite its reputation for being safe, it’s important to remember that crime can still occur in any area. Residents and visitors to Gramercy Park should always exercise caution and take common-sense safety measures, such as keeping valuables out of sight and being aware of their surroundings.

If you happen to reside in Gramercy Park, NY, you are fortunate as Security iCam is a prominent security enterprise that specializes in delivering first-rate security solutions to clients in Gramercy Park, NY, and nearby regions.

Selecting the right company can have a significant impact, and Security iCam stands out as one of the rapidly expanding companies in NY. Each member of our team is a trained expert in their respective role, and we are equipped to provide prompt and effective solutions to any concerns you may have.

Home Security Systems

Your home is a haven of tranquility, and safeguarding it is of utmost importance. Security iCam presents a wide assortment of home security systems that are specifically designed to shield your property from burglary, theft, and other criminal activities. 

Security Camera Installations

At Security iCam, we specialize in providing professional security camera installations for both residential and commercial properties in the East Village area of NY. Security cameras are crucial components of any modern security system as they help to deter criminals, monitor activity, and provide valuable evidence in case of a security breach.

We give our clients the freedom to select the DVR and security cameras that fit their budget best. We offer two types of DVRs: PC-based and standalone, and our experts can guide you in deciding which option is best for your needs. The number of channels required for your DVR depends on the size of your property, and we offer options ranging from 4 to 32 channels. 

  • BOX
  • PTZ
  • Drome
  • Infrared (IR)

We provide various types of cables for the installation of security cameras, depending on the location and structure of your residence.

  • Coaxial cable
  • Fiber optic
  • Twisted pair wire
  • Cat 5
  • Cat 6
  • Modulator/Demodulator

Commercial Security Solutions

Security iCam recognizes this and offers a broad spectrum of commercial security solutions that cater to the distinctive needs of your business. We collaborate with you to customize and install a security system that fits your specific requirements and budget.

Entrance cameras

Running a retail shop poses various challenges, such as managing customer traffic and generating favorable sales statistics to distinguish between casual browsers and potential customers, which can significantly impact your daily earnings. With 24/7 recording of entrance cameras, analyzing footage becomes more effortless, enabling you to draw meaningful conclusions. 

Checkout counter cameras

Unfortunately, every business is susceptible to various security threats, such as theft, customer disputes, cashier fraud, and employee theft. However, by utilizing high-definition video and audio recording, you can significantly mitigate these risks.

Storeroom cameras

Staff theft is a prevalent concern for businesses, and large storerooms with abundant stock make it easier for employees to engage in such illicit activities. Installing high-definition video cameras at strategic locations enables efficient monitoring of your staff and deters potential theft. By identifying the right spots to install surveillance cameras, you can keep a vigilant eye on your stock and safeguard your business against any such unauthorized activities.

Parking lot cameras

Since many clients reach businesses by car, parking lots serve as crucial areas that require adequate security measures. Installing security cameras in your parking lot is essential to ensure that you can accurately identify every client entering your store.

Our range of services includes:

Intercom Systems

The installation of intercom systems gives you the chance of controlling access to your property efficiently. Security iCam is a rapidly evolving company with an exceptional reputation in the intercom system industry, thanks to splendid feedback from our customers. With an intercom system in the right place, you can verify the identity of a guest before permitting them to enter, even when you are indoors. When a sensor is triggered or the doorbell rings, you will be receiving video and audio transmission on a monitor located within your residence or on your smartphone screen.

Home Alarm Systems

Security iCam specializes in putting together custom-made security systems, which encircle burglar alarms, intrusion detection, fire alarms, and flood detection. You will be enhancing the overall security, with the installation of personalized alarm systems that indulge your specific necessities. We offer our customers access to some of the greatest brands that merge perfectly with knotty systems. As a consequence, Security iCam is at the vanguard of the industry. When triggered, alert systems will concurrently notify you, the NYC police department, and activate blinking lights and sirens. An efficiently customized security system will integrate intrusion detection, fire alarms, flood sensors, burglar alarms, glass-break sensors, smoke detectors, and heat detectors. The meticulous placement of each sensor and detector is critical to ensure maximum efficiency. Seemly installation of these devices can make a considerable difference in the level of security offered. The right solution can only be decided by a team of seasoned experts and well-trained professionals. Incorporating these alarms and detectors with a rightly arranged security camera system will create a safe environment where you will be notified of any incidents that happen.

Home Automation

The commencement of home automation has regenerated the way we interact with our living space. Our Home Automation service in Gramercy Park, NY influences advanced technologies to offer uncomplicated control and management of every point of your home. Our cutting-edge system, which covers lighting, temperature, security, and entertainment, provides a concentrated platform that simplifies your daily routine and upgrades your quality of life. We show off our offerings of a high range of features that serve your specific requirements. Our user-friendly interface permits you to tailor and automate your residence easily. Our Home Automation service not only heightens your convenience but also encourages energy efficacy. 

Control Panel

Utilizing a monitor screen to oversee and manage various aspects of your business can significantly simplify operations and maintenance. Our well-structured control panel enables clients to access and control every appliance, providing a centralized hub for efficient management. 

Video Doorbell

Did you know that there’s a 35% chance that a burglar will use your front door as an entry point? Our doorbell camera is designed to capture every moment of any activity triggered by a motion sensor, ensuring that you have a clear visual of any potential security breaches. With our phone application, you can monitor everything from anywhere, ensuring that you have complete control and peace of mind over your property’s security.

Smart Thermostat

Whether you’re outside, or too lazy to get up, you can conveniently adjust your home’s temperature to your liking. You can even schedule specific times of the day when you want your home to be warmer or cooler, ensuring that your home is at the perfect temperature when you return from work or wake up in the morning. 

Smart Lights

Smart lights are an essential addition to any home. The added security benefits of smart lights can deter potential burglars, as they may become confused or deterred by the increased attention on your property.

Garage Door Opener

Owning a car can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding a parking spot. A garage door opener can alleviate some of that stress by providing a safe and convenient way for you to enter and exit your garage. 

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks offer convenience and peace of mind. With these locks you can give access to your guests remotely without having to rush back home to open the door for them.

Smart Plugs

With smart plugs, you can control your appliances from anywhere using your phone or voice commands. You can set schedules, turn them on and off remotely, and even monitor their energy usage. 

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Whenever it comes to securing your residence in Gramercy Park, NY, choosing the right indoor and outdoor security cameras is essential. Security cameras are critical in capturing any events that may happen inside or outside your home. Even when you have installed motion sensors, fire alarms, smart door locks, glass break sensors, and smoke detectors, without security cameras, it is all pointless because it will be extremely tough to monitor any unusual occurrence. It is crucial to seek the help of specialists to verify the optimum locations and types of security cameras for your property. As Security iCam, we have a team of specialists who can offer you the best advice and installation services for your security cameras.

Motion Sensors

Installing motion sensors in your home can have numerous benefits, including conserving energy and reducing data usage. When a motion sensor is triggered, it can activate other security systems, such as turning on lights, starting camera recordings, and activating smart plugs. 

Door & Window Sensors

Installing sensors on your doors and windows can help ensure that your home is secure and protected from burglars who may attempt to enter through these entry points. You can program the sensors to trigger an alarm and alert the NYC police department during specific hours for added security.

Glass Break Sensor

Installing a glass break sensor can be a great way to ensure your home’s security. With a glass break sensor, you will receive an alert the moment the sensor is triggered, giving you peace of mind and helping you take prompt action if necessary.

Water leak detector

Many clients tend to underestimate the severity of a water leak problem, which can have disastrous consequences such as furniture damage, electrical hazards, and even fire hazards. It can also pose a risk to the safety of your family and pets. Installing a water leak detector is the best solution to ensure that you are notified immediately when water is detected in areas where it should not be.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is important to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide in your home, especially if you use appliances that release this gas.

Smoke Detector

It is crucial to have a smoke detector installed in every home to ensure safety. In case of a fire, being notified in real-time can make a significant difference. When the smoke detector detects smoke, it will trigger a fire alarm, and both the NYC Gramercy Park fire station and the homeowner will be notified immediately. 

Only High-Quality Brands

Choosing the right security company is crucial to ensuring a truly effective security system for your home. A reputable company will work with you to create a customized plan tailored to your specific needs. However, it’s not just about the plan, but also about the equipment.

  • Digital Watchdog
  • Hikvision
  • Panasonic
  • Axis
  • SecureGuard
  • Dahua
  • Hanwha Techwin America (SAMSUNG)

Identity Theft Protection

The continuous online presence of your security system data exposes you to potential hacking risks. However, our cybersecurity team ensures that every client is protected from identity theft. We partner exclusively with top brands whose applications are well-designed and monitored by cybersecurity experts, assuring hacking incidents. Our clients in Gramercy Park, NYC have expressed high satisfaction over the years, with no complaints about identity theft.

Business Security Systems 

The importance of installing a home security system cannot be overstated, especially for residents in Gramercy Park, NYC. Our comprehensive system includes security cameras, access controls, glass break sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, and other appliances to provide unbeatable security for your business. 

Zip Codes Covered by Security iCam in Gramercy Park, NY

Security iCam provides security services across various zip codes in Gramercy Park, NY, and the nearby regions. Below are some of the zip codes that Security iCam covers:




Why Choose Security iCam?

Security iCam distinguishes itself from other security companies in Gramercy Park, NY, for various reasons. Firstly, our team comprises highly skilled and experienced security experts who can design and install a customized security system to fit your specific needs. Secondly, Security iCam offers affordable pricing and flexible payment options, making our security solutions accessible to everyone.

Additional Services by Security iCam in Gramercy Park, NY

In addition to our comprehensive security services, Security iCam also offers a range of other valuable services for our clients in Gramercy Park, NY. One such service that shouldn’t be overlooked is our wall mount appliance installation service. TV wall mounting can be a challenging task, but our team of experienced professionals can make all the difference. The proper placement is crucial to achieving the best viewing experience, and our team can help you find the ideal spot for your TV and other appliances.

Projector & Projection Screen

We are mostly used to seeing projectors used in classrooms and conference rooms. Regardless, nowadays they are used more and more in creating a home theater. To all clients in Gramercy Park, NY, Security iCam gives them the choice between a variety of projector brands. A full team of experts will create a custom plan tailored to your needs and find the appropriate one for your property. The installation of the projectors must utterly be focused on picking the right brand within your pocket to mount and settle a process that experts will get done.

Audio Systems & Surround Sound

Security iCam is a premier provider of home audio systems and surround sound setup installation in Gramercy Park, NY. Our service aims to improve the quality of your daily life, turning every second spent at home into more pleasurable. As one of the leading providers of these services in Gramercy Park and the surrounding areas, we have a team of specialized engineers who will gingerly estimate and identify the greater occurrences in your residence for the optimal installation of your audio appliances. Our obligation to offer high-quality installation distinguishes us from other companies in this industry.

Network Wiring & Data Cabling Services

If you are in Gramercy Park, NY and you are having issues with your network cables, do not look anymore. Our broad experience working with a diversity of cable-connected appliances has permitted us to become experts in fashioning efficient network cabler wiring solutions. Our team of experts will partner closely with you to develop a tailored plan to your specific needs, whether it is for your business or your home, making sure you won’t be facing a single visible cable. Trust Security iCam to provide you with top-notch cable wiring services.

Security Cameras Repair Technician

Security iCam bears the responsibility for maintaining every service and product provided to our customers. Our team comprises experienced engineers who are always ready to take on any problem that may occur. Be it security cameras, sensors, detectors, audio systems, or any other irksome appliance, give us a call, and our seasoned team will quickly arrive to address the issue. At Securirty iCam, we exert ourselves to ensure your time at home or business is hassle-free, and we are devoted to delivering an uncomplicated experience for our clients.

Your trusted security company in Gramercy Park, NY

Security iCam is the leading security company in Gramercy Park, NY, that offers comprehensive security solutions for your property. Whether you require a residential security system, security camera setup, or commercial security plan, Security iCam has the expertise to provide you with the best possible service. To know more about our services and how we can assist you in safeguarding your home or business, get in touch with Security iCam today.

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