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Chelsea is one of Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods, full of culture and art galleries all over the place. And despite its large tourist influx, it also has its own residential area filled with a variety of structures. Thanks to this unusual combination of attractions and residences, there is frequent concern among locals about burglaries and break-ins. And according to us, the security of your residence or business is a serious issue that you should consider carefully. 

Many people tend to underestimate the installation of security systems either to minimize costs or simply out of ignorance, but these systems are quite affordable and will keep both your assets, your home, and the people who live within these spaces. If you are from Chelsea, Manhattan, you are in luck. Security iCam has expanded more and more throughout the United States and has settled in the Manhattan area to provide solutions to your security problems. 

Having the right company at your fingertips is crucial, and Security iCam promises quality, state-of-the-art technology and even maintenance services. Security iCam is currently one of the companies with the widest variety of products. With prospects such as security cameras, glass alarms, access control, among many others. What is the difference from other companies? Our staff is one of those differences, all are specialists prepared to solve your problems with the necessary knowledge to leave the job properly done. 

Home security systems

Your home should be that place where you come in and there is peace. It’s quite uncomfortable to walk in and have to keep an eye on doors and windows or go out and have to worry about it. That’s why Security iCam gives you the possibility to give you a little more peace of mind with different types of security systems that suit your needs and your budget; from alarms to cameras that are integrated into a smart home system. 

Security camera installation

Currently there are a large number of homes that have security cameras and other types of systems installed, only that at first glance it is not common to see them unless it is outdoors as they could ruin the wow factor. Security iCam helps you monitor both your business and home remotely with a variety of residential and commercial cameras in Chelsea, Manhattan. We have everything from cameras with night vision, to some that detect motion and can send direct signals to your cell phone and the police if there is an unexpected resident. With the help of our equipment, you can rest assured that your assets are well guarded.

No matter where you live or where you have your business, our team will get there to make you a customized plan. And if you are wondering how to choose your camera, it’s easy. Our specialists will guide you through the DVR and camera options,  explaining step by step the possibilities of your environment and blind spots. Depending on the dimensions of the site you can choose between 4, 8, 16 or even 32 channels. 

Among the camera models we can see: 

  • BOX
  • PTZ
  • Drome
  • Infrared (IR)

In addition, depending on your type of residence, we have different cables that should fit your needs. Choosing the right cable is a choice based on where you live, apartment, suburban apartment or villa.

  • Coaxial cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Twisted pair cable
  • Cat 5
  • Cat 6
  • Modulator/Demodulator

From the instant you have security cameras installed, you will notice the remarkable change in your peace of mind; you won’t have to worry too much about whether you locked the door properly or not, you just need to occasionally keep an eye on the cameras and know what’s going on in real time.

Currently in Chelsea, residential buildings tend to be the most sought targets for burglars. So the presence of security cameras could prevent the bad guys from targeting you and other residents.  This is a technique used in shopping malls, and stems from the fact that having security cameras often makes thieves feel uncomfortable and prevents them from thinking about robbing your residence or business.

The key to a good performance of the cameras is to have a good installer, therefore, you always count on the Security iCam team. From the first moment it will tell you which are the right places to place the cameras depending on the structure of your residence or company. We make the difference by creating customized and professional security system plans so that you never have to worry about blind spots again.

If you still feel insecure about this new technology, we understand, it is difficult to adapt to new changes. But when it comes to installing security camera systems there are only benefits. Just by researching the crime rate in your area you will realize that you could be the next victim. And you don’t need to hire a specialist to know that you have many blind spots in your home. If you’re a little more aware that you need the service, and want to know a little more information, contact us. We’ll give you a quote and a complete guide to what your security priorities should be.

Commercial Security Solutions

As someone who runs a company or business, we know that it is very important for you to keep your assets safe. As well as the people who go through your business every day, such as employees, customers, and yourself. That’s why Security iCam has created a line of services specifically to keep your business safe – from security cameras, to access control, to employee intercom systems. All of this at prices that are quite substantial for a business, and with a high quality installation process where every step is explained in detail.

Entry cameras

Being the owner of a small store has its challenges, it is important to keep an eye everywhere to control the flow of customers, to have good receptivity from the people who visit the store, and to make sure they don’t steal when your back is turned. Quite a job, isn’t it? Recording without interruptions and in real time will allow you to avoid these ant thefts, since people are not so tempted to steal if they are being watched while shopping.

Cash register cameras

These particular cameras tend to be very effective if you are looking for evidence during different situations; such as payment fraud, armed robberies, disagreements with customers who might become aggressive, all of which you can have on hand and are enough evidence to issue a justified police report.

Warehouse cameras

A common problem that our customers expose to us is the distrust that exists with the personnel, since in many occasions merchandise is missing that in no way could have been lost. Therefore, warehouse cameras monitor all the weak points that could be the bridge to material loss. In addition, it could even mean improving the performance of your staff, as you will be monitoring them 24 hours a day. 

Cameras in parking lots

Parking lot thefts are very common, and involve the business when the theft happens in your commercial parking lot. So if you rely on a parking lot for your customers to put their car in, it’s best to give them assurance that nothing will happen to it with good outdoor cameras.

Our range of services includes:

Intercom systems.

The benefits of an intercom system derive from restricting access to the residence to anyone. And if this is not enforced, you will be alerted through the central monitoring system. Are you away from home and want to know who wants to enter your home, or are you inside and don’t want to get up? An intercom system will give you audio, video and context of what’s going on at your front door. 

Home alarm systems

Security iCam is not only based on security cameras. Our company is based on building a security system for every home and business. Among the options are burglar alarms, intrusion sensors, fire alarms, flood detection, among many others. 

The systems we offer are among the best brands in the country, so you will not have to worry about system failures or errors, unless you do not have our custom installation. The state-of-the-art technology we handle has customizations that many years ago we thought impossible, such as alarm systems that directly notify the police if there is a robbery or if someone enters your home in your absence.

But the really important thing about alarm systems is that they are well installed, so you must have professionals to avoid small failures that could cost you all your wells. 


Home automation is here to stay, it is the state-of-the-art technology that we have been waiting for and that assures us that the future is already here. Security iCam’s home automation services allow you to change the perspective, your new home will be self-sufficient in a lot of things. For example, forget about controlling the lighting or the temperature, it will have a personalization that you will change only when you are no longer satisfied.

And although it may sound strange, a smart system in your home can help you save energy. Since it is automated to turn on and off multiple things in your home, and give you notice of everything through the central, either a computer, a tablet or your cell phone. So you will have much more control over your carbon footprint and your bills. 

Control panel

As we mentioned earlier, there is a control center that allows you to customize your home through home automation. This panel can be structured depending on your needs and you can manage up to 7 objects at a time.

Video doorbell

There is up to a 35% chance that a burglar will decide to enter through your front door, intending to physically attack whoever is inside the home. To avoid opening the door to strangers, you have a camera that is activated whenever someone stands in front of the doorbell. 

Smart thermostat

Are you lying down, too hot or too cold, and want to adjust the temperature without having to get up and go to the other side of the house? Turn on your cell phone and with the control panel control the temperature as you like. Do you want the house to be at a certain temperature when you get home? Same case, all from the comfort of your cell phone or tablet.

Smart lights

Smart lights are basic nowadays. Illuminating your home with the tones you like, at the hours you want and with a motion sensor that helps you save electricity is the new reality that everyone should live. Besides, what burglar wants to pass by a place that lights up and could compromise your location? 

Garage Door Opener

The tedious task of getting in and out of your car to close the garage door is over. Save yourself a few minutes by automating your garage and making sure no one opens it when you leave if they haven’t been authorized by you.

Intelligent locks

One of the best inventions of the last years, and one of the responsible for the decrease of burglaries. Since with only one unauthorized opening attempt you will have an alarm in your control center that could directly alert the police. In addition, avoid the stress of remembering whether you locked the door or not, everything can be done remotely. 

Smart plugs

Among the biggest fears of people who have just moved in is forgetting if the coffee maker or the iron was left on, but don’t worry, with smart plugs you won’t return home feeling that it’s on fire. You will be able to remotely know if you left something on and turn it off.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

One of the things to consider when deciding to install a security system in our Chelsea home, is to consider where we should place the cameras and which ones we will need, as they don’t all have the same function. And a little more important, to know which is the security complement that we are going to add in addition to the cameras. Because although these are quite useful they do not do the job completely. Usually security systems are a combination of different devices that fulfill a function adapted to the needs of the home.

In Security iCam we have a large number of security devices with the best quality on the market that can give you the security you deserve. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are perfect for people who do not want to keep security systems active all day, both cameras and alarms will only stay on when someone passes by and activates the motion sensor. 

Door and window sensors

This should matter a great deal to you, as these two are the only option for a burglar to enter your home. So you should make sure at all costs that they have state-of-the-art security that can tell you when someone unauthorized enters your home, such as sensors. If you leave home, just activate them and it will alert you and the police department. 

Glass breakage sensor

There is no glass breakage that does not derive from an unpleasant situation. So if your windows are wide, it is best to secure its perimeter with a glass breakage sensor. That, like the door sensor, will send a direct signal to the control center if something happens during your absence.

Water Leak Detector

This all-important measure has been ignored by many people, but no more. Taking a water leak problem seriously could save you thousands in home recovery costs, where the best case scenario is just broken furniture. Water leaks are so dangerous that they can cause a fire, or they can electrocute someone since we assume you have electronics and electrical outlets within a short distance of ground level. 

For safety, we recommend having your detectors active and properly installed. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Speaking of detectors, have you ever heard of silent death? Too much carbon monoxide while you sleep can easily paralyze your vital organs, and in high but non-lethal doses can cause tissue damage. Being notified live about the carbon monoxide level could save you from accidents, and your body and health will be grateful for the change of air. 

Smoke detector

If you don’t have one you should immediately go running to get one, this is a must-have item in any home. Even if you are a smoker it is better to smoke in the window than risk missing the hint of a fire that could be extinguished while you are away from home. 

Only high quality brands

We work only with certified and legally recognized brands, in addition to some that already have a reputation with our customers. We maintain the thought that only with quality appliances you can achieve quality results, and we do not play with this as safety is something extremely important and serious. Among our allies we can find: 

  • Digital Surveillance
  • Hikvision
  • Panasonic
  • Axis
  • SecureGuard
  • Dahua
  • Hanwha Techwin America (SAMSUNG)

These leading companies come with an easy-to-use app for Windows, macOS, Android and IOS, making surveillance and maintenance much easier for users.

Identity Theft Protection

The data of your security system will be online all the time, and many times this can lead you to be vulnerable to hackers. That is why in Security iCam we are always on constant vigilance and development of new computer security that battles against information theft measures that are coming to market so that you do not feel insecure. To date we have not received any complaints or claims for information theft, our customers feel safe with us and therefore continue to bet on our services. 

Security systems for businesses 

Whether you are the owner of a home or a business, both must have security systems; being much more important if you have a large and growing business. Thieves are very astute, they know when you have no protection around your business, so we recommend that you prioritize the installation of various security systems such as access controls, cameras in warehouses, motion detectors for the night, in addition to security systems that do not necessarily have to do with theft. For example, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, etc. 

All this and more can be purchased and installed with us at Security iCam, we are expanding every day and we are proud of our path to be one of the first and best security companies in the Chelsea area. We are already in several cities. And we are coming to conquer this territory confident of our success.

Zip Codes Covered by Security iCam in Chelsea, Manhattan 

Security iCam serves a wide range of zip codes in and around Chelsea, Manhattan. Here are some of the zip codes covered by Security iCam:













Why choose Security iCam?

There are many security companies in Queens, NY, but Security iCam stands out for several reasons. First, they have a team of highly skilled and experienced security experts who can design and install a security system that meets your needs. Second, they use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your security system is always up to date and performing optimally. Third, they offer 24/7 customer support to resolve any problems or questions you may have with your security system. Finally, Security iCam offers competitive pricing and flexible payment options to make their security solutions affordable for everyone.

Additional Security iCam Services in Chelsea, Manhattan

We have a wide variety of services for our clients in Chelsea, Manhattan, which makes us one of the first choices when you’re looking for quality. Many might think that we only limit ourselves to security systems, but no, we look to help our customers with other little things like installing wall mount appliances. 

In itself our service is based on the installation of security systems, so why not help you with other things that you might also need to install? More than with our experience we could find the best place in your home or company to do it. If you are wondering what kind of installations we do, we leave them here below.

Projector and projection screen

It is common to see projectors in conference rooms and classrooms, but their purchase is now becoming popular in homes that want to make home cinemas and other similar activities. Therefore, Security iCam has upgraded a bit more and now offers you the best options in projectors as well as their secure installation so you don’t have to worry about failing and damaging the projector.

Audio and Surround Sound Systems

The experience of watching a movie or video should be enjoyed 100%, that’s why Security iCam offers you audio and surround sound system installation services. Having a quality audio and sound system is a necessity that we understand, and we bet you that after we finish our work it is unlikely that you will want to leave your bedroom or living room for quite a while.

Network Cabling and Data Cabling Services

Network cabling problems are becoming very common in Chelsea, so Security iCam has activated this service to help you when you need it. However, we cannot do a proper installation if your network is deficient. Our experience with multiple types of devices will allow us to help you install your cables correctly and hide them efficiently. 

Security Camera Repair Technician

Had an accident with your security cameras? It is our duty to help you make sure everything in your home works properly, so don’t stress, if we have installed that camera we can service or repair it if something has happened. We have technicians at our side committed to solve any inconvenience you go through, prioritizing that you feel comfortable in your home or business. 

Your Trusted Security Company in Chelsea, Manhattan

Security iCam is the star company that achieves more customers through trust, good customer service and above all quality services. If you are in need of a security system installation in Chelsea, Manhattan, Security iCam will be there for you with 24-hour emergency care. Expect nothing less from any company. We hope you will contact us soon so we can guide you in the new world of residential and commercial security. What are you waiting for to feel more secure?

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