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Battery Park City, in the heart of Manhattan, has for many years been considered one of the quietest areas to make your life and raise a family thanks to its sweet and unhurried vibe slightly removed from the tourist rant and focused a bit more on the executive area of the city. But even so, the fact that it is a quiet place can make many people interested in its inhabitants or more specifically, its property. So it’s essential to keep an eye on security if you plan to move or live there.

Whatever your location, it is vital that you implement security in your property. Whether it is your home or your business, and even if you are a property manager. These are all investments that are best kept safe and protected against any threat, as theft or unfortunate situations do not warn you. So if you are already cooking in your head the idea of giving a little more security to your life, you are in luck. Security iCam is one of the most prominent companies in Battery Park, Manhattan with the goal of giving you the opportunity to secure your home at affordable prices, and regardless of your living area. 

The search for a company and the solutions they give you regarding the security of your home will make a difference in the result and its quality. That is why thousands of people choose Security iCam as their favorite company, and you too. There is no problem that does not have a solution for us, and we cover any type of risk you may face; from alarms to access control, security cameras to sensors, we have it all for you! In addition to a well-qualified staff to offer you installation services and a detailed guide on its use. 

Home security systems

Your home is the foundation of your stability, so you should make it a priority to keep it in top shape at all times. That’s why Security iCam gives you the possibility to install a wide variety of security systems that adapt to your needs, whether against theft or other types of criminal acts. And best of all, with a good range of prices so that your economic capacity does not matter much. Your security is our priority. 

Security camera installations

Security cameras are the most important part of any type of security system nowadays. Since in addition to deterring the thief, it can record who it is and give you evidence to denounce and find the culprit. In addition, it has its other equally fun functions such as monitoring the people living in your home such as your children. At Security iCam we are experts in installations of all types of cameras, plus we will guide you through the whole procedure to choose the ones that will really make a positive effect in your home.

No matter where you live, whether in an apartment, suburban apartment, villa, house, or if the cameras are for your business; we will be there to make it a safe space and make you feel comfortable to be there, without worrying about who might be stalking your home. The process of choosing between the DVR and CCTV cameras that best suit you is easy. First you need to know that there are only two types of DVR, pc based or standalone, and depending on the size of your building, you can choose between 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels and 32 channels. Security cameras come in a variety of models.

  • BOX
  • PTZ
  • Drome
  • Infrared (IR)

After this it only remains to analyze the type of residence in order to apply the appropriate cabling to avoid complications in the day to day. Among the options are:

  • Coaxial cable
  • Optical fiber
  • Twisted pair cable
  • Cat. 5
  • Cat 6
  • Modulator/Demodulator

You will notice the difference in the environment from the first second you install your cameras.Tthe security will not only derive at the moment of the burglary, it is also a great preventive measure since only the presence of the cameras will be able to warn the thieves that it is not a good idea to even inspect the house from the outside. Even when you are at work or out of town, your home will remain secure and you will be able to keep an eye on it occasionally to make sure everything is going well.

However, we advise you to try to install other systems along with the installation of security cameras, as this alone will not have the effect you want in terms of protecting your home. It will only be a preventive that could be easily violated and you would only be left with evidence of a robbery. If you allow us to idealize a customized security system plan, we assure you that you will be able to keep your property safe.

Not sure about making this decision? Consider the high crime rates to which the United States is currently exposed, all over the news there are robberies and truly dystopian situations that put everyone on alert. Simple research could give you the results of burglaries near you in Battery Park City. Also, most homes in the area are not structurally made to prevent burglars, they are wide open homes with a lot of blind spots. When you decide to hire Security iCam our specialists will put detail into the physical plans of your home looking for those little spots that you hadn’t noticed could pose a big risk to your family. 

Commercial Security Solutions

As the owner of an establishment, company, etc, your priority will not only be to keep your assets safe, but also to prioritize the safety of your employees and customers since they are the fundamental basis of your business. For these cases, Security iCam has different offers that adapt to the needs of your business; since each structure has different blind spots to protect. You may not need an access control system, but you do need closed-circuit cameras, or the other way around. And to evaluate this, Security iCam will work with you in assessing the structure.

Entry cameras

Being the owner of a small store can be tricky although it may not seem like it to many, you have to keep your eyes everywhere and the limited number of employees can’t miss anything. Controlling the flow of customers is essential, as well as serving them exceptionally well in order to create good ties and generate regular customers. But how to handle everything at the same time? Uninterrupted recording through a security camera could give you a little more peace of mind, since in case of theft or accidents you will be able to analyze the tape to obtain conclusions and evidence to file lawsuits.

Cash register cameras

No matter if your business is big or small, everyone suffers from customer disagreements, fraud, thieves and scams. Having a camera backing up every step a person takes inside your business will help you prevent incidents. Many of these people avoid direct recordings of their faces and you won’t be able to avoid that with a cash register camera.

Storage chambers

We are very attentive to our exterior, but many times problems occur inside the company itself. Thefts by personnel are frequent if you do not pay enough attention to the storage areas, especially if they are very large. So we recommend you to have high cameras that cover the entire perimeter and do not leave blind spots. This way you can also make sure that employees are doing their job properly. 

Parking lot cameras

Do you have a business with its own parking lot? To keep both you and your customers safe it is important to have surveillance in the area, lest an unfortunate incident happens that even though you won’t have to take care of it, it could lower the percentage of customers coming to your place. 

Our range of services includes:

Intercom systems

Security iCam is characterized by its exponential growth in the area of intercom systems, which allow you to maintain contact around the residence and block entrances if necessary. It will also help you identify who is inside your residence even when you are not looking at them. Any type of movement will trigger audio on the monitor of your choice, either inside the house or on your phone. 

Home alarm systems

Don’t magically expect to check the camera the moment unusual movement happens in your home, alarms are part of a functional and effective security system. They can be burglar alarms, motion detectors, fire alarms and can even determine when a flood is occurring. Through customized alarm systems you can feel more confident that you will be the first to know when something happens in your business or home.

As soon as the necessary requirements are met to activate the alarm you have chosen to install, a quick signal will be sent to your favorite receiver (either your cell phone or a specific monitor) and external measures such as strobe lights and warning sirens will be activated. In some cases, the alarm can be made to directly alert the police, fire department or appropriate service about the situation facing your home.

If you are concerned about not meeting installation standards and leaving blind spots, stress no more, Security iCam has well-trained professionals who will do a general site assessment to guide you through the installation.


Home automation is a relatively new technology but one that has totally changed the perspective we have on how our home works. The home automation service offered in Battery Park City by Security iCam covers all the state of the art updates in the country on this system. From controlling lighting, temperature and appliances to controlling the security system, door openers, cameras, and even the sprinklers in the yard. Our home automation system offers a centralized platform that will make your day to day life easier.

The system offered by Security iCam has a large number of options designed specifically for each user, adaptable to all needs and lifestyles. It has an intuitive user interface so that everyone who lives in the house and is authorized to use it can have their personalization active. It has small details that are tedious to do by hand but easy to do with the automatic system; such as setting the thermostat or programming the lights to a specific time and tone.

And even though it is an electrical system, it can help you save a lot on energy costs in your home, since you can automate the consumption of each object during the day.

Control Panel

The control panels of this system will help you to manage everything with ease, you just need to structure it as you like and we will be there to guide you in everything you need to know about each device that is installed in your home. 

Video Doorbell

Even if you don’t consider it, it is possible for the burglar to use the front door as an entrance, even with you inside. The camera with a doorbell can let you know who is outside your home at all times, just by moving a little at the entrance it will activate the motion sensor that will capture the whole situation and send a direct signal to your control panel.

Smart thermostat

Whether you’re away from home or lazy at home, you can remotely change the temperature of your home from the control app. You can even program what times you want it to be hot or cold at the touch of a button. And it stays set for as long as you want or until you decide to change it.

Smart lights

Smart lights are essential in any home or business. Their usefulness goes beyond not having to walk to turn on the lights; through the control center you can easily determine at what times you want the lights to come on, what hue, how brightly, and thus add to the vibe of your day along with the lighting in your home. 

Garage door opener

Don’t waste time locating your garage keys, if you need to get your car out fast you can log into your phone and open it remotely. Saving you time and giving you more control over the operation of your home.

Smart locks

With the installation of a smart lock and home automation you will be able to know everything that happens through your door and its status with just a touch of your cell phone or your chosen monitor. Can you imagine not having to be at home to open and close the door for your children or your partner? And make sure with cameras that only they entered? It’s a dream come true.

Smart plugs

We know how stressful that constant thought of whether you left the iron on or the coffee pot plugged in can be. But no more, now you’ll rely on smart plugs that will let you know when something is plugged in and can be turned off remotely if you need it.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

The key thing when deciding to install any type of camera system on your Battery Park City property is to seek out a person to guide you on which options are best for you, as not all cameras are functional in all spaces, as well as looking for another security method to complement the cameras so you can be aware if something happens in your absence. For example, a motion sensor or an alarm that can announce when there is unusual movement. All of these systems are meant to work together, installing just one won’t have much effect, but clearly you may not need them all, so Security iCam will help you choose which is best for you.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are one of the things that will save you the most energy, since it activates the security systems only when there is a suspicious movement in your home. In addition to launching an alarm directly to your phone when something is happening. 

Door and window sensors

If it is the only option a burglar has to enter your home, it is better to have them secured, right? If you install a motion sensor you can be sure that you will have a report of anyone leaving or entering your home. You can make them work only when the house is alone or all the time, it depends on your preferences. As soon as the sensor is activated it will lead to an alarm to your phone and if you need it it will alert the nearest police department to your home.

Glass breakage sensor

Clearly the fact that a window or glass breaks is not a sign of good omen. In a situation of such magnitude the glass breakage sensors will do the same as with the door sensor: They will send an immediate notification to your phone and the police. 

Water leak detector

Security not only encompasses keeping burglars out, you can also implement systems that will alert you if an accident is happening from inside your home. For example, an active water leak that will slowly flood your home while you are away. 

Water leaks are not only limited to flooding, they can easily cause fires and even worse; the instant death of someone who enters the place because all electronic devices will be stuck directly to the water, which will cause an immediate electrocution.

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide and its levels in the air should not be something you should be careless about. You should be very attentive that they are not too high or they could damage your skin, your lungs, and even lead to death in a careless sleep. Find out what carbon levels are safe in your home and consider a detector that will inform you when the air exceeds these levels. Your body will thank you.

Smoke detector

What do you mean you didn’t have a smoke detector in your home by now? This is a law you should never skip. Even when you are a smoker or when you cook too much, you better have a detector that will alert you when you are not even home and there is smoke inside. It could save one’s life, one’s home, and even one’s dog if you’re out of your apartment or house. 

Only high quality brands

We know you want to save some costs, but only by having a good distribution company can you really feel safe and avoid those little failures. In our company we only have quality distributors at a good price. The best in the market without having to spend too much and with the best installation.

  • Hikvision
  • Panasonic
  • Axis
  • SecureGuard
  • Dahua
  • Hanwha Techwin America (SAMSUNG)

All of the above companies come with a free to use app for Windows, macOS, Android and IOS, so you won’t be limited when it comes to using your security systems.

Identity Theft Protection

This is a vulnerable issue that we at Security iCam take very seriously and do not play with, we know that in other companies the fact of being online all the time sometimes makes the information vulnerable to hackers. But our cybersecurity system will keep you protected against any kind of theft attempt, with alerts and fast reactions. Thanks to the collaboration with real quality brands, we have not had any hacking or similar situations. 

Security systems for companies 

Having security systems in your company should be something that should not even be considered, if your home is your safe space your company is your most important asset, and without your asset you have no stability in your life, so you have to protect it at all costs and make it grow. At Security iCam we take the guidance and installation of security systems very seriously, that’s why we monitor a lot of successful businesses in Battery Park City.

We are the security service provider of choice for a large number of businesses and homes, especially because of our wide range of security system offerings. From security cameras to access control to glass break sensors to water leak detectors. Don’t ignore your company’s needs anymore and think about hiring a security service. 

Zip Codes Covered by Security iCam in Battery Park City, Manhattan

Security iCam serves a wide range of zip codes in and around Battery Park City, Manhattan. Here are some of the zip codes covered by Security iCam:

  • 10080
  • 10280
  • 10281
  • 10282
  • 10285
  • 10286

Why choose Security iCam?

Let’s not lie to ourselves, there are a lot of security companies in Battery Park City, but still Security iCam since its inception has stood out not for one, but for many reasons. The first is the quality of our experts, each person working on our team has specific training in the area they work in. There are no beginners here, everyone has experience. They are trained in the theory and practice of everything, and they can solve any doubt you may have.

In addition, our company only uses the latest technology in order to offer an outstanding service to each of our customers. We do not work for convenience, all the brands that are part of our company only distribute quality systems. 

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, every day. Because we know that emergencies can come at any time and it is our priority that you feel safe in your home and above all that our security system serves you well. And finally, our company has one of the most competitive prices in the market without affecting the quality of the product or the installation, having also flexible payment options for each family or company.

Additional Security iCam Services in Battery Park City, Manhattan

Not only are we a company that offers security system installation services, we also have some extra services that could also be of use, for example, we install wall-mounted appliances, such as TVs, sound systems, etc. It may sound silly, but many times during earthquakes or simple situations such as accidentally fixing your TV can lead to complete breakage of the wall mount when we do the installations on our own. 

Projector and projection screen

Every day projectors go from being a tool for conferences to something very common in homes because of the cinema effect they can generate. By keeping abreast of trends and wanting our customers to have the best, Security iCam has developed the service of guidance and installation of this system. Through a general evaluation of the home and the client’s preferences, we will look for the right place that meets the aesthetics and functionality that this product needs to do its job well.

Audio and Surround Sound Systems

For lovers of good experiences, it is essential to have an audio and surround sound system that complies with being good, beautiful and affordable. With Security iCam you will get a personalized guide to tell you which are the best options that fit your budget and also, your system will be installed with the purpose of fulfilling the surround sound you are looking for. We are perfect strategists when it comes to creating unique experiences with this type of system, don’t miss the opportunity. 

Network Cabling and Data Cabling Services

It has become common in the Battery Park City area to have problems with network cabling, so Security iCam has enabled a service to solve the problem for many customers that also hinders the installation of security systems. Our work is always involved with cabling, so we are experts in the field.

Security Camera Repair Technician

You won’t have to run or solve problems on your own if you have a problem with your camera, such as an attack against it or the use and time of their own. In Security iCam we also offer technical service specialized in the type of cameras that we install. Call us and we will be there for you in seconds. 

Your Trusted Security Company in Battery Park City

We currently have a lot of customers preferring us over the many other camera services currently in Manhattan. The comment that rings the loudest is that they feel really taken care of. What are you waiting for to finally feel good about yourself with a service that will be a guide, installer and even repairman if you need it? 

Don’t hesitate any longer to give you the level of security you deserve, our professionals are here waiting for your call. State-of-the-art technology, good customer service, and affordable prices at your fingertips, you know where to find us!

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