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Cyber Security & Identity Theft Protection


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Cyber Security & Identity Theft

Security iCam will give you a peace of mind knowing your sensitive data is protected 24/7. Cyber breaches are a significant threat to any businessman. A successful breach could mean the loss of your customer’s trust and may cause long-lasting damage in your business. In today’s world man individuals or hacking groups will try the best to find vulnerabilities in your network security. Security iCam will strengthen this layer of protection, making sure no hacker would be able to find a breach in your system. Our cybersecurity team is dedicated and willing to ensure that our products meet high standards that would remove any blind spots that may lead to data breaches. As you may know, all data your customers have is sent to a server room inside or outside your company; therefore protecting this server room should be your top priority as a businessman. But how can you protect your server room? To do that you would need a data center security plan.

Data Center Security Plan. 

When speaking about installing a Server Room Security Camera System, it’s crucial to make a plan for it. Good security plans should be active and ongoing for you to protect your equipment, employees, customers and everything else you need to be protected. It would help if you kept in mind that even one breach in your Data Center can cause you long-term damage related to customer trust. With our Server Room & Data Center Video Surveillance, you will be able to : 

  • Manage automatic access control on all your facilities.
  • See a live view through your video surveillance system, which works 24/7, and it’s network-based with monitored recordings. 
  • Protect your customers and their data from theft. 

As studies can tell, places with surveillance are less likely to break in, therefore installing security cameras in your Server Room & Data Center should be your top priority. It won’t prevent crime 100%, but if anything happens, it will help authorities arrest criminals before any colossal damage occurs to your company.

Cyber Security & Identity Theft Protection Services

To help our clients, we offer products that have been crucial in cybersecurity and identity theft services. Some of those services include:

Internet Surveillance
We are monitoring the websites you or your customers surf to identify and prevent any suspicious activity that may be associated with credit card data, social media, etc. Those data points get delivered to your server room, and you will be instantly notified if a compromising personal data breach is found. 

Monitor your social media
A vulnerable point in your privacy and reputation is social media. A data breach in social media such as Facebook, Instagram or tweeter may easily be an identity theft threat to your employees, business or customers. 

Facial Recognition and Social Security Number Surveillance.
Or facial recognition cameras can identify your clients and alert you of any suspicious activity they commit while inside your business perimeter. Those cameras can locate names, addresses, credit data or any other information linked with their social security number. 

Financial Account Monitoring
We have been in this industry for over ten years now; therefore, we can monitor your financial account of your business. We will alert you if your social number is used to apply for a credit card, bank account or any changes that happen to your financial statement.

Restore Your Identity.
If by any chance your identity does get stolen we have certified identity theft specialists that are working 24/7 to assist you with any problem you may have. 

Post Address Monitoring
If anyone redirects your mail, you will be instantly notified on your phone. This will help you take immediate action if the changes are not authorized. Identity theft criminals will never be a problem for you anymore.


How Video Surveillance Helps Your Cyber Security Data Center 

As previously said, every cyber data you collect on your business is sent to your server room; therefore, it’s physical protection should be a must. Here’s how video surveillance systems will help your cybersecurity. 

Video Surveillance it’s a fantastic beginning for any security perimeter you need. Server Room & Data Center Camera Installation will provide you with high-resolution footage that will help you identify any unauthorized personnel or behaviors. If required, our cameras can even give you thermal images. 

You can rest easy knowing your Data Center is safe from any physical harm thanks to our monitoring team. If anything happens, you and the authorities would be the first to know thanks to our application. 

You will never have the problem of losing your client’s information and, at the same time losing their valuable trust. A simple Server Room & Data Center Security Camera Installation can help you prevent any significant financial loss to your company. 

It will help you protect your expensive equipment, inventory or any IT system you’re using regardless of the size of your facility. By doing all this, you can easily keep your customers happy and, at the same time, protecting your reputation. 


Once you realize how critical cybersecurity is for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Security iCam has over ten years of experience mostly operating in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. We will be here for you in the moments you need help the most. You can rest easy knowing that your data is protected and monitored 24/7. Our plans will make it impossible for any breach to happen and even if it does it will be immediately restored without having to go in a substantial financial deficit and lose your customers’ trust for the years to come.

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Security System Solutions For Your Business

Law Firm/Office Security

Security iCam will tailor a perfect security system for your law offices to help create a safer and private environment for your partners, associates, staff, etc.

Office Security

Whether you run a business with one office or a larger company with many offices, Security iCam will provide you with intelligent protection including glass break sensors, intrusion alarms, access control systems and video surveillance for video documentation proofs in case any unpleasant event takes place.

Building Site Security

If you are an engineer, you can watch and help your employers from a distance. Record everything to check if they are doing the job as you want them to do in another moment of the day.

Architects & Engineers (A&E)

Every architect and engineer should make the environment friendly to the security system. If you are planning before installing, you will have the power system near your equipment and a clear view of your business's space.

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