Parking Lot Camera Installation

There are a lot of things that we are specialized, but when it comes to the installation of the security systems and cameras, we are the best. SecurityIcam knows how to do it, and we have our experts that will take care of the parking lot camera installation. There are two ways to use them like indoor or outdoor, and we operate in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential or commercial lot our technicians know their job and having all these skills installing them won’t be a problem.

If you are looking to install some new cameras or just upgrading the parking area surveillance system, then get in touch with us. Team security systems it’s an established company that will make you feel safe in your environment.
You may think that these cameras are too expensive on, but they will pay with their work if someone steals a car or a valuable piece of them, then that will cost much more than a camera a month.

Keep in mind that 10% is the number of property crimes that happen most of the time on these parking lots. You need to avoid all these crimes that occur on parking garages and to do that you need a parking lot camera installation. With these installed in the right place outdoor and indoor too, you raise your chances of catching the culprit.

It’s a plus that these new IP cameras come with infrared imaging for the night time and with low light video recording that is a standard these days. A high-quality camera can surely recognize a suspicious person at 50 feet and at 25 feet they can identify it. We will make sure to install the right system for you that way you can feel at ease when you leave your car at the parking lot. We always use quality products, and we never use cheap ones because we want the best for you. The camera image will be clear and not lagged or blurred. No criminal will want to make you his target when he sees those cameras all around the parking lot. They always look for easier targets and places.

Benefits Of Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras Installation

By just installing a security system like surveillance cameras at your parking lot or garage, it will boost the security immediately. This kind of thing will help you with the safety of the cars and most importantly prevent thieves. Having a parking lot camera installation will give a lot of benefits to you and make your day easier. We told you that these type of properties get hurt much more than others, so having a security camera, it’s a must. We will mention some of these benefits right away without wasting your precious time:

o It will put a stop to VandalismVandalism

When we say Vandalism, there are a lot of things that go through our minds. First things first it’s the problem that keeps all those people from frequenting your parking lot. If they see just a small sign of Vandalism, than they may think that your parking lot won’t guarantee security for their vehicles. These people can target clients and different cars easily when they see spaces without security cameras. You need to keep in mind that the cameras need to be installed out of their reach or they may spray or brake them. We advise having 2 or more because if they manage to break one the other will identify the vandals. Let’s see what a parking lot camera installation can prevent:

o Prevent Crime

As we all know criminals are not that stupid when it comes to identifying the places that they want to hit. That is why when they see an area that gets covered with all these cameras; they stop the idea. By making a parking lot camera installation you prevent crime and also theft. That’s one of the most important benefits that a security camera will bring to you.

o Gets rid of the blind spots

We know that at massive places like garages or parking lots a lot of people have problems with the blind spots. That’s why you need to take experts that will install those cameras in the most favorable points. Of course, they are bad news, but by adopting a security surveillance camera, they will allow you to see from a vast field and point of view. Those areas that don’t have a strong vision will be illuminated and you will have no problems identifying problems.

o It gives your mind peace

Safety and security always come first on the parking lots and garages. That is why you need to install a security camera. These places are risky for some people and you need to make sure that your client feels safe. It will show them that you take security very seriously and that nothing will happen to their property. If you have a pay and park business than this is a must for you to ensure the peace of mind of your clients.

o Identifies prohibited vehicles

Remember those vehicles that you are forbidden to go into your parking lot? Or people that don’t even live at your complex but still park their car on your parking space? With these cameras, you will not have any other problems because you can catch them while they park and identify their vehicles. This way you will put a stop to those people who don’t respect your space.

o Monitors space outside

It is one of the most significant benefits because if you have a large field of view than you can see almost everything that happens. If you install a security camera outdoor than preventing theft and VandalismVandalism will be a child’s game. It surely makes things easier because that’s the extra cushion for you and your clients who park their cars there. It makes your employers feel even safer when they park. You can also give a look at their timing when they come and go. This way, you will see the capacity too, how many places are left free and how much of them are busy.

o Gives you a clear vision of accidents and incidents

The parking lot of camera installation will help you with a more unobstructed view of all the accidents and incidents. This way, you prevent liability and get to see how it went. That’s all you need to identify the problem and help law enforcement have a better chance of finding the guilty one.

Types of Parking Lot Cameras

We know now that with the full range of markets that is nowadays it’s hard to know what is the perfect security camera for you. SecurityIcam has professional people that work for them and know all the details. We operate in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. If you are here, we will make sure to come to you and do the installment as it should. There are two types of cameras, and let’s start with the oldest one:

o CCTV analog system.

There are a lot of companies that use this kind of camera system nowadays too. These broadcast a closed-circuit signal to those recording devices like the DVR is. It will send footage to your DVR channels this way you can see what happens. The benefit is that you have sixteen channels from where you can choose where to watch. The only thing is that these need your attention all the time or one of your workers.

o IP camera.

It’s the hi-tech one that will send the footage it records immediately to the Network video recorder. The Network video recorder gets his power from the Ethernet. It will require a minimum of cables to put it to work and also to install it. The best thing it has over CCTV cameras is that you can access it from your smartphone. All you need to have is an internet connection. You are away from your work and want to check the cameras? No problem, that’s why the IP camera system is here to help you see what’s happening with just a slide.

Capabilities & Factors to Consider When Choosing Parking Lot Cameras

Night Vision

Can you see how full or empty your parking lot gets at night? If you cant and you want to know that even by night not just in the daytime than consider a camera with night vision. You will need this kind of feature to make sure that everything is okay. This way you will know that the cars that are parked there are safe. If you have a parking lot that goes empty at night, then you won’t even need it. The night vision cameras can record even on low light, and you can have clear footage of what’s going on. Avoid putting them behind windows because the image will get recorded in the blurry state and you won’t see a thing.


If you want to see even those minimalistic details than you need to find those quality cameras with high resolution. This way, it will be much easier to identify any kind of culprit or vandal that goes around your parking lot. One of the great benefits of the high quality is that you can look even the license plate number if you zoom it in. We must say that a more top resolution camera will make you pay more. But the parking lot camera installation will pay herself for the work it will do for you. If you want an excellent resolution to identify even the plates, go for 1440p. If you don’t, then go with the regular ones 720p or 1080p.


You know that the atmosphere works in mysterious ways and sometimes may cause problems for your outdoor cameras. That’s why we are warning you that they need to be waterproof for better longevity. Always look for sturdy cameras that can survive those weather problems that you may find during the year. Those cameras that are hard to break and steal are the right ones for you, so vandals can’t break them and cause problems to you.

Motion Sensor and Zooming Features

We strongly advise that you always choose those parking lot cameras that have features like motion sensors. These motion detection cameras will sense any movement that goes close to it. With a little programming, you can change the functions too. Zooming it in and following the vehicle that approaches will make you have a better view of it. There are three options that you can activate on these kinds of cameras: turns on the floodlight, starts recording, rings the alarm.

Analog or Digital

If you want to go with a camera that is more suitable for 16 channels and that is guarded by a worker, than you need to take a CCTV one. They will record in volumes, and that’s a big plus for the analog CCTV. As for the IP ones that are digital will make it more comfortable for you to see what’s happening, even when you are far away. They are wireless, and that allows you to put them almost everywhere you want. It covers much more space and area so think about it too.


When you are looking for a camera and thinking about all those models, you see you need to keep in mind where to install them too. It’s because sometimes the camera you want may not fit in that position that you want. That’s why we parking lot camera installation is tricky, and you need an expert to do it and advise you. Make sure to have all the weak points secured for your safety and your employees. Clients will thank you later.


There are a lot of cameras with a low price that is a mid-range or a good one but also high quality. You must bear in mind that if you need a great camera than you’ll have to pay much more money. So if you want to have your place secured with the best cameras money won’t be a problem. We say that because preventing theft vandalism and much more will make your pay triple of the camera price. So just pay once and have all this money spared on your pockets.

Final Paragraph

By securing the space outside of your business just like the inside it, you show a significant commitment to it. Not only by ensuring it but also about employees and your clients. Keeping all their vehicles safe on that parking lot and preventing the VandalismVandalism and theft will give them that extra safety they need. Once you choose the best one for you for the cost, the features, and type than you are ready.

By contacting our specialized personnel for a parking lot camera installation in New York, New Jersey or Long Island, they will come and help you right away. Our customer service staff is there to give a hand to these problems. Our ratings by the clients are excellent, and we have a perfect score when it comes to our professional team. Do you want to get rid of the old camera system and install another one? SecurityIcam will do the best to satisfy your needs. We will evaluate the old one and give you the best option for the new one.

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